Revenge – 4×02 Disclosure – by R.


This second episode is an endless nightmare, Basically I grumbled against the tv every minute. When it seems that you have already witnessed the worse, Here comes another blow even stronger; and while some characters one can also expect (see Victoria and Charlotte), from Revenant David Clarke is a really low blow! Whatever happened to adorable father flashbacks, what he loved his daughter "infinity times infinity" and we suffered a posteriori? Over the shock for the twist of his return, I was expecting great things from him, He also had begun so well stabbing Conrad! But the vigilante who returns from the grave and strangles her former lover traitor is merely the result of a nightmare of Victory, purtroppo! In a single spin collapses the myth by David Clarke: an imbecile who for 20 years instead of worrying about the fate of his daughter wondered if Mrs. Grayson had always deceived or was herself victim of Conrad. The assassination of the latter was simply a reaction to his confession, the bad words spoken to Charlotte and the fear that dragged along Victoria; Amanda It has nothing to do, also because, like a character from any, is convinced that her daughter is dead: one thing that makes me think that in all that time did not minimally investigated to find that little girl that had been torn. And we also have "accepted" the death of his daughter, discovering that she had gone to the Hamptons didn't have question? Apparently not at all: the only woman in his life is Victoria, his greatest aspiration is to build a new life with her and Charlotte! Enough for him that Mrs. Grayson claims to have been forced to betray him to clear any doubt, or is a total idiot or trauma the conspiracy has given rise to some mental disorder; does not explain how else these twenty years I have led to the same conclusions reached by Amanda through the box that he (!) did he have. Even when Victoria steals a knife with the clear intention of screwing him for the umpteenth time, He interprets everything with "You're still scared. Even here, you don't trust me. I haven't really given you a reason to. (...) all I have done is accuse you of unspeakable things ", pure madness, a vision completely overturned of reality! During the third season in fact Emily had realized that Victoria was a great weakness for her father, However the positive image with which we've always framed it led me to justify it under the guise of love, that often makes us blind even in the face of the evidence. With what happened is unacceptable and inexplicable, but he's still so in love with you. And’ now certain that Victoria is an enchantress more powerful than Logan, many men have fallen at his feet over the years, ready to do whatever she wanted to, No matter that was illegal or morally immoral: anything to please her – perhaps with the exception of Conrad, but we know what kind of man was. Yet with David Clarke was supposed to have been different, because the man good and honest that we met through the tales of Amanda and Nolan was not on par as other suitors to Victoria, all somewhat controversial morally. Maybe actually Victoria loved him, but it has been overwhelmed by a social climber dies hard. And’ from the pilot that I have a great doubt on the woman's feeling towards David, in some (short) moments seemed genuinely suffering from David, but the fact remains that she betrayed only then, She persevered in twenty years: He stained her memory, She abused and led to the death the mock Amanda Clarke and recently vowed revenge on the real one; If she was really in love with, How could he hurt his daughter? If there was a tiny tiny percentage in favour of the possibility that he had truly loved David, now that Victoria leaves him believe that Amanda is really dead to use it in revenge against her, I guess it must discard. That’ "I would do anything for you", dated just minutes before by David is no longer just the confirmation of power that Victoria has on men, but the path to war against father daughter that could destroy everything Amanda sacrificed herself for the past three years.


Amanda, however, must first contend with that useless sister that she "donated" Victoria, that living cliché Charlotte! During these years she didn't miss any stereotypes from spoiled little rich girl and this season has repeated them all with even more melodramatic vein: drugs, boyfriend thug and attempted suicide. Only difference the choice to jump off the balcony instead of overdose, you have to give her that this Act is much more theatrical. I didn't believe for a moment that you would be really thrown, the only possibility because fell was that inciampasse in those heels. At least one more pathetic scene of Charlotte has the advantage of bringing Emily to confess the whole truth about her identity and her story. I did not expect that the small Grayson immediately threw her arms around her, but a minimum of understanding seemed mandatory: Charlotte knows how its made to David, to the mock Amanda, Declan – and the list goes on – so whilst not endorsing revenge, could you at least try to understand. Destroy them after a few seconds the box endless double is a spite that confirms its capricious nature, not even a little effort to understand, must be too strenuous for her. And Amanda feels too guilty, even was reluctant to tell her the truth because he thought he did not deserve it, If anything is Charlotte who doesn't deserve her. And the continuation of the episode confirms: Charlotte is worthy of her mother's daughter! Architect a devious plan making believe Amanda to want to try to understand to strike her behind and leave her unconscious after having started a fire, a psychopath! It is allowed to do the sermon moralist Emily with the sentence in effect "You chose revenge over me" – and let's not forget that when the revenge against Grayson started Amanda had no idea that Charlotte was his sister! – like she's a Goody Two-shoes and now is willing to commit murder to avenge both the newly found sister both Jack using his bar as the scene of the crime and the fire. Congratulations Charlotte, Conrad said you are such a’ "ungrateful bastard"!


Opposing comments deserves the brother Daniel what a – Although this approach is due to pay the rent of the SIS and finds out that she has spent every dime for everything except the apartment – is committed to protect it from the crush of Gideon (I must admit though that the treason with lots of humiliation by the latter, Charlotte has really deserved). Maybe we got rid of that lad of LeMarchal, a storyline concluded very quickly that perhaps he could give something more.

But there's a lot of irons in the fire, Besides, what do we care skirmish of Gideon and Margaux when David Clarke has just allied with Victoria against his own daughter? After a so-so premiere, the fourth season of Revenge goes live in a totally unexpected, proposing a father-daughter encounter very different from what we imagined. Plus we just left Amanda at risk of dying in the flames; Although we need not worry too much about his fate, How will react to this attempted murder at the hands of Charlotte? Right now that is one step closer to be reunited with his family, they will lash out, Amanda is forced to fight more than ever.


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