Revenge – 3×12 Endurance – by R.


Now had to come sooner or later. In any way to a difficult goal there is always a crisis point which suggests the hero could turn that maybe it's better to stop and abandon everything. And’ happened to Buffy more than once and this time it's up to Amanda Clarke, that opposite the umpteenth suffering he faced, wants nothing more than to go as far away as possible from Grayson. Goodbye revenge.

I was afraid this would happen, Emily was too strong so far, But what is crucial in the development of any hero, It is a step that I can't stand, that makes me nervous just a big fjords. I tolerated only at the beginning of the third season of Buffy, When he had left Sunnydale after killing Angel, in that case it was essential, not only for her. For the rest I hope always that lighting that brings the protagonists on the straight and narrow arrives quickly. And so it is with Amanda. We must also thank Victoria for this, his pressing desire to suffer the daughter-in-law revealing that because shots can no longer have children is what shakes up Emily, making them forget that stupid idea of escaping with Aiden – Ah if Vicky knew was hurt alone! The Grayson took the past (the father), the present (the mock Amanda) and the future (the sons), the little Englishman's belief that she can let go like nothing ever is madness, serena could never live with that – not forgetting the mock Amanda and Declan would have died for nothing. "Hate is a lot like love. You can't force it. "You can't fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along "is a simple concept to understand, It is the dawn of time letting you know that the opposite of love is indifference, Why would Emily to be indifferent to that conspiracy that is the family Grayson? Only Aiden doesn't include and gives her selfish. She would be so selfish, certain. That man has the shortest memory of a goldfish – just revenge for his sister's death he remembered long – forgot that left her on more than one occasion in the second season, just as he has promised to love another, the fake nurse Niko, We discover to be the daughter of Takeda. Poor thing, It's so tough that will avenge his father's death, but he's enchanted by a Kiss by Aiden; agree that it may not suspect that he is the murderer of his father, but he knows that he lied, and that he came back to her just because Emily left him, an ounce of dignity would have liked. Aiden turns slowly a lying traitor, How could ever compete with Jack?

Another way out that you could easily save we give "Princess Sarah" which allows to define Emily "psycho". Faking a pregnancy to get marry is based, but psychopaths are more, rather it is an appellation that would be better placed to the same image author, that was enough for a few drinks too for attempting suicide – He now denies making himself even more pathetic. His own lover deserves to be called psycho saw the behaviour since the shooting. Among other things he loves so much his Will that in front of the direct question if he shot him, denies shamelessly. Daniel is now a Grayson 100%, If in the past despite his mistakes gave positive signs yet that would give me hope, Since she returned Sara ended up in a black hole from which it will come out more. We will see if she will accept it as it is, even though it would mean abandoning that air from Goody Two-shoes on which continues to focus. Danny reaches its lowest point when responding "" Screw you "to Emily at the prospect of continuing a marriage of convenience, It reveals the true identity of the shooter. That ungrateful, does not show a slightest repentance, It will also been deceived, but he almost killed her, There is a little’ of difference. That tenderness which could arouse in the past to be blameless victim Emily plan and love denied with Sara is totally cancelled, If the authors wanted to make him odious they got it right.

Slight satisfaction for Victoria who believes to have discovered the great secret of daughter-in-law, poor deluded! Emily causes Mrs. Grayson learn how he always suspected, so is glad to have been right and hopefully stop investigating. Although his last sentence "I've endured over 25 years in a loveless marriage. You two will figure things out…"until we find a more permanent solution" Besides proving once again how the last person to be able to do the sermon to the supposed upstart daughter-in-law, suggests that Emily will not have an easy life. But that Amanda has now accounted. Mother and son should also pay attention to Patrick and Conrad. The first begins to open our eyes to the dear mother, but still can't say no, deteriorating further the relationship with Nolan – whose claimed revenge intrigues me very; the second looks pretty disappointed that Emily has not told the truth about shooting, evidently hoping that his Lydia was exonerated: that woman vapid is more important than his only son.

Sweet moment for Emily and Jack – I fear soon will complain for lying to her about Lydia – when he visits along with the small Carl: a tender little family, that now looks like the only one you will ever have. Presumably in upcoming episodes Amanda will process the new plan, Why rely again and maybe only on the help of Nolan, but don't lose hope on Jack, also because their rapprochement is required given the recent developments with the remaining suitors. After the impasse is more determined than ever our retaliator, nothing can stop her until revenge will be made!



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