Reign – 2×01 The Plague (Series Premiere) – by R.

Reign was presented as the show that would have romanticized the life of the Queen of Scotland, Mary, between love triangles and occult. But what could have been the eternal question of the series – "Those who choose Mary? The bridegroom and heir to the Kingdom of France or his brother Francis and mysterious bastard Bash?" – It was resolved at the thirteenth episode with the decision to marry one who appears serious about his real big love, Francis. How not to cheer on the Frary, a couple obviously in love and with the responsibility of two Kingdoms? Pity that what looked like the most innocent of the ladies-in-waiting of Mary is pregnant, the future King; After one, Needless and mindless night Lola succeeds where the Queen continues to "fail": give an heir to Francis. The character of Lola is by far the most irritating, continues to play the part of the poor who happen each misfortune, When the only victim is Mary, that helped her in every way, even to lie to her husband. The moment of truth between the Queen and Francis and the choice of him to run by his son despite the spread of plague closed the first season, suggesting that the new Delta would feel much longer, just to make life more difficult for the poor Mary! The Series Premiere sees single-Queen Catherine clearly cannot be considered a true support – to manage the spread of the epidemic and resulting chaos, all having to put aside concern for husband, because she is the Queen and before anything else, well of love, should think about the good of his Kingdom: a lesson in the first season had to learn until you drop. But now Mary must also understand that this responsibility has not always easy choices and although already fouled hands in the past, subsequent repentance doesn't allow her to look reality in the face: the request for a nobleman to tap into the plague to eliminate his enemy will no doubt be crazy, but in the context of the Court falls within a "normal" Exchange of favors and benefits. Be a good Queen, just and generous is a nice aspiration, but it will remain just a dream: to survive the Court textures need some compromises, how despicable can be. In Game of Thrones Tywin told us and Daenerys's learning to its costs and especially of its poor Davids; and even after we had advised Cersei “In the game of thrones, you win or you die. There's no middle ground”. This time Queen Mary manages to get by with the help of Nostradamus (almost unrecognizable without a beard), but these tricks will not work forever.

The plague spreads to an impressive Palace and much of the premiere the feeling is that many of the main characters are likely to get away with not. In the end the only reality to survive are not Yvette and Pascal – the first by poisoning. What could be an opportunity for redemption repeatedly rejected Leith is lost immediately, in practice we have not had time to feel sympathy for Yvette, What initially seemed very easy considering the questionable behavior usually Greer. We understand that you have to marry a noble rich guy because your family is ruined, I know all the courts of Europe, but it's not like you can make a living and the poor guy by Leith must return to shut themselves up in the kitchen crying for you! Among other things, accuse him of having approached specifically her boyfriend's daughter, Lord Castleroy, for revenge I found very offensive from their history and everything he has done for her. If it was a man so sneaky because he risked everything to him?

The arrival of the little Pascal appeared to be a further enhancement to the Kenna and Bash, but it was the first significant victim of the epidemic, by fear for the contagion of girl. I do not understand why Kennash, both came into contact with the infected, circulate freely; or better, Bash first dismisses the guards not to contagiarle, then go to free hugs and Kenna as usual! However this couple still does not convince me: the idea of the great blossoming of love after a forced marriage I like, but this growing feeling I can't see it. Maybe the weather will make me change my mind. When both are still marked by their past: Kenna is still recognized only as a former favourite of the King and now that he is dead his position at Court promises not easy – and be the wife of his bastard son does not help to improve the image. Bash is always trapped in his world of ghosts, visions and darkness, I hope at least that this storyline is more intriguing than that passed.

Chapter Francis. The new King wanted to follow his heart to go by the woman who was about to give him a son. The only justification that the remote can give is the continuing difficulty of Mary to become pregnant and then the fear of having no other heirs; pity that then decides to send Lola and the baby away from France and so this reason is not longer standing. Mary has proven to be a Queen, then a woman in love; He instead, just become King, He abandoned the Kingdom and partner and threatened to condemn itself to death to follow his heart! "Listen to your heart and you will hear it, as clearly as I do "as he greeted and say that was the first recall in Mary the responsibilities of being a ruler! Among other things the first place in his heart should not be occupied by Mary?! In tutto questo Lola perseveres in his victimhood, the poor thing would just be free, away from the Court and that he doesn't want his son to be a burden to the father. Forget that he had ample time to leave, without Mary to know of pregnancy, but at every opportunity he backed out: She wouldn't have an abortion, not gone, We spread a veil on the marriage of convenience, has "drawn" with the possibility of Francis his death during childbirth – in fact, forcing Mary to tell him the truth about the child – and now he has the nerve to suggest that he would snatch the son. Do everyone a favor and go to casinos with your brother! Even when it seems that this time we finally released, Francis changed his mind because he cannot stay away from her son; All right, But what does she, If you left it alone it would not be the solution to all problems?

The question that has plagued much of the first season is likely to continue with no solution: How long do we have to still bear the presence of Lola? Even Queen Catherine manages to be preferable and is also the only one to give advice to Mary "Even a child doesn't have to get in the way of a marriage". We hope that our Queen does not resume the path of goodness despite all taken last season, condannandoci to tolerate that expression from poor Lola martyr for another indeterminate number of bets!


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