Revenge – 3×04 Mercy – by R.


Evidently the authors want to get us on the day of the fateful Yes with doubts and concerns, changing log considerably compared to what we were used to in the early seasons. Because it is true that even then there were bottlenecks, but the intermediate objectives were almost always achieved, increasing confidence for the final goal. Now, everything that can go wrong, He's actually going wrong. There is no other way to define what is happening to Emily. The whole family Grayson, more or less inadvertently, the is putting a spoke in the wheels like never before, sending to mount every project. Were we to Conrad only survivor of the car crash which prevented him to confess his crimes. As if that's not enough, Daniel becomes father complicit in to blame the accident on Father Paul: collapses the evidence, testifies at Emily's place, the whole thing as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Luckily after the death of the fake Amanda had said he would no longer let engage in crimes of his parents. And have the nerve to get angry if Emily finds this disgusting and out of spite spreads a story from his past. What is even more surprising is why does: not so much to protect the father, as for his own image, that risks being tarnished right now that it is rebuilding a career regardless of family name. In a Word: the success. But he has not learned anything from what happened to him in season 2? I've always defended, believing his mistakes as no moments, heavily determined by parental influence – how do you fight against a guy whose aspirations as a poet are cut short subtly from parent? And now that he finally walks with his legs, What does? He surrounds himself with lies to success, How exactly did Conrad. And not just. When retrieving a minimum of lucidity and is ready to make peace with Emily, convinced by "wise" fatherly advice on how does a relationship: We must be able to fight "but not surrender". We throw to the wind even claims that he didn't want a wedding as one of its parents. The worst thing – and that threatens to bring down all my certainty about feelings for his future wife – is that speaks of his success, saying "I have something to lose" now ". Thank goodness she's the one who should be asking why he wants to marry! The history between the two reaches out to more rocks now than when he was with Ashley; If it weren't for the flashforward I would doubt even on the celebration of marriage.

In addition to Daniel, contending for the title for the major contradictions in this episode Jack. He spent the first three episodes of this new season criticizing the actions of Emily and now that it raises the possibility of sending Conrad in jail asking to participate because he wants to do is find a way "to make him pay". By the way when realizes that the revenge of Emily will have fulfilled at the wedding, claims to be present – "I want to be there when they get what's coming to them". And’ understandable, Conrad made him kill wife and brother, but then why blame Emily? It's not that it's worth for him and her, no. Make peace with your brain Jack! Can't you give her an ultimatum and always be so rude towards her, When would you like to make yourself revenge. To make us forget for a moment the contradictions of the handsome bartender there is the scene in which the two investigate together: a perfect couple. More Aiden! And he keeps sending me into confusion. Insist on hanging around Emily, entirely convinced to be indispensable, but then threatens to ruin everything for her jealousy: believe Conrad that Jack has tampered with the brakes of the car, just because he found that the boy now knows the truth about Amanda. The fear of losing it is objectively established, but you don't have to be James Bond to figure out that if you love Jack is not putting him into trouble that if held close. Also committing myself and recognizing that in some cases has proved useful, I just can't stand it. Takeda gave equal results, less hassles.

Except Nolan, all people of Emily are proving to be a source of many problems; all this confirms that three men who vie for the same woman are a little’ too many!

It seems that everything always wires smooth for spouses Grayson. Even Conrad discovers that the diagnosis of Huntington's disease was wrong. And, as I had suspected in the previous post on the effect of the accident, This leads him to think that the reappearance of Father Paul in her life was a divine sign, that is, that he is destined to live a long and meaningful existence here on earth ". Goodbye amends before God and men; Welcome to megalomania! Yet another rip off for Emily.

Meanwhile, Victoria has managed to become the owner of an art gallery – a narcissist as she could not settle for the role of employee – Thanks to the fundamental help of Patrick: was able to involve for the son found in his dirty little games. It must be said, however, that surveys, far from disinterested to Nolan, It seems that Patrick has not just a past pristine. On the other hand with a mother like Vicki you would not expect differently; as far as the children so far have not proved able to reach certain levels, I'm not Goody-goodies. Even Charlotte than in its continuous ups and downs seemed so naïve, is becoming more and more like her mother: perseveres in his role from Miss Match – all we need is the new couple Jack-Margaux – and engages in baseness to hurt Emily, not to mention that this would end up hurting the same Jack which is both thoughtful sister in low. And’ evident that Declan was the only one who can bring out its positive side: whenever Charlotte appeared just as the classic spoiled little rich girl, Declan was missing. If this trend is confirmed, the Outlook on his character are somewhat black.

Ultimately the day that Amanda will have its revenge never seemed so close and distant at the same time: the more you start towards the wedding, the greater the obstacles. The wedding celebration is the only fact that we, the question about how we will continue to increase. Luckily to rejoice in this difficult course there's Nolan, reciprocating the first kiss with Patrick: mom Vicki will not be at all happy, I can't wait to see her face when she finds out!


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