Revenge – 3×08 Secrecy – by R.


"We're pregnant", Emily is always brilliant! And’ true, frame a man with a pregnancy is sneaky and be condemned, but after that your fiancé defines you identical to his mother, everything is justifiable. Because from that pulpit arrives? The Scion of Grayson who only recently became financially independent from parents, but until a few months before she held every dirty game; not to mention that in this episode, Despite the initial denial, following in his father's footsteps in managing relationships – not for the first time. If the risk of annulment of the marriage is imminent, There is no other way to hold the core of the plan. Daniel spends the episode trying formally to avoid falling into the role of faithless – repeat the story of father Conrad – but in concrete terms the treachery is there around the corner: those corny dating random mock, the constant memories of times past, avoidance of intimacy with his girlfriend are steps that lead to a certain outcome. In a similar situation just that Emily make nonsense because he understands that it is not the woman of his life. And so is: an action of defence against yet another attempt to sabotage by Victoria, than at any other time would bring Daniel closer to Emily, turns into a boomerang "Emily and my mother are the same person. And I do not want to marry my mother ": the disaster, What until a few episodes ago I never would have predicted. Luckily Emily always has a Plan B and this time play the ACE: in front of the pregnancy – complete with ultrasound as evidence – Daniel will never have the courage to leave her a few days before the wedding. Of course faced with the moral dilemmas that we had to put up with from the beginning of this third season, seems like a choice a while’ risky: Nolan and Jack not sparing criticism; and you can't blame. Frame a man in a relationship with the excuse of a baby is really mean, a ploy abused in every soap opera that never leads to anything good. From the perspective of Amanda is the only reasonable option, however – although perhaps wake up earlier than the story with her boyfriend would be more productive. To make things more complicated is the fact that Daniel and Sara are terribly romantic, a Cinderella modern: a love that has withstood the years, an accident and the intrigues of the spouses Grayson. And she is also good, is not a climber willing to do anything to get the ring on his finger from the rich guy on duty, indeed opposite manifested goodness of Emily is ready to step aside. And’ true, It is also ready to catch any error of rival agreement with Victoria, But how to exclude such a possibility before the great love? The authors investigated this storyline: the dilemma on which couple cheer is difficult to solve; but the story was always told from the perspective of Amanda, then one more point will always go to her. In place of the original triangle Jack-Emily-Daniel (I continue to believe the most effective and to regret) Now we have two: Emily-Daniel-Sara and Jack-Emily-Aiden.

And’ the latter maintains a central role and – finally – Aiden's jealousy begins to be replaced by that of Jack. Despite the Nice bartender is now attending Margaux, can't find annoying the presence of Aiden, You now know to be not only the man who forced him to dismiss his son, but also one who will flee with Amanda. Obviously this will not leave indifferent and feels obliged to warn her about the real knowledge of English, having seen his excessive violence – especially when you consider that he was doing it for that useless intriguing of Charlotte. Comparing Jack-Amanda reaches a new level, with him that he cannot help but confess "I could never hate you. You deserve more than you're getting (Aiden)", Perhaps the most romantic words that he told since knows the truth. Now, however, she takes a step back "You don't know me, not anymore "; Jack deserves every single word and should realize that this reaction is only the logical consequence of how he treated: If he had not passed to the devil himself for his plan, She wouldn't be coming to think that English is the only one who can understand it and accept it. But we must not forget that she was ready to abandon revenge for Jack and that sweet little girl we see in flashback, It's always there, only hidden by a thick armour. With Jack has in common the past, with Aiden this, But what will happen once that revenge will be made? As far as the relationship with the Englishman has endured against all odds, the various moments with Jack cannot simply be a reminder of a life that there will ever be and feelings that still bind them are obvious. After episodes of madness is restoring the natural order of things, all facilitated by 007 what a, leveraging in secret the half-sister of mate, hurt alone.

A few words for Charlotte, victim of blackmail to a photo hot: in three seasons has managed to put in place all the stereotypes of the little rich girl and every time if he had it coming. If in the past may have been justified – striving a lot – with recent attitudes deserves. In addition it's so great woman, but he can't handle anything alone, in fact runs to get help from the minions of parents, not to mention the fact that still exploits the maids of Grayson House. At least when there was Declan its storyline maintained a degree of interest, now it's just annoying.

An episode that with the announcement of pregnancy marks a point of no return: is a heavy choice of which all, Emily first, will have to accept the consequences. It will be interesting to see how the future will Grandma, now certain that he freed by Miss Thorne. But even more so the dad: feeling trapped in a marriage that doesn't want it might cause more problems than advantages, bringing out sides that Daniel has inherited from their parents and that so far has succeeded, più o meno, to control.

But it's not enough, the coming of Stork risks being overshadowed by an unexpected return: Lydia Davis (Amber Valletta), the first victim of the red marker of Emily, but also the actions of Victoria and Conrad. In the past had gone close to uncover the truth about Amanda, but his meeting with Margaux suggests that his sights are directed on Grayson. We hope so, Emily already has enough problems and exchanges between Lydia and Victoria were always so funny. The big question though is: How did he save himself from plane crash? Possible that the only two surviving victims are predestined and has not saved even half evidence against Grayson?


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