Revenge – 3×16 Disgrace – by R.


As anticipated in the previous show a new character makes his arrival – or rather return – in the Hamptons: the Tycoon Pascal LeMarchal, played by guest star Olivier Martinez. Already before his appearance, the father of Margaux was fairly obnoxious: the classic multibillion egocentric, willing to pass on to his daughter in order to achieve its objectives. And you are not denied. Indeed, It's even worse. Pascal not only economically exploits the company's daughter, but he spent just commendable with spouses Grayson. We stress that has been the architect of their meeting, then finally we know who is the source of all evil, the devil that has them paired. But if this were not a sufficient fault is also involved in the affaire David Clarke, which is not much surprise: in an operation of that magnitude the contribution of the seventh power of the media could not miss. What is certain is that the discovery of new allies in the great conspiracy is somewhat mortifying, possible that none of them tried at least one ounce of compassion for the innocent man? Evidently most people before the financial success knows no bounds, We have examples every day, so it shouldn't surprise, but I find it still demeaning.

Luckily in Revenge We have Amanda struggling to do justice, or vengeance depending on the view. And despite the departure – I hope finally final – by Aiden, She is not alone in this new phase of the plan: Besides the eternal ally/friend Nolan and his former cell mate Javier (Henri Esteve), to support there are Jack and mother Stevie. Albeit with some hesitation for fear of losing someone she loves again, the Nice Porter now seems determined to help her, no more sermons and complaints, now will proceed together to make justice for David, Declan and the fake Amanda. Finally block, Jack! His gloomy period was a little’ longish, with some Flash of light here and there but died over the course of a single episode. But the mother's words seem to have made inroads in the armor that was built by the death of his wife and the setbacks should be just a bad memory.

The support of Jack and Stevie comes at a very critical moment for Emily, now that Victoria begins to put together the pieces of the puzzle and realize that the purpose of the now former daughter-in-law isn't the wealth of Grayson, but Grayson themselves. For a shrewd like Vicky connect reports of Emily with Aiden's father and with Amanda Clarke is a little game: It is true that the clues are right in front of her for almost 3 years, but – in addition to blindness due to hatred for a maiden who dared to put the eyes on the son – still lacked that link which could trigger the enlightening insight. And the blackouts of Emily I have served on a silver platter, with photographic proof that the relationship with Aiden was more significant than it appeared in appearance – that English boy manages to combine damage from afar. Amanda still has no idea of the suspicions of Victoria, Indeed believes that he can keep quiet for a while’ after their "given" to the former husband the coveted divorce, with a public humiliation that she just didn't deserve. In all this only Daniel – but also Charlotte is no exception – understands nothing of what already happens around even though he provides all the explanations of the case; does almost every tenderness in his conviction can handle more complex situation, When in fact I'm still the mother and former wife to have the reins. I find though that it's a shame having settled the matter with a stalemate; It is true that with the story of the fake pregnancy and the accusation against Lydia blame Daniel might be misinterpreted, but the guy can't caversala so after how it acted from the wedding and the news would bring back the scandal on behalf of Grayson, which is always positive. Among other things, that scene has been at the heart of the season, can it closes it all so simply?

Among all the surprises of the episode but one that leaves me more perplexed is yet another man ready to become a doormat to flatter Victoria Grayson. Even Pascal LeMarchal has fallen for you; for many years, then continue in this madness. Victoria is definitely a woman beautiful and charming, so I understand that men are attracted, but just know better should note that is terribly obnoxious, It seems to me a glaring feature. Yet every man he meets along the way falls at his feet, like Brooke Logan Beautiful. A man at the head of a media empire that should be more than forward-looking, in front of Victoria Grayson becomes a puppet, willing to stoop to any deal to have her. And Conrad, that seems the only now immune to the spell of Vicky, takes advantage of it immediately. If Pascal should really enter into a partnership with him for Victoria, the daughter should ask for the ban and take the management of each brick of that Empire! Margaux has long committed to create his magazine and not only his father exploited, but is willing to send it off to get that woman, ma scherziamo?! Pity that Margaux has a major flaw to be with Jack, Although I must admit I was able to bring back the smile.

While the new entries also Entwine their covenants and Emily seems to resume the old line of eliminating opponents one after the other, the intuition of Victoria hangs like the sword of Damocles. What would happen if Mrs. Grayson finds out the truth?


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