Revenge – 3×10 Exodus – by R.


Could be one of the most beautiful weddings tv series: a beautiful couple, a perfect celebration, a wonderful white dress; pity that – on at least one side – Miss you totally love, the fundamental assumption. The wedding vows that Emily does Daniel during the ceremony is especially exciting: the choice of words makes it looks like the brides in love with those who are ignorant of his true identity and at the same time – along with flashbacks of his childhood – enables us to understand why Nolan's time there and how important this is to you.

A speech that we could share excitement and confidence if only we knew within hours that time would let some much-needed space to tragedy. The flashforward season we had warned that the 8 August would not be the day of completion of vengeance; Although the plan saw Amanda actually as a victim, We understood that we would have been a few bumps that would have made those shots from real. And so it was, in the worst way, in the scenario that then I considered unlikely that, but of which were scattered clues throughout the episodes. Just minutes away from discovering the truth about the author, There are two main alternatives: that pathetic of Lydia and anything but tamed Victoria. If the latter can we expect everything to get rid of the daughter-in-law, the first is terribly irritating, you couldn't leave it where it was? One who has stuck his head and lodged in the bed of the first rich guy who has managed to catch, How dare you interfere with the marriage of Emily? The picture with which the threat does not prove anything, except that he had once waited tables at a party of Grayson, the most can hold up as upstart, that is, the ox which gives the horned donkey. The same register for Victoria, partly justifiable because we are talking about the future of her son, but from here to afford them the morale there passes. Lydia appears as the main danger, especially when not satisfied with having revived the home of Emily and neo's girlfriend role Conrad – I don't know who is more stupid between the two, If he who has recovered or she who loves him – but occurs on the yacht on which the Grayson family is celebrating the bride and groom. His presence is a variable not foreseen and that goes to butting in full with the plan when it closes in the cabin with Victoria to show her the offending picture. This woman is incomprehensible, get your husband to best friend, but at the same time doesn't want to ruin the friendship and does everything to win her back: probably her ideal of the future was that strange triangle of when he was convalescing at home both with Conrad that Grayson and serena could live with Victoria. Of course this obstacle would have been avoided if Aiden had taken seriously its task of tackling Lydia, rather than simply move it away from the ceremony. His actions make me doubt whether it was really trained by Takeda, This is a mistake to underestimate everything elementary that the Japanese would punish with sound of sticks. Now Vicky can unmask the daughter-in-law and wastes no time, between mutual accusations Emily admits she made up the pregnancy, because? Okay the excitement of the moment and be convinced of disappearing soon, but show a weakness before victory is always an error – the little Englishman the affects. When we are sure that it will be Victoria firing, Aiden intervenes in an attempt to salvage the plan. But then the real culprit mark suddenly, completely drunk and with a face destroyed: Daniel. She heard everything. His engagement with Emily and baby is demolished by the blunt truth: now Daniel has proof that the woman he loved had lied, until you get to nail him with a fake pregnancy. This shock mixed with alcohol and the news that "Princess Sarah" attempted suicide – another pathetic – the leads to the inevitable shoot neo wife. From a fairytale wedding to tragedy in less than 40 minutes: How to break my heart, Emily and Daniel were a lovely couple – even Nolan agreed. Until a few episodes ago Daniel was hopelessly in love with Emily and despite Sara was convinced of the wedding, but the lies and the latest games, that could well have been avoided if our avenging the someones attention, deleterious to the child have been thrashing. Daniel was intended to be the "innocent" victim of Amanda's plan and in the light of this blame his recent behaviour is almost impossible, but at the decisive moment stood up, the hard way. An act determined by certain contingencies best known to a certain extent though: thrown into the water gun, return immediately from his sister and surprised when they realize of blood and death of Emily, After all, it's always a Grayson.

A few words about Sara, by carina has become intolerable: not intended to be a wrecker, but just keeps spinning around Daniel, He gets drunk and makes the cat life with Jack. To arrive at the apex with suicide, at the very least not even managed, so we'll have to take it much longer, in the role of victim for more.

Despite the looming tragedy the episode also had two touching moments. L’ "I love you" between the two sisters Charlotte Clarke negative marks the end of the period, what a, Although I don't know about being in front of his real sister, seems honest, allowing Amanda to savor the meaning of their bond. Of course I could not remain indifferent to the last meeting between Jack and Emily, that tender that was to be transformed into yet another clash when she tells him the truth about his wife's death. I'm now convinced that the bartender strives to hate her, complaining of his every action, just because he can't admit he loves her. Pity that so far away. As is clear from the exchange of jokes with Sara, say goodbye would have meant losing it forever, so you better behave like idiots. An argument that makes sense, do not? But Jack is always the most adorable of Hamptons and runs to the beach to give her a worthy farewell. The tragedy of the boat is only plus side to give another chance to the couple Amanda-Jack, I could also thank Daniel for this.

And now the big question is: What happened to Amanda? At the beach, Jack and Aiden are just her bloodied gown – had closed bad for losing him in the water – but no trace of the body. The next episodes could mark a new beginning for you and your relationship with Grayson; his true identity is still safe, so nothing prevents you from working out a new plan, but the conditions must necessarily be different. We hope at least that does not leave again tasks too great to 007, otherwise you risk a new flop and more mistakes are not allowed.


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