Revenge – 4×05 Repercussions – Review by R.


Emily Thorne is ready to return Amanda Clarke. The return in the Season Premiere still seemed distant in the face of doubts and fears of the protagonist, starts slowly in this episode. "My father needs Amanda Clarke", is this awareness to drive Emily in his path, a slow path, But if successful the will ensure a better result than we would have dared to dream when she began her revenge.

David is fragile, surrounded by women who cheat, police escorting him everywhere, journalists who chase him even on the grave of his daughter and a mysterious man – with a tattoo on the hand – willing to kill him; After years of imprisonment still fails to be free, but most cannot find peace than the daughter. The facts and those around the tell of a girl who fails to recognize, even the visit to the cemetery and Jack allows him to "find" her baby, to hear it still close "The more I hear, the harder is for me to remember my little girl. "She's slipping away from me". David can't know what's right! And this is not a simple reminder of the blood as they would say in each telenovela, but the strongest emotional bond, the love that binds this father and this daughter perceived in flashbacks and especially in what she was willing to do for revenge. This confession to the almost-son Nolan is the moment when we realize that there is still hope for the man and the girl known in flashbacks: the deceptions of Charlotte and Victoria, the delicate state of mind and years of imprisonment cannot anything against love (Infinity times infinity) by David for his Amanda. That man is still there, overwhelmed by suffering and lies as well as Amanda is still hidden in the depths of Emily; because father and daughter can join both must return to be those that were before the big intrigue of Grayson "I need to bring my father back to a time that Victoria can't touch…When it was just the two of us in this house ".


The new-found hope for the reunion of the two, however, leaves room for a prolonged waiting for the revelation to David; Amanda realized he cannot rush, putting in first place what is good for him rather than for its own sake. The exact opposite of what he is doing Victory, that spitting in the face of Emily yet another series of malice – I wonder constantly how the girl can resist the day your eyes – however highlights a risk actually possible: the father might hate her for having it turned into a justification for its acts. David wasn't there during her daughter's revenge, don't know what she had to endure, in fact has no idea of the true evil of Grayson; è vero, He was framed, imprisoned, "killed", but that is only part, what they have done after to keep alive l'affaire David Clarke is even worse. Amanda must then lead him slowly toward the truth, the same that Jack has come despite an initial reaction of anger towards his deceptions.


Jack He understood firsthand what they're capable of the Grayson and now must suffer the harassment of the Hamptons most ungrateful bastard, which continues to bask in the role of the victim of an abduction which clearly hasn't yet grasped the reasons – What was she Declan remains a mystery. Charlotte not limited to delude Amanda to let her meet the father, but uses the latter for pulling a dirty trick to Porter, forced to pretend to be the father of her grandchild, the only link left with daughter. Every gesture of the girl in that visit is sheer malice, not merely perpetrating the mother lying that had upset: It was his idea, an evil trick by spoiled and capricious which has always been. Jack gets to define it equal to Conrad, that is an even worse version of Victoria "You're doing exactly what he did. You are torturing David. And for what? Some pathetic power trip over me? He's your father, Charlotte. No wonder you have to hide behind all that crap. How else could you live with yourself?", thunderous applause for Jack! She has the nerve to call it a coward, When the only pathetic coward in the whole series is she, always ready to hide behind alcohol, drugs, money and parents rather than take a responsibility. If Victoria had been put in the role of victim family misdeeds as Charlotte, now would still be exploited by his mother to conquer the rich guy on duty. A consecration of negative vortex that is so fond of her, the small Grayson, drunk, you leave trick from the first finding in a local and which of course turns out to be the man in the Moon tattoo; Unfortunately I doubt we will be away for a while.


Manuel, Dangaux or Trouble, No matter how we decide to nickname the pair DanielMargaux, a fact is that you are just found. We had a hint last season, but at the time the young Grayson was living the grace period of love for Emily and we know the decline that had. But now it seems their moment, Margaux is for Daniel the chance of being born again; the guy is willing to put at risk the work with Louise rather than betray the Oxford – a little’ late effects, but Daniel of recently would never do. Waiting to see what will be the next move of the insane Louise, the opinion on the new couple stays poised because although Margaux serious damage he has never combined and Daniel proceeds along the improvement – the complete opposite of the little sister – the other gain seeking to draw from the resurrection of David Clarke could really create the trouble predicted by Amanda; but I trust that you will put in place.

The return of David in his old House helps him reconnect with Amanda and understand that something wrong he hears in the history that has been told it needs to be explained: "And I swear to you, Amanda… I will have revenge "a scene he creates a pleasing and touching déjà vu effect than the pilot, but that could hide pitfalls. David will have to fight between the lies of Victoria and Charlotte, the anger they have inculcated to Emily – his only source of salvation – a mysterious assailant and Ben; Jack's colleague became suspicious about the death of Conrad and his investigations – albeit for truncated by the head – might find fertile ground in revenge of David, bringing his unmasking. I Would Be, It wasn't enough the pullback of Emily to go back where you came from?


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