Revenge – 3×22 Execution (Season Finale) – by R.


OMG! Revenge He greets us with a final full of twists and turns, fully repays the us expecting 3 years to reach the showdown between Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson. 40 minutes without stopping, where districhiamo between traps, revelations, unexpected deaths, without that nothing we prepare the shocking twist in the last minutes, destined to forever change the fate of the series.

For both members of the couple devilish the Hamptons arrived the terminus, that appropriate and ironic fate in store for him. With a shock scene is Victoria kick off to the whirl of events: Pascal was his great love, his last chance for happiness and Emily took him away. Now it is you who needs to lose the one you love, because Vicky Miss Thorne is the real culprit, the one who has created the conditions for Conrad committed that crime. A vision a little’ distorted, clouded by hatred has always tried for the former daughter-in-law, feeling that can only increase now that the cards are dealt face up. Mrs Grayson has now understood that behind the girl for a long time revolves around to Grayson Mansion is the "doting daughter" to which you have removed everything. But there is no place for pity, I had to pretend that Amanda let alone has something for the real one, the cause of each "disgrace" happened to her family. Before the final confrontation Victoria wants to make her suffer again, killing with his own hands the man at the beginning of episode Emily confessed his love: Aiden. A year ago his son Daniel had only wounded, now Mommy Smothers him, making certain his exit from the show. I can't say I feel sorry for the little Englishman's farewell, but the trap of Victoria and the way it does place in the House to find her cold body to Clarke Amanda on “gift” who did are tragic and disturbing: a raw message to make her realize that the time of farces is finished. Mrs Grayson proves once again that although Conrad acted at the forefront, She's never been outdone, It is not the victim of circumstances who wants to believe, but a selfish and ruthless woman who will stop at nothing and no one. And does not continue to draw out the justification that everything he does is to protect his children, is more credible Brooke Logan: only a week ago he played with the life of Charlotte, He turned Daniel into the new Conrad, While Patrick has realized that the only way to save itself from destruction by her mother is sitting on the other side of the globe. Aiden's death is a blow for Emily, species because it comes just as the two were truly prepared for a life together, to put aside the complications which in the past had turned away several times. Not to mention the guilt of having him involved again in his plan, not being able to accept what he had offered: give up everything to live their story serenely. The joy at having finally cleaned out the memory of his father with the reversal by the u.s.. District Court of his conviction, is wiped out in a second, giving way to a new pain and rage ever stronger that the door to the real clash with his eternal antagonist. Thank goodness the feelings don't cloud the mind as happened all too often this season and his plan is realized to perfection. A shovel-faced before – a moment of pleasure – and the internment then are better and more poetic there might be for Mrs. Grayson; Victoria ends up tied to a bed, While screaming hysterically his truth without belief, with evidence and false witness that fit together, just like she had reduced David: the law of retaliation. And’ with serious expression, but happy with Amanda Clarke running from his room that ends this season, a closeup deserved for the protagonist, having finally achieved his goal, but that takes second place compared to the other big event.

For a few minutes you have left for fear that Conrad if the cables for the millionth time, aided by a guard – portrayed by Wade Williams, who returns to the role of a prison guard after impersonating Brad Bellick in Prison Break – to move away from prison disguised as a priest. But when that car approaching behind him and the only thing you would want is that they invested brutally, get a twist more overwhelming than anything we've seen in the Hamptons. David Clarke is there in front of Conrad doing just in time to call him by name – spazzandoci away all doubts about seeing evil – before you end up stabbing. David Clarke, the absolute origin of Revenge is alive! At the same moment when her daughter Victoria system, the revived gets rid of Conrad, He, too, in the same way that the latter had made him "kill" in prison. Another poetic image. But how do you? The entire series is based on revenge in his name, There was little doubt about his death, We have had testimony in a flashback, We saw Amanda receive news. Yet James Tupper for the first time in three years appears in the flesh, not as a ghost, memory or past. The idea of vengeance will not fall – the primary purpose was to restore his name more than avenge itself – but his death, always the result of a conspiracy of Grayson, was a little more looking a touch even more tragic and melodramatic to the location of the daughter, making it impossible to not understand his suffering and the reasons that moved. Amanda may not know that he is still alive, otherwise everything he faced would be meaningless – at least compared to what we know. But why not go by his daughter with what has past? This twist could lead to revelations about David Clarke able to flip the idea of honorable man and loving father who always had. And a spot of Victoria during the showdown with Emily "The truth is that the man that you remember as your father and the man I knew were very different" if at the time of its pronunciation may seem like just another slap in the face to the enemy, in the light of the re-emergence of David takes on another meaning, hinting that maybe David is really different from what we imagined.


If all that wasn't enough to raise the curiosity about the fourth season, the fates of two other men in the life of Emily are at risk. The first is Daniel who lets himself be fooled by her brother, Margaux, Gideon, whose plan to unseat his sister goes farther than Nolan had imagined: Daniel risks being accused of’ murder of a girl. But, While Daniel deserves all that he might happen, to worry seriously is Jack, that idiot of Charlotte over at the police acknowledging him as her kidnapper. The strength of the last episode was only the result of circumstances, Charlotte spends his last scenes Sulky with the world, to complain about how everyone is bad and Liars, While her poor thing is there alone in his suffering. And just! Never that one little question that would finally open your eyes. The "kidnapper" has just told the truth and she barely acknowledges him in Jack calls the detective, as if we were talking about the last of the delinquents, Dad's not of her nephew who has always helped me and gave her a bed when she tantrums and she's gone from home Grayson! Quoting Conrad a’ "ungrateful bastard"!

A beautiful episode, exciting and unexpected. Dopo 3 seasons when it seemed that every action against Grayson was doomed to failure, within 40 minutes Conrad and Victoria are rewarded with their own coin: everything they did to David Clarke now is up to them. A moment that so we waited and that didn't seem to ever get, also because the fulfillment of revenge would mean as a natural consequence of the conclusion of the show. At the same time, however, the continuing "rescue at corner of Grayson would have resulted in an inevitable repetitiveness of history – an effect that was grazed heavily on multiple occasions. But now with Conrad out of contention, Victoria interned and David rose, Revenge breathe a whole new air; the authors perfectly conjugate desire arose in any fan since the pilot with the physiological need of renewing the primary storyline. And in these summer months can we see each other again the defeat of Grayson to trick the waiting to witness the scene that we never thought to see: the encounter between David and Amanda Clarke.



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