Revenge – 3×13 Hatred – by R.

revenge 3x13

WTF?! This immediate comment, spontaneous and concise at the end of episode thirteen of Revenge. A few minutes if you reveal reality would bring down any confidence always nourished in Emily. Because anything goes – including fit Daniel with a pretend pregnancy – but going to bed with Conrad NO!

It would not be simply a fall style, but a betrayal of herself: Conrad is not only his newly father-in-law, is the enemy – contending the uppercase N only with his wife – one who is at the origin of the ruins by David Clarke, and one of the most slippery of tv series. There are no plans or sold, taking into: become the lover of Conrad Grayson is not an option. It must be said that Emily suffers throughout the episode of dizziness and blackouts due to concussion, so I hope that what we've seen has anything meaning is pretty strong. But the words confidential of by-law – "You were marvelous last night, Mrs Grayson " – accompanied by the knowledge that in the past had made no scruple in bed then-fiancee of the son – how can we forget the intriguing Ashley – they do fear the worst. Conrad is "annoyed" by the revelation made by Emily to the press on the guilt of Lydia, so could really have taken advantage of the conditions of the daughter-in-law, Thus, on the one hand, to fill the void left by the former and to take revenge on the poor daughter-in-law. However, Emily was unconscious – it seems clear from the reaction that he faced with the words of his father-in-law – then it would be rape, possible that Conrad has pushed that far? And’ true that he never shied away from committing serious crimes, but it did always indirectly, letting the other to get their hands dirty. The fact is that Emily wakes up in bed by Conrad and that something there or not is likely to be irrelevant if the father-in-law will decide you make it all to his advantage.

Obviously in this situation Daniel cannot be blameless; before Amanda wakes in the room of his father-in-law in fact suffers yet another assault by her husband, enraged because "Princess Sarah" left him. The passing of Daniel to the dark side has completely Loopy: He almost killed her, made her sterile, you will enjoy the story with her lover in the sunlight and expects she doesn't react? Also claims to be right and to play the role of the victim: should understand that there's a big difference between a fake pregnancy and a shootout, Instead it doesn't prove a shred nor repentance nor understanding. The physical assault is not nothing compared to words that addressed "Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe" – If that was the real purpose of Grayson's family for decades would become extinct sterilization; This phrase with the concussion cannot fail to send Emily haywire and as far as this does not justify that something might happen with Conrad, Let's say that gives several mitigating. Daniel and Sara went from sweet to hateful, always stuck making plans and exchanging confidences, looks like two teenagers who Frolic to spite their mothers. Luckily Emily called Sara's mother to update on daughter's new life: apparently it takes the words of the mother to make her realize that became a maintained. That dignity that much flashing has vanished in front of the first flaw of rivals in love, in the space of an episode went from brave girl that goes on with his forces to the mistress of a rich guy who delights between champagne, pool and Gucci handbags (I recommend not Louis Vuitton, She prefers Gucci). Just a mother's day sermon – with lots of "You're no longer a daughter of mine" – because Sara retrace his steps. I understand that one cannot make too much contradicting character, but make it resist a little’ "for love"? Would be fun to see her reaction to the truth about the shooting of Emily, I was ready with the phrase "Who's the psycho now?".

Episode moving instead to Victoria, forced to confess to Patrick the truth about her conception. Although these moments should bring out the human side of Mrs. Grayson, I doubt they can do diminish the antipathy towards him: the fact that we've been through every does not justify the current nastiness, especially reserved for David Clarke and his daughter – with the mock Amanda was wicked when it could be his chance to show that he really loved his father. Is thrown away another opportunity to make Patrick open your eyes on the beloved Mommy, Indeed the truth about dad's not that riavvicinarli.

A few words also about Niko, that just find the katana of the father to figure out that the culprit of his death is none other than Aiden; once again 007 It shows a perfect incapable: She knows she tries that katana – which is also the murder weapon – and rather than make it disappear, hides under the bed. I am increasingly surprised that with all these stupid mistakes has managed to survive in its various missions.

I'd rather not say anything about Jack and Margaux, still escapes me when this story has become so relevant to arrive at "I love you" and to buy a House together. But since Amanda is still confused about his feelings for the little Englishman, cant stand that Jack thinks to love Margaux. Among other things the always cute and skillful management proves Oxford family Grayson, so it is understandable that fascinated the young Porter.

If l'affaire Emily-Conrad is not enough to make us wait for the next installment, the authors give us a final twist totally unexpected: the return of the first Mrs. Grayson. We don't know anything about this character, He was appointed only sometimes, making it clear that Victoria was able to switch from the role of lover to the new Mrs. Grayson, but as the newcomer is quick to point out "Nothing beats the original". With this in mind you can bet that the appearance of the character played by Gail O'Grady will bring a lot of havoc in the Hamptons and perhaps new and dark secrets will be revealed.


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