Revenge – 3×05 Control – by R.


The titles of the episodes of Revenge they are always respectful of the spirit of the episode and this aspect this time besides being true again, She also has perfect timing. The fifth episode, entitled "Control", aims exactly to remedy what I had pointed out in the previous post, that everything was going wrong. Emily realizes that he must regain control of the entire situation or goodbye revenge, which is not at all easy, especially if his allies there are those who oppose: the ever dear Aiden Mathis. Would gladly sell his soul to the devil just to dismiss Jack and in fact it does if we attach to spouses Grayson a demonic role. Luckily he's smart because he thinks he: threaten the young Porter openly is a mistake they wouldn't do even the least of newbies. Although Jack has never met, It is still endowed with powers of observation and description; In addition it should know that Emily (Unlike its) It's smart and therefore puts us little to bind him to the handsome stranger who visits Jack. We, too, that love makes fools, but at least he admits now that he acted so out of jealousy, Instead it takes the entire episode. The only plus side of this mix of unnecessary actions should have been a final expulsion of Emily – how to trust again? – and for the first time in 3 seasons I doubt his intellect: not only forgive him, but he says that means so much to her and they Kiss. I hope that this is merely the result of concussion from having witnessed the kiss between Jack and Margaux – that little schemer of Charlotte failed in his aim – not that that same Kiss did understand that the feelings for the bartender may not be as strong as believed. My desire to return to the original triangle continues to be frustrated, It seems that the authors want to insist on doubt Aiden-Jack, What a waste! This is reinforced by the words that Emily spends on Daniel "I can't stand to be around him", I didn't think it was even intolerable. The centerpiece of the plan has always been her marriage to Daniel, but now the young Grayson rears its head and is ready to pack up. Fortunately Nolan – also influenced by feelings for Patrick – helps to understand what maybe she never considered: Daniel needs the real Emily – as well as Jack asked her to be honest – but she with him has always been detached, If you do not, may be, When you were just met. And this has certainly helped the bulky presence of Aiden – How can we forget its various intrusions in the second season just when Emily and Daniel were brought. But if he wants to recover cannot but follow the advice of Nolan and indeed, before the story of his feelings for his father, Daniel returns as the young lover of the good times. I emphasize, inter alia, that just to protect it last season, Daniel had sacrificed their story, to avoid that being his girlfriend the became a target for (never late) Initiative. Proving that, Despite its ups and downs, so bad it's not. And unlike James Bond that he is not to narrow issues to hinder his plans.

Still missing the rapprochement to the little sister Charlotte, that becomes increasingly worthy daughter of Victoria. The authors have accustomed us to its evolution in reverse with the baseness of the previous episodes and now the final metamorphosis in mother's accomplice against Conrad – without forgetting the filibuster at the wedding of his brother. I wonder how it is possible that Mr. Grayson may think that behind the sabotage of his Ferrari there is Charlotte; There would never be successful, had not been able to keep a mobile clinic, Imagine if he was able to get into the garage and sabotage the brakes! The deception would have had more sense if, as mom teaches, He did do in someone else's dirty work. But give it all “merit” is somewhat far-fetched. Certainly the mother-daughter relationship has never been so prosperous, even at the time of the apparent death of Victoria were so close. Who knows what they can't do together! At least you take the blame of the accident to protect Jack, I doubt they would accept if he had known the responsibility of Patrick. And if she finds out, Victoria you would be pulled in the foot saw the new attitude of the daughter. It remains to be seen because Patrick has acted against Conrad, can it be just for the sake of a mother who abandoned him (twice)? So far did not show even a modicum of resentment towards her, rather claims that do not have nothing to make up for it. And’ hard to believe that a young man so good is the son of Victoria. We know nothing of what Nolan has found out about her past, apparently only he's gay, but his ex wife she'd pay 20000 dollars to reveal something that already had understood? The issue Patrick continues to be rather obscure, We'll see if the same Victoria will have the courage to investigate on his beloved son.

At the end of this episode the plan of revenge seems to pick up the pace, with Emily that she again over the reins of the game, but his last words out of range "Control is merely an illusion" in addition to remind us to always stand at attention, associated with the scene that consecrates the history between Patrick and Nolan, raises fears that you are faced with an apparent (repurchased) tranquility, that could come again undermined by those we trust most.


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