Revenge – 3×20 Revolution – by R.

revenge 3x20

Revenge approaching the season finale between twist and new scenarios, giving a boost to a series of unexciting episodes. And to establish itself as a new "bad guy" – Although obviously denies it – There's Daniel, taking the role that until last episode was of the father. Behind the usual and banal justification of "best for business", the young Grayson to his advantage the behaviour of anyone around. And’ started with a pushover, which sister Charlotte, to get to the great puppeteer, Conrad. An enormous evolution for a character who had started the series as the sacrificial victim of Amanda Clarke, the poor fool destined to fall into the trap of newcomer. Some signs of change had given already last season, but taking control of Grayson Global had been a mere demonstration of its ability to act opposite parents; was involved in the murder of Helen Crowley, but only by his mother. In every circumstance, Daniel had never the lead role, It was a secondary character, involved against his will in the plots of others. The only time he had his hands – the fight with Aiden in episode 2×22 – wasn't even able to get to the bottom, letting us find the little Englishman in top shape. But the shooting post wedding marked a point of no return, that was the last time Daniel Grayson was a victim of the machinations of others: in the one shot the bride has poured out feelings of rebellion to handling accumulated over all previous years. His impatience had been made manifest shortly before the wedding, When a (fake) secret of the past by Emily had brought him to see in her a manipulative equal to mother. In this episode Daniel reaches its maximum, leading Conrad to eliminate their own Pascal, replicating so what has been done by his father exactly one week ago: then Conrad acted in the dark because the French killed the journalist Oliver Chapman, now it's Daniel who with few words causes the father gets dirty (literally) your hands to get rid of Pascal. The Frenchman fell in Emily's deception was ready to frame Conrad, so surely the latter benefits, but the real brains behind everything is Daniel, He is seen clearly in that half smile while pretending to console Margaux. And the Oxford shoe is now completely in her power, He said goodbye to every neuron in favor of blind "friendship" with the Member who, now that managed to become President of the parent company, they will exploit it in every possible way. Thing that – prediction fulfilled – you just did with Javier. And while Victoria mourns death of neo boyfriend, Conrad does what it has never done: as mentioned, get dirty hands, without a blink of an eye, leaving Emily – become accustomed to the misdeeds of Grayson – petrified. Pascal greets us unexpectedly, somewhat splatter; the Frenchman has proven to be a dangerous man as Conrad when it comes to business, But unlike the rival had a weakness: love for Victoria, ready to defend to the last and that rediscovered for daughter, that has left his empire. His most famous quotations end a dear Cersei Lannister "The more people you love, the weaker you are ".

Twist even for Charlotte, that becomes the star of a new storyline far from that loving: is abducted by an unknown character who poses as David Clarke. The death of Amanda's father is that on which is based the whole series, then the suspicion that behind the letters there was he couldn't; and in fact the persecutor is a young man, never appeared before, but possesses a ring with the initials DC, Jack seems to recognise. After a period almost appearance – a shame after the finale of last season – Charlotte back in the foreground with very interesting premises.

Finalmente Revenge seems back on track; Since the shooting the development had flattened, with a few twists here and there – the supposed night of Emily Conrad and Jack's motherhood – but they have not been investigated. This episode casts a positive light on the last two that lie ahead, putting all characters into more or less significant positions and tracing the lines of the road that will be followed. In particolare, In addition to those already discussed in this post, Victoria is connecting all the pieces of the puzzle Emily Thorne, recovering than it had in more than two seasons; While Amanda seems to have a new plan to destroy Conrad – also would now, After ten episodes where the only winning idea was that concerning Mason Treadwell. A problem of no small importance though is to keep in mind: Emily is focused only on Mr. Grayson, While at the moment the real dangers for her are Victoria and Daniel; be able to adjust the shot or this error in judgment will prove fatal?



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