Revenge – 4×04 Meteor – Review by R.


The episode from the third season finale we've been waiting for is finally here, sooner than I thought and very differently, but still terribly exciting. And it's not over because this is just the first step of the father-daughter reunion, with David still unaware of the true identity of the woman who was about to kill.

David Clarke not feeling well, It has become clear. If you already did not appear mentally lucid in his believe in the love of Victoria, now that we have seen in Increase Mather-style fustigarsi Salem We no longer have doubts and the situation is more serious than you could imagine. David is not only hopelessly seduced by Mrs. Grayson as other men that have fallen at the foot, but suffers from a serious disorder that causes him to inflict punitive, the loss of all kinds of impulsive acts and orientation, stupid and needlessly risky. And’ just because of one of the latter who lets himself be arrested for shoplifting, ending up in the police station where he works Jack. Case, coincidence or destiny that is, the colleague of Porter, I Would Be, I suspect as the man of introduction in Emily's House and from there is a succession of emotions.


Jack is the first to recognize it among men participating in the discussion and in that moment we have the certainty that for Amanda It is now only a matter of seconds. One of the highlights of Revenge has always been the expectation of great revelations: When Emily would prove to the various characters like Amanda Clarke, When Grayson would prove to the world for offenders who are; and those scenes they never disappoint, from "I'm Amanda Clarke" addressed to Jack in the finale of season 2, confession on live tv by Conrad and the showdown between Emily and Victoria in recent episodes of the third. Now it's Amanda though to be "victim", so upset from the truth that it is barely pronounced parade suddenly faced the same words that we all thought this past season finale "He is alive. After everything I…". Unfortunately the police involvement prevents her and Nolan to meet him and try to understand what's going on, I am now in our same situation. In fact, altho by David long, We haven't found anything concrete on how, where and why he survived, given that so far has been too preoccupied to reconquer Victoria and Charlotte instead of giving us explanations.


Mrs. Grayson still turned as she wants, probably in his mind is hoping to put him in jail for the murder of Emily Thorne. Tricks with loving words that reserves to anyone when he needs something, into believing that everything is for his sake, even when he yells at him and gives him orders "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. But this is a different world from the one that you left. Your re-emergence must be carefully planned, and you'll need an alibi for the night of Conrad's death (...). Let me take care of things ". But maybe you don't yet understand what the true state of mind by David Clarke, just see him as a man fragile, in love and so easily manipulated. Heh no Vicky, this with the head just doesn't fit. And’ forced to realize when he offers his help with the FBI surreptitiously. The "delicacy" that holds the Chief Constable told her resurrection of David Clarke privately and before the news is disseminated by the media (Another fool! And’ the wife than the up, of that delicacy should ever need?!) becomes for Victoria the opportunity to capitalize on his behalf, an event that would otherwise have meant the total ruin of his plan: She is a stone's throw from David, ready to support him during interrogation, Amanda cannot even set foot in the building, forced upgrades tv as an outsider any.


Victoria won him the lawyer, the leaning with her smile, is there for him, but David starts to appear detached, as if suddenly had finally opened my eyes. In his attempts to manipulate Victoria is not original, exploit men the same way every time, Unfortunately for her, even the same phrases as any tronista of Men and women "Do you remember how I wanted us to leave weeks before I was arrested for flight 197 and you said «Let me take care of things»? This morning you said the same thing. "I won't be anyone's prisoner anymore. Not even yours, Victoria. "… grab and take home, Vicky! In recent years David studied every detail of what led to his conviction, Victoria including, remember everything perfectly and that joke, Although I remembered, It was the clearest signal of the involvement of women: could she run away with him, away from Conrad were both safe and instead she locked it knowingly, other than poor victim forced against her will! Only this would be enough to dispel any doubt on the loyalty of the beloved David for, but delicate State where causes remain poised between moments of madness (all that has done so far) and moments of brilliance as the latter.


Too bad it lasts little! Hope and satisfaction with the face made by Victoria are quickly cleared from the press conference of man, a short walk from Amanda and Nolan: David will give the two Harpies, Victoria and Charlotte, appearing as the family needs to recover. The first hit for Mrs. Grayson; While Amanda is an anonymous face in the public, She and her daughter are at the side of his father. And to think that David would suffice to notice the presence of Nolan near Emily to understand!

Victoria is undoubtedly the most hateful character of the series, but at the beginning of this episode, I couldn't help but agree with you on the sermon made at Charlotte. The young Grayson is back in her apartment, expensive and more than above its current possibilities to be spasmodic consumption of pills – obtained by false of course recipes; In short, nothing new on the horizon. Poor thing, was so happy about the reappearance of the father, but then Mommy he blew it with his lies, What else could she do except self-destruct? Maybe you could avoid being complicit in his mother sitting nice and quiet in front of those lies, though this would involve a range of thought and an assumption of responsibility that she is not able to support, It would be too strenuous.


Little to say about Daniel, hired by Louise as financial advisor and firm in rejecting any attempt to approach of the mother. Although it may interest me to know what he's up to Louise, in this episode, their scenes were just an annoying interval in revelation on David Clarke.

The latter said they did not want to be anyone's prisoner, but surrounded by those two Harpies hardly will achieve this connection: Victoria doesn't want to absolutely that the daughter comes close and complaints of Charlotte are words in a vacuum. Amanda can count on Jack and especially Nolan, one who had made a link between her and the father, will be the ones to give decisive? Meanwhile I await patiently that David would explain to me what he has been doing all these years, seriously though, not the story about Conrad jailer in favour of media and FBI.


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