Revenge – 3×18 Blood – by R.


I had concluded the previous post hoping for a definitive solution to the doubts of the protagonist's heart. And even if I accepted the worst option in favor of a more peaceful vision, I did not want the reinforcement of a couple and the deterioration of another. Already the beginning episode suggests a rapprochement between Emily and Aiden; the support that she gives in to visit the mother and opening him out of what passed for his father are inevitable steps towards the final reunion. After wrangling unconvincing last season, This year it seemed as if the two had reached a point of no return, After that Amanda had expressed his firmness in continuing with vengeance. Instead no time to rejoice the departure of the English boy that we return to the status quo. If it didn't work then, I don't see why it should change; Emily and Aiden have very similar stories behind – this already a while’ pulling against him – but among the total dedication to revenge her and contradictions about him, Managing a relationship is not feasible. Will not believe really to one day live happily under false identities in Bermuda? They have many possibilities how Hannah and Dexter to go together in Argentina. Yet still bask in the illusion. And’ true, I told him that I could even accept it, but as long as I could put peace on Jack and Emily, which is not possible now that the relationship of the Nice Porter with la francesina begins to creak. "I don't like jealous men" if it pops out her when Jack is surprised by how it is more inclined to confide in Daniel that with him; We are talking about the same person who, in the last episode he declined a job offer because her boyfriend has specifically suggested doubt about the feelings of her boyfriend. If the neighborhood is not purely work with the young Grayson add seduction attempt soon arrived in the Hamptons, with that sentence the girl loses an opportunity to shut up. Jack will not admit his real feelings for Emily – even the mother who just met you realize – but you can't fault them no ambiguous attitude. The bartender starts to see his girlfriend through different eyes and now has finally accepted the path of Amanda; There are good prospects because there is a real chance for this couple. But the whole thing is ruined by rejoining between Emily and Aiden. You make two steps forward and three back! You should call Maria De Filippi to help them understand and follow their true feelings!

The support of Jack also arouses the suspicion of Emily Charlotte – taken by his older brother, turned worst gossips (and that hair ingellati don't help) – that, offense because she and her new boyfriend are left in the dark, Decides to side with Daniel, becoming once again a his puppet. I can understand the momentary dislike for former sister in law, but isn't it time to go on their separate ways, rather than do the other characters to shoulder rotation? Now then Javier and instead of enjoying their story, involves him in the Affairs of Daniel: the first step to get it back in jail!

Stunning scenes of Victoria and Pascal, now officially a couple. The rediscovery of love makes them more like Brooke and Ridge that some conspiracy theorists, but I think it's just a fact contingent, due to the need of the French manage issues which is causing Conrad – believed that he would be leaving his ex-wife being a dry mouth? I don't know if that's a worst perspective continue to roll around in the hay or devote themselves together to the unmasking of Miss Thorne. On the other hand Victoria work very well alone, going to dust off a character from the past that, without a true stroke of genius of Emily, could solve the problems with the former daughter-in-law in the blink of an eye: the journalist Mason Treadwell. Although a man annoying, I can't give him a point about whether you're getting tired of waiting behind bars that Amanda's plan comes to fruition. Give him the release of prison allows you to earn some’ of time, but a bloodthirsty reputation as he will not wait much longer, will certainly repeat the story of successful writers only receiving posthumous glory. Returning to Victoria, While some characters – always masculine obviously – It's all too mushy, with women continues to go heavy; This time it's Stevie his victim, that shows the path of alcohol, forcing Jack to return to Los Angeles. The character of Stevie Grayson was very promising, among the feud with Vicky and the revelation of her motherhood, too bad it's been exploited badly. Sold for two sweet words of Conrad, refusing to evict Victoria and, Apart from give some information, did nothing. Basically we only saw her struggling with the role of Grandma's little Carl. When like the original better than the copy, at the end is Victoria who comes out the winner; Stevie turned weak, still strongly influenced by trouble of the past. A disappointment.

Four episodes from the season finale is not yet quite clear where we're going: Emily is mired in an attempt to reveal new mysteries, While his opponents up and begin to approach – and the worst is that she doesn't even realize how. Who knows what the reporter announced Oscar Chapman might represent a positive turning point toward end of this third season, because where are we now, revenge seems quite far.



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