Prison Break returns with a miniseries? – News


Dopo 24 and X-Files, also Prison Break could revive with a event miniseries, This is what is reported exclusively by TV Line. The ’ idea is still in the making and Fox declined to comment on the news, but the rumors would see the return of the two protagonists, the Brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, played by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. The two actors meanwhile have already had a mini reunion on the set of the CW series The Flash, that will be repeated in its spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, whose premiere is scheduled for the upcoming mid-season.

Waiting for official receipts, many are the questions around the ’ any plot of this revival. Michael had in fact died in Season Finale, leading the series to a conclusion which did not seem to admit return. One possibility would be setting it at a time when the ’ engineer was still alive, but when? Of course, the hope is that the story is convincing and not go to spoil the memory of the show – a few choices of recent seasons were more than enough. Personalmente Prison Break It was one of the most beloved series I, so for now I enjoy the ’ idea of finding the Fox River escapees! And what do you think? You're happy as possible revival or is it better to avoid it?


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