Revenge – 3×15 Struggle – by R.


In this episode Revenge addresses the issue of parent-child relationship, declined in the storyline. Parents always have a profound influence on the lives of children; they are present or absent, loving or hostile, directly or indirectly affect the offspring's actions more than I can do every other human being. Revenge knows well since it is based entirely on how much a daughter is willing to do to rehabilitate the name of the father.

It is not the only: Patrick is ready to do anything to protect mom Victoria and not for pure state of necessity. If Jimmy can still be justified by what appeared to be an imminent clash with the mother, in the case of attempted murder against Conrad acted in cold blood, planning every detail. In both cases, however, the error and the guilt there have been, because Patrick is not a bad guy, let alone a murderer: the newfound love for mother blinds him completely. Which is inexplicable if you think how did they perform with him and that the boy is well aware of the kind of woman who is; but for Patrick, After the bad experience with the adoptive family, Victoria Grayson is his only mother and cannot help but love it. When Nolan points out that the arrival in the Hamptons have changed, the artist won't admit it, but within himself he knows and cunning is required of the odd couple Nolan-Victoria to take the only decision that could save him from becoming, prima o poi, himself the victim: leave, even better if the other side of the world. Hats off to Mrs Grayson who puts aside his egoism for the sake of the child, a rare opportunity that we must appreciate especially. Victoria is disappointed that to achieve the result you had to "let him think I was a monster who wanted Stevie Grayson dead", actually the thing that should worry it most is how Patrick took little to believe she was ready to murder after all how to disagree? It's not exactly a that to achieve its goals it stops in front of the use of a weapon and if you really don't want to get your hands dirty, He knows who to call.

Mrs Grayson The Original, as you'd expect, He instead struggling to gain acceptance by Jack: 30 years of absence without leave is not clear with two sweet nothings and a little help for buying a home. But Jack, We know, is good, forgave the mock Amanda and Emily, then a chance to mother can not miss; Note though that to decide should seek advice from Emily, I therefore nevertheless continues to be her confidante and the person they trust – without forgetting that of mothers disappeared knows something. Stevie was gone when his son was just born, convinced that she could not do as a mother because of his alcohol dependency and go back to him before meant closer to people that they could bring down the wrong path – Conrad and Victoria; What is certain is that 30 years of rehabilitation are several and justify everything with the inability to live in the same town of Grayson seems a tad overdone or at least could try to reconnect with his son or help him when he was in trouble. But obviously the immediate explanation is never complete when it comes to the people of the Hamptons and Amanda colleague alcoholism of Stevie to a his father's memo about a lawyer who had given him a moment of hope: What ever there will enter Stevie Grayson by David Clarke, Whereas l'affaire exploded years after his farewell to his son? When Grayson Global was in the eye of the storm took time and courage – to a certain extent though, Since his addiction was far exceeded in those days – returning within range of Conrad and Victoria, But why is a mystery that Emily is ready to discover.

Maybe Amanda finally gets rid of her blackouts that have caused so much damage and they promise trail. Her kiss with Aiden is indeed resumed by the investigator by Daniel, which is now convinced that his wife is in cahoots with the father for ruining it. Poveretto, Let them believe that you have a great insight! Even Charlotte infiltrated proves to be smarter. Returning to Emily, However not approve these constant rapprochements with Aiden – you decide or are they together or not, can't go on with this back and forth – the little Englishman has the merit of being able to make her investigate into itself, bringing out the real reason that cause short circuits to his mind: She had warned his father that Victoria was not the right woman, but obviously he hadn't listened to, so if you had it coming. An explanation that I honestly wasn't expecting, David Clarke was a tawny owl with Vicky was certified, It was a fact that was to take into account when it had started its journey of vengeance; agree had not listened to Amanda, But what father does in front of a woman doing the dead cat? David was in love with lost of Victoria and remained screwed, It certainly was a silly, but certainly not deserved the end who did, even Aiden understands. Luckily the anger towards his father is short and even the blackout should be just a bad memory, this stage of inner instability was very long, Let us take as a cooling off period required to fortify it after many heartbreaks and to develop the storyline of the other characters.

With Stevie Grayson somehow involved in the affaire David Clarke is to be expected that in the next few episodes will increase the scene between Amanda, Victoria and Stevie, which suggests that new secrets will come to light. Meanwhile we await the arrival of Pascal LeMarchal, the rich father of Margaux, a global media mogul, that would seem to be linked to Conrad. The latter is looking forward to meeting him, But if Margaux took from his father, Mr. Grayson will not have an easy life. But if the troubles for Grayson should increase, I'm not sure sorry, unless they go to interfere with Amanda, that already has plenty to think about.



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