Revenge – 3×09 Surrender – by R.


"The Bitch is back! Purtroppo! If there is an upstart, unbearable and treacherous of Victoria is Lydia Davis. The list of his baseness would envy to the worst of each antagonistic telenovela: former Secretary of David Clarke, sold to Grayson for a place among the people of the Hamptons; loving husband of her best friend Victoria – I emphasise that Lydia was married; last but not least, abandons Conrad when the secret on the affaire David Clarke is about to be unmasked.

In short, a woman who has shown several times not to be reliable; with a thick skin among other things: survived a fall from the fifth floor and a plane crash. How is it that a cynical as Victoria he saved? A surge of pity inaudible, who ever regret Lydia? Neither Conrad, that before her back to being a teenager in full storm hormone, had brought along the mourning, He was consoled with Ashley (which is saying something). The fact is that Lydia is back in the Hamptons and has not changed one bit; his mood by climber continues to guide his every act, ready again to discredit her beloved Conrad while returning to the ride that counts. Too bad it's been equally ridiculous: the just seeing her ex because those are tears in my eyes. As in the past, every word that proceeds from the mouth of Conrad's for lei as a Cartier, able to make her forget quickly that did not dissuade her from then undertook just to get on a plane I knew would be precipitated. And all about revenge is abandoned. Lydia has a personality of zero, even Ashley the beat. During the episode repeats the same joke before the astonished eyes of those believed dead: "and I can't believe you're marrying this one" addressed to Daniel and "almost as hard to believe as Time magazine wanting you for a cover" to Conrad, pulling out his usual envy toward the riches of others. In a Word: pathetic! One thing we must give her act: has the sight of an eagle. Don't have time to reappear soon note – again – the photo of the old party of Grayson in which a "all brunette bangs" Amanda was undercover as a waitress. His hatred of Emily has roots in proprietary issues: the House of David Clarke had indeed become the property of Lydia after conviction — proving that it lacks any shame – but Emily was then forced to sell. With that photo in mano Mrs Davis has the weapon that could shoot with Amanda in the next episode, It all depends on what you choose to do. And in this situation, Aiden has indirectly its share of blame; before that scene that horrified me more than Jack with Margaux, that is the proposal of marriage to Amanda – he just call Amanda Clarke, Although with him will have to have another identity – 007 He tried to get into trouble Lydia, without thinking, however, that in that way would have thrown her into the arms of Conrad, in which room he found the damn pictures – and say that Emily had mentioned it to him. The disaster is a step.

As if that wasn't enough, It takes pure Victoria, refusing the invitation to the wedding of the summer. How do I set her up? The final look of Emily tells us clearly that the hitch is a big one, worse yet indelible stain on a wedding dress. And say that if we were dealing with a normal marriage this news would be positive: Finally that witch steps aside, give up in front of the will of the son. Too bad Emily doesn't love Daniel. In this retreat of Mrs. Grayson contributes the intervention of Charlotte, that seems ready to afresh now that she realized that all those intrigues have not caused that suffering. Finally block! One who always moaned about the manipulations of mother would have known before, but we must be glad, hoping that it is the right time that ripe for really wants to live alone – even.

The best moments of the episode are merit of Daniel. Well Yes, After those initial hesitation from faithless – although you do have to recognize that with Sara there was only a kiss – the young Grayson makes statements worthy of the groom that everyone would like to have. The rant against her mother is her best moment, a passionate defense of the bride-to-be that hushes Victoria as nobody had ever succeeded so far. While the words reserved for Emily "You're the only one I want. I'm all right with you…and the baby "accompanied by repentance for" crush "for Sara really regretting that the couple Emily-Daniel isn't" meant to be ".

I fear that this sorrow will be renewed with the next episode that will see them finally tie the knot, in a ceremony that will compete at the Royal Wedding. The flashforward will come true and the questions that torment us for nine episodes will be answered. Saleel, I hesitate to believe that Emily will plan fulfillment, the shot almost certainly will be true, our big threatens Avenger. Are therefore now accepting bets on who presses the trigger and probably the hand of the offender will be led by revelation of Lydia. It only remains to prepare for the big event, marriage and/or shooting that is!


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