Revenge – 3×17 Addiction – by R.

Revenge3x17The fact that they are women in directing the fortunes of the Hamptons is established: in the front row or backstage nothing happens without the consent of at least one of Revenge. Men can also manage large companies, but in fact the smoke should be in business if wives or girlfriends there were hand. If in Desperate Housewives women's speech was its scope in dinners, Here we party, charity events and the old – but still chic – meeting with tea and biscuits.

The latter is an opportunity to gossip, launch thin, but effective barbs and especially close ranks in the face of prospective new Member of the club. Victim of the last meeting – and any other new plot of this episode – It cannot be that Emily, the climber that he even faked a pregnancy to trap the poor son of Victoria. The hypocrisy of these women – among them being the guest star Morgan Fairchild – it's almost embarrassing: half of them will have done worse to catch the current husband and certainly are willing to endure and do anything to keep it, or better to keep the status and wealth. But in front of the stranger do wall, at least until he would agree – already the charity event organized by Emily is anything but defected.

Even Charlotte looks back on a war footing after the news of the false pregnancy – and I'm bored with this legalism – however the courtship of Javier might distract her long enough to prevent it can be a serious hindrance. Littlest Grayson repeats the cliches of young rich and spoiled that loses his head for a "not enough for her". First was the late Declan, a sweet boy, but penniless; and now Javier, the former cellmate of Nolan, now on probation. There is no denying that both climb into the ranking of the boys "not suitable for her". Victoria and Conrad will come to regret Declan.

Another danger is Margaux, that you leave manipulate surprisingly by Daniel. I'd just say that's smart, I have taken it back. And he understood very well the intention of former colleague, but it still leaves caught out by a predictable joke that at most I thought might give in Charlotte "I'm just trying to get you open your eyes. La francesina disappoints me, but since so far had proved shrewd, I hope it's just a momentary blunder. As Daniel plans have upon success – just because it exploits Charlotte and the said Margaux – I own a preschooler, stupid games on gossip and jealousy that make this worthy son of his parents and insufferable creep boy, that is, one who would never want to become.

To arouse more concern though is the Queen of the Hamptons, Thanks to its power over men makes an important ally against former daughter-in-law. After a series of gifts that would be the least expensive define, Victoria succumbs to Pascal's Court. The two had had an affair in the days when 16-year-old Vicky was in Paris, but then he had betrayed, leaving her heartbroken. Many scenes by playing the role of the injured woman to fall svenevolmente in his arms: everything to raise the price. A man like Pascal would never accept a no and Victoria played on this to get more, You cannot just settle for a Sweet dress&Gabbana and a painting, She has a dignity. And the French gave her more than she expected: the property of the estate of Grayson and she needs the intrigues of Emily on a silver platter. Thank goodness Amanda don't let your guard down and avoid catastrophe. The big businessman raises his voice with his daughter – but it does fool miserably – and is a perfect doormat with Victoria, to conquer that asks for help to ex-husband, the French should not be the masters of courtship? Looks more like a teenager at first crush a media mogul, but the fact remains that his help would be really critical to Vicky. Better fly over the latter's outfit at charity event, I don't know if it's worse the dress or hairstyle.

And while Pascal blow Conrad's projects, Mr. Grayson despairs for past betrayal by Stevie. If your reaction is sincere and the woman are right in saying that at the time of their marriage was a different man, I cannot but think that the origin of his moral ruin there's Victoria. So even Conrad, that has always appeared as the real author of the deception to David Clarke – Company apart – it could be yet another victim of plots by Mrs. Grayson. But I'm not so sure, This man in three seasons has proven time and again to be a soul mate of Vicky, the victim doesn't suit him. The executioner is definitely more suitable, and in fact its reaction saddened door Stevie to draw closer to the bottle; This time resists, but going to make it much longer? I sincerely hope so for the sake of Jack, that now must be careful also to Oxford jealous.

Since the shooting, Emily meets continued difficulties on its way, surrounded by new secrets and new enemies. To make matters worse the thing for Aiden Mathis, seriously is still taken from him? The couple was the little Englishman that more in love and despite the various leaks kept coming, but now it seems that we have finally put a lid on; and here it takes you. This push and pull I can't really, every time I think it's old news, Returns and now he's even Amanda going to Bermuda to find him! Discovering then that Pascal had to do with the father of Aiden, the illusion of getting rid of his presence is totally gone. Take a final decision, even if Aiden Emily's fate, at least I get peace of mind for you and Jack, because this situation of doubt has become irritating. Without forgetting that it is only a problem in addition to a successful revenge. Then everybody woke up and make final clarity about your feelings, the choices of Men and women are less complex!



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