Revenge – 3×14 Payback – by R.


The thirteenth episode of Revenge was the midseason finale in airing USA, then the cliffhanger with which it had concluded were perfect to keep waiting; Luckily we only had to wait a week to be at the head of great doubt: Emily is really went to bed with Conrad?

In fact to this storyline is given little space, rather it is used to make the backdrop to another question that had emerged, that is the reason for the return of the first Mrs. Grayson. Clear for the field of doubts: between Emily and Conrad there was nothing, the father-in-law has simply exploited the appearances of "morning after" with an ambiguous phrase; for now takes advantage of this situation, but knowing him is not saying that he doesn't decide to keep it as a trump card for future issues. Space for this event is limited since Ems and Nolan knows the truth. Eliminated the problem Conrad, the stage where Amanda is not rosy: frequent and getting longer blackouts make it terribly vulnerable, to conduct that she herself can't explain. Does almost kill Aiden by Niko, is ready to file for divorce from Daniel – Mrs. Stevie Grayson is called by her as her divorce lawyer – and he attacks Nolan. The worst is that all this does not depend on concussion, but Emily could suffer the same disease that had brought her mother to try to drown her and end up in psychiatric clinic. The scenario is really black, as if regardless of how they will end the issue revenge, There is no hope of a happy ending for our Amanda. All this reminds me of the path of the unforgettable Michael Scofield in Prison Break; I have to say I find several parallels between the two sets: the first season, the Company to complicate every thing in the second. And now this: both suffering from the same disease of the mother; This worries me a lot, not only because it could have devastating effects on the system of history, but also because if they continue the similarities it promises to be a tragic ending, that would be really difficult to deal with and totally unacceptable.

To give an unexpected twist worthy of the second cliffhanger of the midseason finale is Stevie Grayson, that becomes the bearer of a truth whose clues emerge only in a brief scene of this episode. Exchanging banter with Jack, the observation of the photos of him with Declan and father and smile in front of the small Carl cast the hook to guess the phrase with which the woman concludes the bet; After the revelation "I'm Amanda Clarke", Jack finds himself facing an even more upsetting when Stevie says "I'm your mother". Poor Jack, These women continue to cause tremendous shock. Do not know about you, but I wouldn't have thought of; all we knew of the mother of Porter's brothers that was gone when Declan was still young and now opposing the original Victoria Grayson launches this bomb, After discovering that her ex-husband had an adverse effect on her son's life. From here the questions can only multiply, from the most mundane because he abandoned the family at why Jack didn't remotely recognized; and why after all that Jack has passed, She has never submitted? May not be ever interested in the future of the son? And’ permissible also doubt about motherhood municipality of brothers Porter, given that Declan was a contemporary of Charlotte, born long after the end of the marriage between Stevie and Conrad, so in theory the woman was already gone from the Hamptons; Incidentally if Declan was his son, It is strange that he waited so long to get back after his death. But at this point anything is possible. There is every indication that whatever excuse the mother will object, Jack doesn't take it well at all, given the reaction he had with Amanda – who had every reason in the world – to the comparison Stevie must work hard to gain acceptance; If that's what he wants – does not appear very warm towards the son found, even Victoria was more sensitive to the first meeting with Patrick.

And the relationship between them foundered irretrievably, After Patrick accidentally kills his father. The question Jimmy Brennan seemed to have ended not just begun, Vicky was now certain that with the tale of rape her son would never have dared to go in search of the father. But Patrick had already proven that anyone who endangers the life of his mother must contend with him; so after trying to kill Conrad, organizes itself to repeat with Jimmy, but take into account the other side of the story. Victoria has accustomed us to lie through his teeth about his past – how can we forget that had justified the paternity of Charlotte with being raped by David Clarke – then the déjà vu effect is inevitable. However in this case it seems sincere and Jimmy's behavior is somewhat ambiguous; We're never going to find out the truth but not the, given that in an attempt to separate the parents, Patrick topples the father which is then left to die. Victoria managed to drag a child that seemed perfect in rotten of his life, "We're victims of our world" claims she, but, However in part may also respond to the true, on this occasion, Patrick seems more a victim of the mother: Since it appeared everything you've done, He did it to protect her and is likely to be the only, sooner or later, to pay the price.

After stalling due to the conditions of the heroine, the third season of Revenge is moving towards a new stage with Amanda Clarke increasingly poised and newcomer Stevie Grayson ready to bring havoc – and to evict the House Victoria, What satisfaction! Without underestimating the new Covenant that emerges among the brothers Grayson: Daniel and Charlotte alone against the world, with the girl used by his brother as a spy in drafting Voulez; shame that Danny has not yet understood that because a coalition inner sincerity is required functions, What would happen if Charlotte finds out that it was he who shoot Emily?



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