Revenge – 3×01 Fear – by R.


The finale of the second season was nice: After 44 episodes of waiting – endurance of Amanda's wedding (Margarita Levieva) including – Finally Emily (Emily VanCamp) had revealed to Jack (Nick Wechsler) his true identity. Could be the first step towards the culmination of the romantic idea of first love, un po’ corny perhaps, But why abandon a priori? And if to this we add the return of Victoria's first son (Madeleine Stowe), Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) pregnant still unaware of the death of the beloved Declan (Connor Paolo), the mystery about the fate of Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) After the fight with Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) arrested as a representative of the Initiative, It is clear that the questions for the new season are several.

But the authors turn to the classic ploy of leap forward, by ben 6 months this time, that not only for spectators is generally a big rip off, but that is particularly detrimental to the story of Nolan: When Emily goes to get him out of jail, we discover that, for "fail safe" inserted into Carrion, the true members of the Initiative were identified and then all charges against him were dropped. Objectively the question Initiative proposed in the first series had quite complicated the picture: from a plan hatched to enrich family Grayson, It was later discovered that the real puppeteer was a phantom company which used the disasters around the world blaming poor fellow on duty, un po’ the same development that we had witnessed in Prison Break. However you cannot even dismiss it all so; Okay back to the orginal revenge against Grayson, but a minimum of explanation was due and also needed, How is it possible that the Initiative is unmasked and Conrad (Henry Czerny), We had colloborato for most of his life, have as one concern that in new portrait his eyes look like two "arctic pools"?

But perhaps even more strange is the State where Victoria, who rides the blessed and happy together with his son found, Patrick (Justin Hartley); in those images no longer seems she, even the good old days with the beloved Daniel looked so serene. Not that it's really changed, just see your luggage to Patrick to make them think that your son wants to take revenge on the time the abandoned – that is the behavior that would hire her. Not to mention the usual ways in which trafficking in Charlotte, but it must be said that the small Grayson House this year is no exception. Even in his case the jump 6 months had a fine weight: returns after a long trip to Europe to recover from the death of Declan and loss of child (It was quite predictable that we would not have witnessed the continuation of pregnancy), with a completely different look (demonstrates 10 more years), increasingly worsened towards the mother – much to suggest, even covertly, -brother to leave given that Victoria will destroy him because "It's what she does. And if she doesn't, I will " – and unusually submissive to the father, the only true guilty of the death of Declan.

And while Victoria is away to enjoy the day with Patrick, is Emily to take over the reins of casa Grayson and goes live back to the origins of this season by organizing the party for Memorial Day, the same occasion that in the pilot marked his real meeting with the family and that she now sees as the first step to the end of Grayson. Of course with the help of Nolan, that if it can no longer exploit its super technologies, use an entrance worthy of 007 at the Olympics, arriving at the party with a parachute, to prevent the massive security measures ordered by new Governor Conrad can trap the substance at the center of Emily. Conrad has just begun his speech when you feel sick and then immediately taken to hospital, where the doctor diagnose Huntington's disease, a neurological disease degenarativa; Despite Daniel tell the press that the father suffered a simple dehydration, the news of the disease permeates "a source close to the family". Emily's plan is started: not only was its substance to cause illness by Conrad, but he also falsified the results of the tests to diagnose disease. And when you say kill two birds with one stone, the leak the news to the press is used to get rid of the usual upstart Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), what a, returning to old habits, He threatened to reveal her true feelings for Jack if he helped her to get back into the cycle counting. With the support of Victoria, Ashley is sent back to you at Croyden, in a scene that sees Mrs. Grayson and Emily sharing the role of protectors of family – the same Victoria comes to say "What we are is family". Emily then starts what its intentions seem the last stage of his journey of revenge is no longer hiding, but yanking the spotlight with Victoria as part of Grayson's family; while maintaining certain distances, significant in this regard, the final image of the scene, When the two women run out of different cars.

But now we get to the climax, Emily's meeting with Jack: a long wait to get a disappointment. The handsome bartender argues that thanks to a crossroad of glances with his son Carl understood why she pursues this plan for revenge (It wasn't too difficult to understand), He kisses her…and here comes out with the last sentence that I thought to hear "I didn't know how I felt about you till this moment. And I'm sorry. I just don't feel anything ". With the false Amanda had been the most sympathetic of the world, with she acts like a fucking idiot; in practice in his mind for everything – deaths of Amanda and Declan included – is Emily! What does he have served 6 months of reflection? He who after the loss of Amanda and Declan had planned to take revenge on Conrad – not thinking that if anything went wrong he would leave her son an orphan – now makes a blame to Emily wants to do the same for what they did to his father! And the humiliation to which the subjects is not enough, When he realizes that she is behind what happened to Conrad, gives her an ultimatum: finish what should by summer and then disappear, otherwise he'll tell the truth.


At least the ultimatum of Jack has the advantage to speed up the timing of Emily's plan (It's not like we can expect other 5 seasons to see Grayson finally receive what you deserve), times that coincided with her marriage to Daniel: sets the date on a day that has always been convinced "" something wonderful would happen on that day ", the 8 August (to symbolize the famous double infinity). But when viewed at another time this sentence could make us look forward to the Apocalypse of the family, start with the flashforward episode takes anything taste. As happened with the first season, the third has opened with a leap forward, exactly to the day of the wedding of Emily. We find her on a boat, still wearing her wedding dress and when someone approaches her has nothing more to say other than "I'm sorry", words that have no meaning since it is hit by two gunshots; but Emily is always ready for anything, do not? And instead falls into the water while wearing it bloodstain. The situation looks somewhat tragic, agreed Emily can't die – although, such as Game of Thrones teaches, the rule that the main character never dies can have exceptions – but how will he save himself? And especially, who shot her? Logic would suggest the novello groom Daniel – for which it is important to highlight the possible influence of newcomer, the Oxford of his old acquaintance, Margaux LeMarchal (Karine Vanasse) – but, as we learned from the pilot, nothing is ever as it seems and among other things Daniel was never a genius, so I have serious doubts that can put together all the pieces of the puzzle; in view of the developments you might suspect also by Jack, Here, too, but it seems insane that can go that far, I don't think I could have reason. Another possible suspect is revived Aiden, the James Bond of the poor which to my disappointment survived the collision with Daniel (Although we still don't know what really happened) and that at the end of the episode comes from Victoria because they have something in common to do: destroy the girl next door. What?! You could still understand when he wanted to ever take him away far from the intentions of revenge (to a certain extent anyway, just because he hadn't gotten what he hoped avenging her sister – expected that came back from the dead? – does not mean that Emily should follow), But why now try this hate? They broke up so bad, so either these 6 month something happened that caused him to completely change opinion or Victoria is doing the double play.

We have to be careful at every moment of the next episodes to catch any clues about the identity of the shooter to our Emily. Always keeping in mind that, as this episode we confirmed with examples of Jack and Aiden, You can't trust anyone!


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