Revenge – 3×19 Allegiance – by R.


In every way, there comes a time when all seems lost, the enemies are one step ahead in everything and you don't even realize it. This is exactly the situation in which he finds Emily, what a – We can safely say – from the failure of the pretend shooting didn't apt a. First were the crisis of conscience and the blackouts make it vulnerable, After his choices of resuming the plan one piece at a time, just like old times. Too bad the repeating the same pattern is not only harmful for us viewers – this second half of the season has lost quite a lot’ the tension of the first – but also for her, that inevitably attracts the attention of his enemies. Victoria in a few episodes has put together almost all the pieces of the puzzle, "It's revenge for David", She just misses the true identity of the girl, that if we go on like this will not delay in identifying. A trap trivial – a public feud which is a must for every event of the Hamptons frequented by Grayson – a distraction already used – meeting with Pascal – and Emily fall in full, confirming the suspicions of the ex-mother-in-law. I recognise that everything is perfectly built, but I don't think Amanda early seasons would take the bait that easily.. After all had filled House Grayson of cameras, thing that on this occasion would allow her to see the chocolate dream of Victoria. Instead now is fooled by appearances, do you cheat without noticing anything, It is convinced that it has reached another goal. In this episode doesn't even have the excuse of emotional distractions; as much as she herself defines the situation with Aiden complicated – which leaves me hope it ends soon, again – the theme is not remotely touched. Across Victoria will proceed without brakes. And she has heart problems, After discovering that his Pascal was involved in the affaire David Clarke. Obviously you leave enchanted by the first excuse invented by French, but by suspicious woman how much, This first friction could have consequences in the long run, especially if Conrad will continue to sow doubt. His reaction to the involvement of Pascal seems to suggest once again that despite all, try really something for David, Although deep feelings li professes quite easily, examples of this are the artist of the first series and the French; and however this did not prevent it not only to betray him, But even lying at first about conception of Charlotte and abuse that he believed to be Amanda Clarke. The constant complaints about what has been done to David do nothing but highlight its shameless hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Daniel is not far behind, under the guise of business ensures the collaboration of Javier. The new boy wizard of computer science proves how Nolan's right: not ready to go with her legs. It only takes two compliments and expensive gifts by Daniel, along with the coaxing of Charlotte, to make it capitulate as a babe in Toyland. Charlotte is also falling in love, but in the absurd belief of acting for his own good, is taking it on the road to ruin; Daniel will give him the success, but only until Javier's come in handy, then throw him without too much trouble, Maybe wedging them like he did last year with Aiden, on the other hand needs to continue in his father's footsteps. From collateral damage which was the original plan of Emily, Daniel became the puppeteer of Margaux and Charlotte, they have lost any neuron they made off previously. The young Grayson might at least have the excuse that this is her brother – even if the mother has already figured out that's just been using – but Margaux? Seemed as smart and instead you do reshoot from what until recently was a complete fool. Sends the air the story with Jack; as far as being happy about that, How do you miss Jack?!

In addition to Victoria and Daniel, Emily must also preccuparsi Pascal, pretty far from the good of the situation as it wants to believe his lover, delete the only lead emerged in this new phase. Unlike Conrad, the French Tycoon prefers to solve his predicament with his hands and permanently, at least it sure can't reappear after years. Olivier Martinez is a fundamental character and I fear it will be the same in the near future. What is certain is that once you've found one that Possum for twenty years and he is ready to tell the truth about David Clarke and father Aiden, some precautions to keep it safe the little Englishman and Nolan could also take it. Instead zero caution in pre and post tracing: his assassination is very predictable. And there's occult Director Conrad, that does not address directly his opponents, but he knows how to make it do what it wants. This struggle between Conrad and Pascal to prove who the true alpha male is in the balance between funny and pathetic.

Start the countdown to the season finale and Amanda is surrounded and without a shred of plan; the only one who could support her when is Jack, While the two former teammates each have their own problems – Nolan with Javier and Aiden with feelings for the father and Conrad. But if Emily doesn't begin to open their eyes, hope that this time if it can handle becomes increasingly tenuous. The big question mark is Victoria's next move, but above all discovers the true identity of Emily Thorne?



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