Revenge – 3×02 Sin – by R.

revenge 3x02 paul whitley emily

Friedrich Nietzsche said "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss gazes back into you ". And this sentence can be perfectly used for awareness that Emily had to face in this new episode. Dell recovery’ "red marker operation" the door to "punish" another Member of the plot against her father, but this time the taste of revenge turns quite bitter.

The target in front of is not someone who lives on the profit derived from that experience, but a priest; even father Paul Whitley (James LeGros) entered the seminary to redeem himself since then and no longer had any dealings with Grayson. The frock doesn't stop draft, however, Emily, that not only creates havoc causing it to reappear in the lives of Victoria and Conrad, not at all happy about the reunion, but involves him in a sex scandal. Apparently everything is normal, like others, he must pay for what you did to David Clarke. But Father Paul really looks like a good man, aware of the evil that he has done in the past and ready to sacrifice his life to help others. In essence for him the path of redemption you can tell wholly undertaken. The same Nolan, who in the past rarely had raised doubts about the actions of Emily, This time he pulls out and tries to make her understand that different conditions should result in a change of direction. And so does a little’ Curt, When we read them the words that her father had written in prison "All I ask is that you promise to do the one thing that I was never able to do. Forgive. Keeping hate for the people who betrayed me has brought nothing but torment and heartache. You deserve better than that, Amanda. You deserve love ". And’ obvious that the father did not wish for her a life full of hatred, but these words are a double-edged sword: If one side should make her reflect on what I'm doing, about how she's changing on the same monsters that fight, the other can only make them feel even more the lack of the father's love and then goodbye forgiveness. Having seen each episode from the point of view of Emily associated with all that they have done the Grayson makes it difficult to consider workable the way of goodness and does not justify her conduct, who can't wait to see the final defeat of Conrad and Victoria? In the past (1×22) Emily has shown it can abandon revenge in the name of love for Jack, what he had done rather nervous Aiden when he refused to run away with him. But also Jack in this case seems to have little chance of persuading her, as evidenced by discussions in these last two episodes. Actually from the finale of the first season I happened several, deaths of Declan and Amanda first, So how can Emily, even in the face of Jack, forget and forgive? Among other things the forgiveness presupposes that the other side there is at least a repentance, thing for Grayson is absolutely non-existent, proof of this is the attitude of contempt that they always had to pretend Amanda, until you get to have her killed to protect. What is certain though is that Nolan's words are not vacuum falls. The works in favour of the needy implemented by Father Paul and especially his words about the father of the bride "He would be proud of the woman that you've become" hit full Emily, He has pangs of conscience and prepares to retrace his steps; too late though, the scandal has already been discovered and the priest is moved away from the Church. The guilt is inevitable, especially against his father. But it is at this point that the meeting with Conrad gives a new opportunity. The future father-in-law – badly hit by a (fake) attack of his illness and neglect of Charlotte – begins to show signs of weakness, to realize that all the evil he has done I'm taking him to be abandoned by everyone. Emily hopes then that this new situation can get his confession; in fact would be the best way to return to his father the dignity it deserves while avoiding serious collateral damage had in the past. But we are sure that Conrad will divest? After all the family she went near the crumbling repeatedly, but in the hardest moments has always been regrouped. Also Daniel, that despite everything I have always supported, When the father had confided the truth about David Clarke, He was near. What will prevent that once again all is hushed up to protect the name of Grayson?

As I have just said, I've always said Daniel, as much as I made mistakes I have always been convinced that you really love Emily. That's why in the face of advances by Margaux I had a moment of confusion; that change of scene just when he approaches her after the Oxford shoe is stripped made me fear I lost it permanently. But Daniel was a perfect gentleman! And’ almost a shame that it is not true love Emily! At least until they find out the truth, I can keep it together that he is faithful.

UPS and downs for Charlotte: While walking away from Emily, accusing her of having gossiped about his mother, continuing in his role as the perfect daughter for Conrad. Stable has never been, but mature a little’ It seems to me the minimum was asked when it. Instead it continues to switch between times when wants to break away from the meanness of their parents where once again the classic spoiled little rich girl – is a clear example of the fact that she's gone from home to rebel against her mother, but we come back every day to support the Daddy, forgetting, for example, that only a year earlier had made close to the clinic to steal money. Jack opens though eyes telling her the truth about his father's responsibility for the bomb at Grayson Global who killed Declan. Charlotte decides to close even with Conrad. Maybe this time he understood. Maybe.

Chapter Aiden Mathis: If there were any doubts about his work in the first episode, now I'd say were drawn – He even tried to steal the box endless double as proof for Mrs. Grayson, Luckily Emily had entrusted to Nolan! James Bond of the poor seems really allying with Victoria to destroy the former, guilty, He talks like he, betrayed him. I still have to figure out when would betray him, But apart from this detail, his change of allegiance should at least mean that does not come from Emily begging her for a romantic getaway. We shall see in the next episodes to what will push to get back at you, He who wanted to ever take him away far from revenge against Grayson because, as he had learned to his cost, revenge leads to nothing!


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