Once Upon A Time – Season 3 Finale×21-22 Snow Drifts|There's No Place Like Home – by R.

And’ a double episode in the third season of close Once Upon A Time with a history that, While taking off from the end of the last – activation of the portal after the death of Zelena – is autonomous, being focused on the journey into the past of Emma and Hook, catapulted into the Enchanted Forest in the moments immediately preceding the unforgettable first encounter between Snow and Charming. I must admit to not being a big fan of time travel, with characters in the dark about things they should know is always quite frustrating. However the early scenes make it clear the significance and necessity of this event: make it clear to Emma that the time has come to stop escape; and the path is the result achieved.

Emma Swan has always lacked a family; in the orphanage was one that was not chosen when Neal and things could change, He was forced to leave so that he could fulfill his destiny. The words family and home have an unknown meaning for her because she never got to experience them; at least until the arrival of Henry, He is the only family that she recognizes. His outburst is hooked as much as understandable is exhausting, coming after three years when he found his parents, He discovered that have always loved and had the opportunity to share joys and sorrows that might not have tried in a lifetime. Could be acceptable in the second season, but that's enough; especially since after the Neverland experience seemed to have finally accepted his identity. But then came the false memories that have not allowed to try that lack single parents – like years before Neal had said "You don't have a home until you just miss it" – would the evidence have found their home. The concept that those memories were false doesn't enter into my head; as Charming if not Snow broke off "She's just stubborn like her mother!". Nine episodes are always repeating the same phrases without noticing how senseless. This time travel that could be a boring narrative digression, becomes a boon to open her eyes and heart. It is stubborn but requires quite a lot’ of adventure, When you see how the clothing of the Enchanted Forest – even one from peasant girl – might be enough. Its hardness of understanding manifests itself in not understand even after the casino that combines, preventing the first meeting between his parents and making consequently uncertain – a blank page – the future of each story. The basic rule not to change even one small aspect of the past is violated immediately! And’ Snow's death required, killed by a fire ball Queen (more Evil than ever). Drama! It seems unreal that die without anyone or anything, agree that it is the season finale and anything can happen, but this is far too! But failure to Emma's death gives us for comfort; in fact it turns out that Snow has turned into an insect before it hit. The embrace of mother Emma rediviva is the emotional Jolt that serves to Miss Swan to understand: Snow does not answer why not embrace the knows, It had the same attitude to her when her parents embraced after the first curse was broken and then continued without realizing how much he was hurting. That is the moment that amplifies a feeling acquired all the time spent in the Enchanted Forest "Being with my parents the last few days, but not really being with them? I've never missed them more "; Emma understands what it has always been apparent: Storybrooke is his home "Henry was not bringing me back to break a curse. He was bringing me home ". The emotion it arouses this Epiphany awaited almost makes acceptable the irritation that Emma mi resulted in three years; even the evolution of Meredith Grey was so hard! Thanks to this adventure she also has its place in the book of fairy tales, are rewards!

And throughout this Hook is the perfect travel companion. The Killian we know he never kissed so much Emma as the Hook of the past, but now begin to recover. Their kiss is even more romantic after Hook's revelation on how did return to the real world to find her: got a Beanstalk mistaking it with his other great love, the Jolly Roger, that had not been able to fill the void left by the absence of Miss Swan.

The official beginning of the story between Emma and Killian, the booming of the Queen and Robin Hood, the crowning glory of true love of Snow and Charming with the small birth Neal – the name is more suitable, but just hadn't thought – do you think this season we can conclude with a general and deserved happy ending. All emphasized by the marriage of Rumple and Belle, whose promises accompany scenes as other characters, being suitable to describe the path of all their. The phrase "I've lost you so many times. But now I realize that I have not spent my life losing you, I've spent my life finding you "is called by Belle, but it is also perfect for Snow and Charming, whose motto since the pilot was "I will always find you". While the Rumple I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you broke them down. You brought me home, you brought light into my life and chased away all the darkness "applies to both Queen Emma and Hook. The feeling is that their path, between past and present that we follow for three years, He finally reached completion. Which explains why flashbacks related to Miss Swan, memories surfaced at the beginning of the episode between Robin and Regina and between Snow and Charming and the scene in the past of Rumple and Belle. Seemingly useless images, but they find reason in these final moments.

In this regard, however, the Dark One's position is a bit ambiguous, not only is responsible for the death of Zelena (and spares no magic to get by), but Beautiful tricks into believing gave the real dagger. But if this attitude suggests that the dark side of Rumple is unequivocally the strongest, that in the past – choose to forget how Bae raccontatogli by Emma – seems proof that his good side is far from hopeless, managing to emerge even when the Dark One is at its most evil.

And if again succumb to the dark nature, You may be in good company, given the turn of events of the last few minutes starring the heroine Regina. For those who have a perfect memory with regard to the faces will not be lucked props, but for me that is a landslide is undoubtedly been. Emma's choice to save that woman sentenced to death by the Evil Queen is clearly a mistake – just don't learn anything from spoiling the first parents ' meeting – to which is added the think in the future back rub is a great idea to evade its consequences; especially if this mysterious maiden doesn't reveal your identity. This made me realize that could be dangerous, but not in the sense in which then turns. And say when Robin Hood at the beginning of the episode spoke of Marian I had thought that the tragedy could achieve if jumped off that a miracle wasn't dead. Yet when a Storybrooke Robin recognizes the new girlfriend of his wife Emma Marian rest without words. History repeats itself: Regina has just conquered its happy ending and everything is ruined by her daughter who naively many years before I had torn. The words of the woman "You're just like your mother, never thinking of consequences "leave fear a return of the Evil Queen we have just seen in journey into the past. Maybe a complete involution of her character would be risky, making everything happen compartment, recent species; While its respect for its development would give rise to a Queen fought, poised between a return to the past and a different way of dealing with the drama that has materialized in front of, for the second time. Morover, Robin finds himself between his two true love, but depart from very different plans, with Marian definitely advantage: not only is the mother of his son, but it is in fact rediviva and had been killed by the current rival in love, How will he react l'arciere di Sherwood?

But the troubles aren't over because in addition to Marian, Hook and Emma have brought with them an amphora, provienente directly from the crypt where Rumpelstiltskin held "the most dangerous and unstable magic" and from which emerges a blue figure which we know to be the Queen of Ice Frozen, ELSA. The new Disney movie does in time to win the Oscar that already becomes the protagonist of the fourth season of Once Upon A Time. In recent months were released the names of the actors who will interpret the characters in the ice Kingdom of Arendelle. Georgina Haig (Fringe) will the Queen Elsa, then the one who closes this season finale, While Elizabeth Lail and Cappie to Greek Scott Michael Foster will have the roles of Elsa's younger sister, Anna, and Kristoff. You add the cast also Elizabeth Mitchell, that will increase the Fed ex Group Lost, but the mystery remains on his character.

A very exciting season finale, especially in the second episode, terminating a story arc started with pilot and lays the foundations for a promising new season. All the protagonists have reached its own staff development that inevitably affect the upcoming storyline, and although the city of Storybrooke looks set to be their home (Nobody talked of a return in the Enchanted Forest) must prepare scarves and sweaters because the town of Maine will begin to experience a frost never seen before!


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