Revenge – 3×03 Confession – by R.


Bad grass never dies. With Conrad and Victoria this said continues to be fully respected. In the finale of the first season she was the one ready to reveal the plot hatched against David Clarke, but the plane was on Board had an accident from which she is miraculously saved, While goodbye to all the evidence against the family. Same fate this time around for Conrad. The work of persuasion than Emily – with the help of Father Paul – was successful and the former Governor is ready to surrender to authorities, but here is his Testarossa to have an accident: the priest dies, While Conrad makes up only a few scratches. Now at a minimum, with his newfound faith, will think that this is a sign from God because you don't confess. For Emily over to injury, the hoax; once again. Just doesn't seem like meekness path undertaken give good fruits. And problems for you do nothing but increase: Charlotte continues to drift away, Daniel – taken from the mother – the filling with questions, Jack never misses an opportunity to criticize it. It seems that the bad news in all this is you: the little world around the Hamptons rolled over.

Should I take back what I said about James Bond, almeno in parte. In spite of what emerged from the first two episodes, is not a traitor, everything I did, It did for Emily, agreed to tap Victoria. And he did a lot of good because I've got one in full – so do I. What a pity that this also means that it is still there to "Woo" Emily and she doesn't seem indifferent. Indeed her adoration towards him increases when he discovers that he had hidden the scuffle with Daniel (Finally we find out that he had actually shot, but the blow had dodged the heart), yet another noble gesture! I admit to being biased because rooting unashamedly for the couple Emily-Jack, but three fell in love with not a little’ too many? The triangle of the first season Daniel-Emily-Jack was perfect, It had all the elements necessary and sufficient to excite the various possible pairs, with secrets and intrigue to make things even more interesting. Even the entrance of the fake Amanda worked. But Aiden is a variable useless you entered to spoil the balance. If you needed extra help in addition to Nolan, you could safely hold dear Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), that much was done in the first series. In this way the story between Emily and Daniel could have had a more profound, giving rise to the suspicion that she eventually would have feelings real for him. Also because – as I have already said – Daniel isn't really that bad, with her has always been cute. In many moments I hoped that this original line was shooting, with all those threats by Aiden to leave; but it's always come back. Even Daniel managed to make it disappear from the scene! If you really must remain, could at least turn his sights to loving someone else, There is Charlotte, that at least would stop in his neo activities of Miss Match approaching Jack in Margaux – evidently has inherited the mother's manipulative skills – or the same Oxford shoe. And instead continue to buzz around Emily, you will also need support now that the faith that "for once" had to clean the name of his father went to crash into the Ferrari of the future father-in-law.

And coming back to what happened to Conrad, the big question: Victoria took his hand? In fact before he got in the car, his wife had cautioned "If you get in that car, I swear it will be the last thing you do ", then the doubt that behind there is she is more than established, but as he was doing with such short notice? Or, Whereas Conrad of enemies doesn't have a few, behind there might be someone else, regardless of the case David Clarke. I doubt that is the result of a coincidence, the Hamptons nothing ever happens by accident.

It only remains to wait for the next episode to unravel the mystery and especially to see what the reaction of Emily. Not to mention that she seems to blossom a new story, Maybe Nolan has finally found someone to forget the pain for Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) and this someone is none other than the son found by Mrs. Grayson, Patrick. How will he react the Mommy Dearest?


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