Revenge – 3×06 Rassasierai – by R.


At last we know the plan of Amanda, What is planning for her wedding day, between 5 weeks: to accuse Victoria Grayson for killing Emily Thorne. It wasn't exactly what I expected, No revelation about his true identity? Agree that if Victoria was ordered to pay, but for other; all l'affaire David Clarke has no solution, the Grayson not would connect what comes his way with what they did to him. And the name David Clarke would not be rehabilitated. Without forgetting that the two sisters Clarke would have no relationship – although with Charlotte of the moment it's better not to have so much to do. I find it really a conclusion unsatisfactory. And little sense. Emily you should pass to the victim of an assassination just married to the Scion of Grayson, then disappear and live forever under a false identity in the Maldives, with Aiden. Surely a scoop for the paradise the Hamptons. But Emily thing would get? The original purpose was to rehabilitate the name of the father and in addition would no longer had to hide to be Amanda Clarke. During the first season had become important relationships with Jack and Charlotte, He had got to see how they could have been just as a spectator of the events of the fake Amanda. And now we would give up all this to see Victoria in prison (and Conrad nothing?) and spent years still living a life not yours? Thank goodness for the purpose of the authors for this third season was resuming the original location.

Among other things the choice to reveal in the sixth episode the plan goes to affect some’ waiting to see what emerged from flashforward: If dying is part of the project, then what we saw in the season premiere fall into what he wants Emily, so there should be nothing to worry about for his life. And we are also answered at the big question about who wields a gun, Dear Vicky. We learned that nothing in the Hamptons is as it seems, so the truth about flashforward don't know until I see him in toto, Anyway this anticipation ruin a little’ the tension elicited initially.

The highlight of the episode is then given by the last words of Amanda, he confesses that he's planning to be, finally, completely honest with Nolan and Jack. Those who were initially the most important men in her life, they more or less helped in its path and that she is ready to leave forever, as if in the last years they were only tools. And realize they too, Nolan especially, who reveals "All I have ever really wanted was friendship". While she lately does nothing but get angry if they don't do as he pleases, as if they were simply at your service. The only one I seem to behave differently is, purtroppo, Aiden. And it really behaves very differently: except at times when talking about the plan, She looks almost another. There is nothing of Amanda that we've seen so far, longer Emily Amanda, as if to interpret so long that role had made him miss his true identity. Just compare it to the girl who was near Jack when Sammy was dying to notice the diversity. Agree that they are biased with respect to history with the English soldier, but I cannot but wonder what caused this difference,.

The rest of the episode features, directly and indirectly, La Victoria Grayson in grass, Charlotte, that always shows the best qualities manipulative. Although unoriginal, cope, she visited her brother's ex-girlfriend is a real cliché. That girl has always been a weak point for Daniel – saw her guilt for causing the accident that has injured. And the small Grayson puts into practice the patterns learned from her mother about how to exploit the suffering of others. While Daniel fall in full, pulling out his soul good to remedy and pledging to earn his forgiveness, exhuming obviously the memories of good times spent together. Emily should start worrying more about SIS, that proves that he has claws. There is absolutely no need for protection, How do you think that Jack instead to protect it get to persuade Nolan who is better to dismiss Patrick, ever want to hurt you to prevent that reveal his responsibility over the incident at Conrad. Here's a cute couple and potentially ruined a part of Amanda's plan to protect that flawed presumptuous that is anything but innocent that does seem. So Patrick is forced to say goodbye to Mommy Dearest, that actually seems to adore; also in this episode confirms the absence of any resentment towards her.

An episode like always eventful – and where you have not felt the lack of Oxford – that, in my opinion, However, leaves some doubt about the progress of the protagonist's path. You just have to wait to see if everything goes according to plan, or if unexpected variables will mess up the cards again, Maybe in a way more consistent with the original spirit.


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