Revenge – 3×11 Homecoming – by R.

revenge 3x11 emily jack

If this is not destiny! The only one who can create a deep connection with Amanda and bring her back to reality cannot be Jack; already in the past had been the only stirs in his plans for revenge, so if you have a psychological block that doesn't allow her to remember anything about his life, There is little doubt that Jack is the only hope for recovery.

The young Porter just a few words because the amnesia being exceeded; the same words that he wanted to tell her on the beach, that’ "I'm so sorry" that carries on for months and that supporters of their couple – I understood – they wanted long to hear. Jack is finally able to overcome the anger she felt and it was getting really unbearable: as always when you're about to lose a person, you realise how important for you. Its path of overcoming the rancor was longer and harder than Emily to reclaim the memory. But now the clashes are part of the past and you can lay the foundations for the development of their history. The relationship between the two takes that position that was the natural order of things in the first season and that was inexplicably abandoned with the arrival of the English boy. Aiden among other things takes its the couple to start to a happy outcome; If his recent incompetence wasn't enough – can recriminate against Jack in continuation with the history of ultimatum, but the fact remains that if you were busy, we wouldn't be at this point – Lydia seriously now reveals a skeleton in the closet that is most unexpected firing of Daniel: another woman, Niko (Stephanie Jacobsen). D ’ agreement, He had frequented during the period when he and Emily were no longer together, but she has not forgotten and he does not hold some back from the kiss. And here there are plans that take! The scene where Aiden tries to take Amanda to the hospital was more fun of physical confrontation between Victoria and Lydia: putting aside the shock to the knowledge of the truth about amnesia, the look bewildered him before the screams in fear of his betrothed is priceless. Despite say he loves her, It is still ready to not attempt the paper Jack to jealousy that keeps trying, that confident man! Once again threatens Emily for his personal interest, How could ever aspire to be the fate of Amanda?

The period of amnesia also helps cement the relationship between the two sisters Clarke; Charlotte is the only patient to dedicate themselves sincerely to Emily – coincidentally the only one he has nothing to hide. The small Grayson shows all her affection to one that considers a sister acquired, reserving words which confirm his change than its more recent questionable attitudes. Statements from real sister – "You're my inspiration" – that affect Emily, causing them to remember the father. Too bad the amnesia involves a disarming sincerity and then when asked about the name of the father responds "David Clarke". The Frost. Up in smoke for a stupid amnesia? Fortunately, Charlotte is not the top in terms of insight and then does two plus two.

It demonstrates instead totally insensitive groom, that doesn't seem to prove a minimum of guilt for what he has done. Indeed when he learns that his wife has survived can not hide the disappointment, only the detective not notice it. This attitude makes the excuse of crime of momentum, already gotten rid of the gun couldn't, but at least you could still "warrant" for the State of disturbance in which he was. Acting as though I would say that you can forget any understanding. Not only cares absolutely Emily's health, but it is in a State of persistent anger that makes it awfully similar to his parents. Just the news that "Princess Sarah" is fine he does smile, let alone if she could commit suicide, the usual pathetic scene of seduced and abandoned. What a bore! I already scared to see when the two lovebirds will meet! Among other things Daniel is so hard, but ends up getting cover from parents; will repeat as long as he wants to his father that he was ready to take its responsibilities, but the fact remains that instead of immediately confess his guilt, go to Mommy, that certainly would never allow that the son is constituted for that "vicious woman". Who are you kidding, Daniel? All those times they had left to guess that something parents had inherited, can now be regarded as the first steps toward his path to perdition style Grayson. I'm afraid that now Daniel we lost.

Amanda plan nothing went as planned, in fact, although the initial phase of the investigation detective ports towards Victoria, the latter exploits the child's avowal to convince Conrad to put the blame on Lydia: two birds with one stone. The Grayson fare again, This is getting really annoying. But if – sadly and surprisingly – ended the winning streak of the Undertaker I'd say chances are good that they will sooner or later pay, as he always says my colleague S. "the wheel turns". No sorrow for Lydia, forced to flee, with her beautiful face featured on all tv news: He deserves all. To never see you again Lydia!

Patrick passes through the side of the bad guys, siding on the side of Victoria against Nolan: prefer to defend a woman who abandoned him twice, rather than her lover. I highly doubt that Victoria would be able to reciprocate the gesture, in fact just discovers the history between the two, saw it as a betrayal; I don't think her children will never have a happy love life. And the artist does more, unveiling a Mummy the existence of a safe in the home of Nolan marked with a strange symbol, that double eagle tattoo infinite reconnects straight to Victoria Emily – thank goodness he heard her do the name David Clarke. Patrick is still incomprehensible to me, It brings into play in 360 degrees for a mother that she never wanted to and is ready to turn his back on poor Nolan at the first hurdle.

The episode ends with Emily who reveals to Jack who shot her, What will happen is a big question; Perhaps the most advantageous pretend amnesia on the post wedding continues, but since the outline in which to act, between a husband who hates and a mother-in-law who starts collecting the first pieces of the puzzle – hopefully Charlotte shut – every choice may prove highly risky. In all this there is the positive result of the unbreakable bond with Jack that she might be the one that Desmond of Lost would you call her "steady".



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