Revenge – 4×01 Renaissance (Season Premiere) – by R.


Memorial Day is always the starting point of a new era of Revenge, but this year a lot has changed since pilot, starting with the great organizers of end-of-summer party: the Grayson, the Royal family of the Hamptons, forfeited. Conrad died in disgrace as the most hated man in America, Nobody knows what happened to Victoria and the two scions trying awkwardly to maintain the lifestyle to which they have always been used to-all situations which give a great deal of satisfaction! Yet the big party on Memorial Day is scheduled, always at the Grayson Manor, organized by his new owner: Emily Thorne, with this real estate purchase gives the final blow to his enemies. Emily stands as a new Queen of the Hamptons, but doubts about his position is inevitable, first of all, because we are still in front of Emily Thorne. The name Clarke has been completely rehabilitated, Why not go back to being herself? If everything around it has changed, the only one not to have undergone the wind of change is precisely the one who caused it: Emily – for how much it cost to admit it – seems to reflect in full the image that gives the half-sister Charlotte "My mom was right, wasn't she? This is all you ever wanted…This lifestyle, "this house". In front we have the ex-wife gets revenge on her husband's family, not the daughter who fought for the name of the father: in other words, the new owner of the Grayson Manor is Emily Thorne ex Mrs. Grayson, not Amanda Clarke. It is not a simple matter of names, Emily is the Avenger, the woman willing to do anything to scuttle the Grayson, the one who in recent years gave Amanda a reason to move forward. Amanda Clarke is the little girl that was denied childhood, the girl that every time he tried to re-emergence has been injured (latest Aiden loss): return to be Amanda hurts, especially now that it can no longer fill her inner emptiness even with revenge "What if I went out there and told everybody that Amanda Clarke is alive and well? And everyone she loved is dead. The Graysons killed them all. They left me nothing to go back. This is all I have left ". Help Nancy – taking the place of woman in a plan of revenge against the person responsible for the loss of his companion – is a way to keep alive the goal that drove it after his father's death, to be even Emily Thorne. The support of Jack and Nolan is not sufficient to find the true herself, but the return of Victory could give her the right boost.


Mrs Grayson has spent the last six months in a mental institution and, in spite of the monologue that opened the Season Premiere, now she's the one chasing revenge. The therapy has not improved in the slightest, continues to see in Emily the reason for all his misfortunes, as usual you only remember what she wants: Amanda retaliated to what Grayson did and have continued to make to his family, never hurt anyone – She didn't kill Pascal, Unlike Victoria that has stifled Aiden with a pillow! The same escape of Mrs. Grayson from the Institute confirms its nature from dangerous manipulator, exploited expertly his poor companions (even with umbrella), earning with style (and without even getting wet) exit. The final speech with Emily though, In addition to make clear his thirst for revenge, gives us some dubious phrases "So much hatred in your heart for me and what you thought I'd done (...) If you'd only come clean then you could've known the truth". While on the one hand seems to suggest any different reception of Amanda at the time you were presented with different intentions by revenge – I don't believe absolutely, We saw how he received the mock Amanda and the end that she and Conrad did do – Secondly and more importantly the imply for the umpteenth time – remember “The truth is that the man that you remember as your father and the man I knew were very different” uttered by the woman in the showdown of the season finale – Emily doesn't know the truth about the father. Although these words fall into the usual pattern of Victoria "deny, deny always deny ", the reappearance of David Clarke door to be particularly cautious in responding to the question "who is David Clarke?", whose flashback may soon find an interpretation is completely different from the original one. The answers probably will begin to arrive already on the next episode, as the episode ended with the "Rapture" by man of his former Victoria, as for the meeting with his daughter we still wait.


The scions of House Grayson following two streets apparently equal, but in fact very different. The relationship between the two seems to be sufficiently solid, United in misfortune in which fell on their behalf and nell’ "abandonment" from Mama, but especially in bid to stay among the rich of New York. However while Charlotte is in full (will be the thousandth) involution, Daniel showing signs of improvement. The girl fell into drugs thanks to the attendance of young Gideon LeMarchal, is unbearable, Wicked (to scare Jack using the small Carl is a real evil), mad at the world and committed to spending much more than you can afford now, rushing to ask for help to his brother to pay the rent of your apartment in the Center (What ever will be 7000$?). Charlotte continues to stumble into the stereotype of the spoiled little rich girl, every time he takes a step forward, makes five back; does not show even an iota of originality: both drugs are bad company has already shown, just! What needs to happen because you start to mature seriously? Unlike Daniel seems to assume its responsibilities, willing to sell his beloved James Bond cars so as not to disappoint his little sister capricciosa; Some sell off everything to pretend you can still spend dreamlike figures is not exactly a sign of great intelligence, But if read compared to satisfy and sustain Charlotte assumes a fatherly tone, protective, from big brother who feels compelled to take that role that was once his father's. A positive vision on Daniel rallies even thinking to the black hole that was finished at the end of season four, about to be blackmailed by Gideon on the death of the hotel's Red; as you can see from the beginning episode, at the cost of disappointing Margaux, the young Grayson has succumbed to blackmail by withdrawing from society with LeMarchal: It is true that Daniel has chosen the easy way, aiming to protect himself, but doing so has also protected the friend and his company, therefore cannot be seen merely as the usual coward. The character of Josh Bowman has faced a heavily negative in the second half of season three parable, that permanently labeled as the worthy son of his father. Though the drama in which fell due to Gideon and his family might bring to light that kid that you could try regret seeing him as a sacrificial victim Emily, what he wrote poetry and did not want to become like her parents. Hopefully the involvement between Charlotte and Gideon has at least the effect of address it further towards the straight path.

Little space Jack, joined the police force after he was exonerated from the charge of kidnapping Charlotte. While choosing to become a COP can have its own logic after all that has passed – and also because I remember her role in Roswell as the son of Sheriff – the harder it is to figure out how they could clear him so fast, as they did in that kidnapping had been involuntarily involved. The only one to continue to feel guilty is Charlotte, the one who more than anyone else would have to reason out a little’ more – especially when you consider that his touch has recognized only with respect to the moment of liberation. And poor Jack feels too guilty to that unloved!


Special mention to Nolan that is both a great friend to Amanda, makes an entrance in style he plays with that from the sky last year.

A relatively peaceful episode, that helps us not only to return to the Hamptons, but in particular to adapt to the new era post-Grayson. A po’ disappointing stalemate where Emily, Although understandable and consistent with the crisis that has met the character especially last season. Surely the conclusion with David grabbing Victoria bodes well for the next episode, where you probably will begin to understand more about the relationship between the two and the path that it has set itself the father of Amanda.


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