Once Upon A Time 7 – You open a new book for the season 7 – by R.

Now we, the seventh season of Once Upon A Time is about to debut, a whole new season because the adventure of the helper Emma Swan – and that of so many other characters who have accompanied us during these six years – saw its conclusion with the final battle of episodes 6×21-22. Everything in the sixth season seemed to indicate the definitive end of the ABC show, the announcement of the departure of Jennifer Morrison appeared as the final clue before the official news. Instead the producers surprised every fan is being terminated for renewal. But you would open a new chapter to OUAT.

The opportunity for such a choice can only be assessed after the airing of the first episodes, However both the past and future advances suggest the scales for "No, We didn't need a new season of OUAT ". Starting from the fourth season the show ABC has started to show signs of slowing down, then he deluded to bounce back with the winning apparently found – by the arrival of Maleficent&Co. Emma Dark version One. Unfortunately or not been fully exploited, or the tendency to excessive goodness has mortified the results. We think of Emma Dark One, the promo spread during the Comic Con promised Dark Swan, a Miss Swan bent to the dark side and with a difficult path of redemption into the light. In fact Emma has never really succumbed to the darkness, unless we really want to believe that his effort to Rescue Hook could be considered as such. Even the latter once Dark One has seriously taken steps back, He even sacrificed! Here the story of Emma and Killian resembled that of Buffy and Angel in Buffy, with the key difference that Angel version Angelus was literally and metaphorically soulless. I understand the inspiration fairy tales Disney and goodness that this entails, but they could at least insinuarci the serious doubt that the moral of the protagonists were in danger.

I am also not miss storyline and characters placed Nahar at random, but almost, diverting attention from those of which we didn't mind really, Type i Charming. However not missing the connection with Emma or Queen, Sometimes the rope was pulled a little too, one example is the first part of the fourth season dedicated to Frozen. At the beginning I also appreciated, they had managed to invent an interesting link with the past by Emma, However in hindsight that stuff smells like mere exploitation of enthusiasm back then for the Oscar-winning Disney. The same applies to some characters which were promptly fished out right because it needed a particular skill (see Ariel, become like parsley) or to occupy an entire episode unnecessarily. On that last point, I cannot fail to mention Merida and Dorothy. The first had even two episodes only on her for no reason, He was uncomfortable among the protagonists, let alone alone. The second was the focus of an episode that, regardless of the content object of the usual trite controversy – true love with little Red Riding Hood – could be safely skipped unless the ten-minute guide to Rumpelstiltskin. Was certainly not the topic dealt with the problem – We had already had it Mulan in love with Aurora – but the fact that they were blasted out of nowhere two we hadn't seen in time (Dorothy who never thought they would inter alia?) and was also given a different story, absolutely irrelevant for the continuation of the events that really interested us.

The sixth season

The same flaws you are presented with the sixth season, especially on the issue of unnecessary storyline could already understand intuitively when they had announced the arrival of the characters of Agrabah. I was hoping that the matter is closed with the departure of Aladdin and Jasmine, Unfortunately we had that bet on the Nautilus I would far rather get drunk with Queen and Snow. Left me more perplexed, however, was again the choice of excessive goodness that this time he had the son of Belle and Rumple, Gideon. Obviously Gideon was not bad for the violence suffered while growing up with Black Fairy, the latter had his heart, then he could not act differently from his will. Here I do not know if I was more irritated the be good in itself of Gideon or having to hear that Belle was right "Gideon can be saved!". In fact he didn't even need to be saved, It was enough to give him back his heart. Another storyline that compared with the world of Buffy, This time in his spinoff Angel. Kidnapped at birth, the son of the vampire and Darla, He had grown up as Gideon in another dimension and then reappeared in Los Angeles teenager and full of anger towards his father. Angel was not enough certainly give a heart, the father-son relationship was irretrievably compromise.

The most useless

Angel was innocent as the child's disappearance Rumple, because if one thing has never changed in six seasons of OUAT was the complete inability to Belle (and the fairies). The Belle of Disney is my favorite Princess, that by OUAT I never could see: or not combined at all or what he was doing, I was wrong. Did they ever came. He didn't even attend the musical episode because deceived (di nuovo) by her husband, in the final episode when he could finally take part in the single gesture from hero to Rumple, It hurt my ankle and remained unchanged! The only time he did something, shipped the newborn son straight between the clutches of Black Fairy! Damage on damage!

The revelation

A character that instead won at first sight or slowly, but always I conquered, was Zelena. Rebecca Mader was a delight in the role, This was also confirmed in the episode musical which is a shame that the authors have it excluded from the seventh season. Among other things right now that he had reached the happy ending with her sister Queen, after it has been unjustly mistreated for months on end. Everyone had the right to a new chance, except you apparently. Even with Cora, Queen was more understanding. "Oh evil may be powerful, but wicked always wins!"don't you ever forget!

The real villain

Summing up, the parents of the Dark One They confirmed the only real villain. If the birth of their child also had their good intentions, the spirals that fell were subsequently no way out. Finally someone without mercy! Peter Pan drove a first part of season three that I remember the most beautiful, While the Black Fairy lifted a sixth that initially seemed to go without a specific destination.

The musical episode

Icing on the cake of last season was the musical episode, a gift for us fans both in terms of storyline (with the coveted marriage between Emma and Hook) both series celebration with references to the pilot (the final scene with the arrival of the curse) and the traditional style of fairy tales Disney. I admit to being quite a bit biased on this episode, I was afraid a bet useless and at risk of inconsistency with what we had seen until then. And instead was really nice, exciting, compelling and with songs that hardly come out of the head; letting us discover among other things the voices of Rebecca Mader and Colin O'Donoghue. CC La-la Land!

Henry and the seventh season

One of the few children of tv series that I have never found it unbearable. Henry was the true Savior of the world of fairy tales, He led Emma to Storybrooke from his family and getting him during the various seasons helped the characters to rediscover the reality (think about how many times he had to help recover the memory, poor guy) and reach their true happy ending. He grew up before our eyes and now it looks like he'll be our next Savior. Is Henry to be at the center of the seventh season, a Henry adult (with the face of Andrew J. West, already seen in The Walking Dead), devoid of memories about her past and father of a girl who retrieves it exactly as he did with Emma. In the first clip spread we see Henry greet Queen because about to leave for the Kingdom of fairy tales and discovering new or better, different stories, but above all their. Several years after Henry adult (riding the same motorcycle, evidently even in the enchanted forest sell the gasoline) meets/up against Cinderella and a new romance begins. The poor relation other than that known in past seasons because each tale is precisely (further) revisited, including those of the protagonists survivors, that in the real world will have new identities (For example, Queen's name is Roni and works in a bar).

At the moment to make me turn up over the nose is yet another distortion of fairy tales. I understand the need to explore a new universe, but change of all stories that we have already encountered risk perhaps to go too far from the original series. This is not a spinoff (such as OUAT in Wonderland, experiment already poorly managed), is a continuation that knows so much about reboot, If there are excessive changes, is in serious danger of turning into one of those sequels that ruin so the story to take us to forget they ever made. A comparison can be represented by Heroes Reborn, the highly anticipated sequel to Heroes, arrived after 5 years from the end of the original and structured in such a way as to be a perfect continuation (also in terms of time). The show of Tim Kring has kept the protagonists of the series mother and has added new, But if one side is physiological that the universe of Heroes life untenable with new people with superpowers, on the other were able to maintain a perfect and exciting connection to the original series without distorting this, its characters and their stories. The premise does not seem to guarantee the same to OUAT.

Actors who aren't coming back

Especially because: How can we have Killian without Emma? You are finally married and now he doesn't even remember? What about "There's no storm we can't outrun, We will always find the sun "? Questions to which we will find probably answer in the last episode filmed by Jennifer Morrison and which were spread some preview images. Anyway will go, We will have Hook without his Swan, a void that is unlikely to be filled regardless of reason. The same can be said for the farewell of the parents of Emma, Snow and Charming, the real proponents of all, already unfairly sacrificed over the past few seasons, who will give us faith in true love and hope in spite of everything? If the absence of Belle It will be a problem (or a relief) only for Rumple and Gideon, that of Zelena you will inevitably hear (Rebecca Mader will return for a few episodes).

The premiere of Once Upon A Time 7 is set for Friday 8 October on ABC (in Italy will be available on Netflix from 18 October), which means another change than the traditional Sunday slot. Get back into the world of fairy tales?


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