Revenge – 4×03 Ashes – Review by R.


Looked like he had gone the previous episode, I was pretty worried about what might happen, anticipating a growing nervous by the minute. And indeed so it was between doing good by Emily, the stupidity of Charlotte and David and Victoria's perfidy, all amplified by a fact that now begins to suspect the protagonist: Mrs Grayson has an ACE up his sleeve and Amanda has, indeed may not have the faintest idea what it is.

Amanda decides not to sue Charlotte for attempted murder. Ok, There is. Expected on his part and not just now that the sister knows the truth, but in the past: the girl never wanted to hurt Charlotte, especially after he discovered the bond that unites. His sister is the main reason I remained in the Hamptons, the only one who can give her a reason to go forward now that revenge has consumed: includes the suffering that is trying, want to help her as much as he indirectly caused and build a relationship with you. However, the fact that Charlotte has tried to kill her and not in a fit of anger – which could still be understood – but in cold blood, He carefully premeditated ambush and if Jack hadn't gone against orders of firefighters entering the bar, Amanda would die. And’ difficult to share the decision by Emily, even Nolan and Jack which more than once have tried to get her to desist from his purposes – remember Nolan with the priest and Jack with the kidnapping last season – not: Charlotte proved to be unstable and now that it's under the wing of mommy could become even more dangerous. His sister has become a disturbing weakness for Amanda, ready to face it totally unprepared to make her realize how much is sorry for the pain – indirectly, I would like to clarify again – has caused.


Although the small Grayson now only memories of abduction – event that is still served to open her eyes on David Clarke and clear his name – all occasions where the girl suffered are to be charged solely to Conrad and Victoria: they lied, caused the death of Declan and Amanda faux, her father locked her in the clinic and the mother has used and continues to do so. She also occasionally reacted – its original drug falls, wrong guys and attempted suicides – but then it is always back in the arms of their parents, more manipulated than before, Why alone is unable even to get your laundry. And so does this time. Terrified by the impending arrival of Cops ready to arrest him – proving that Amanda did not understand anything – rely blindly to a mother who reappears after months of absolute absence. Victory couldn't find a better time, alone and afraid, ready to be reduced again to a pawn to strengthen even more the loyalty that David has towards the mother. A first meeting father and daughter could be high dose of emotion, turns into a scene that increases the nervous and the displeasure towards the two protagonists who are. David believes every word that proceeds from the mouth of Victoria, entranced by the face to the women in his life. Charlotte feels uneasy about the falsehoods that is telling the mother, but in the meantime does nothing to prevent: with his usual attitude to victim of circumstance let Victoria face the real heroine behind the rehabilitation of the name David Clarke; Mommy just two words "I wish you could see what I see. That the real you is better than even you know "to erase any doubt – I think even Daniel would have to say about that joke.


The young Grayson continues along the path of improvement. Among the treatment reserved to the mother and the reflector facing negative purchases a lot of sympathy points, that help make more opaque than memories combined last season. Unfortunately for him the misfortunes of the parents don't leave: not only has more money and no one wants to hire-thanks dad – is now also targeted by Louise, the woman exploited psychiatric clinic and abandoned by Victoria. Loving face could be a glimmer of light, but the brain shuts down during Margaux conversation with Mrs. Grayson, a few, trivial and sugary beats convinces her to give her a huge loan.


The heroic act of Jack simply consecrate him as true love by Amanda, only he could be the man who would save her from the flames. And if that wasn't enough, you add the final gesture to make even clearer that are each other's destiny: the Nice Porter brings a picture of their two children with the late Labrador Sammy, taken by David. A photo of Amanda decides to keep in the bedroom and that would allow the father – introdottosi with a knife to remove the one that threatens Victoria and Charlotte – to be enlightened by the truth; Unfortunately doesn't see, but when Emily observes something she has to hit because he has moments of pause – essential for Nolan's intervention, but cannot see it on her face, It would have been too easy! Moreover, even if Jack had at heart always knew she was Amanda, God forbid that the father not known at least a resemblance! Surely if all these years you were worried about her, would have recognized immediately.

Victoria's revenge is one step behind the other, his arms (Charlotte and David) are ready to hit a simple nod and Amanda cannot have the slightest idea that will face the father for whom he sacrificed their lives. For now its main suspect could fall out of a Hitman hired by Mrs. Grayson, but the conversation with the woman armed with a gun has already made to sense that there is something really big. Only three episodes from the start of this season waiting for the true encounter between David and Amanda always rises more!


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