Revenge – 4×06 Damage – Review by R.


The protagonists of this episode are father and daughter, but the latter role is now held by Charlotte. Both are in a delicate position and take two opposing roads: against all odds the breakthrough is made by girl, While David makes more than one back, not only in facts, but especially in the eyes of Amanda and Nolan.

We do not have time to feed a little’ of hope and positivity for Amanda and David comes the blow; and that blow: a fist full in the face to Nolan (In addition to direct national humiliation) and a passionate kiss with Victoria. David directs the suggestion of young Ross on beware of people in which trusts to Nolan same: the key point of the plan by Amanda, that is, hide your identity, continues to haunt those who truly loves David. And’ What makes you think the man that his daughter is dead and that Nolan has deceived, giving it just a poor part of hundreds of millions of dollars that her father had intended. The facts speak for themselves, moreover,, but in particular what David has suffered leads him inevitably to be suspicious of everything and everyone, from that reflection and that survey that would allow him to revise the child so Nolan almost believed. The man is so hard to blame, but because it doesn't have the same attitude toward Victory? The fact that the hassles with that "No matters what happens, I will always be on your side "should put it on alert – we are right to the basics of handling techniques! – However even that modicum of distrust manifested previously collapses when the chases for a statement worthy of a great love "Stay with me here tonight. And every night. I want nothing more ", What a waste!


The only solution to break this chain of disasters would be that Amanda the tell the truth, but can't. And not just because the father needs time, but because we now know that he lied about his imprisonment. With an ever-surprising powers of observation and deduction on water, rust and mildew (one of those moments of Revenge you just let the end come from her or Nolan to assert as if I understood every step without difficulty), Amanda unmasks the statements by father, the FBI has not yet had nothing bad to say. The lies of David makes himself the man that you can't trust, throwing a dark light on his past, We had suspected since its reappearance in Season Finale, but we had put aside in the last two episodes, intoxicated by the joy of finding him, scenes that could not be stained by dark suspicions. But now it's time to face David for what it is, for the man who has become, putting aside the image of the victim that we always attached. The reaction to Nolan helps in this regard and is also further proof of his change: David could deal with it in private, giving him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain calmly; Instead he chose to deceive him, to take advantage of the affection of the boy to lure him into a trap: a national live that has humiliated, then strike him permanently in the body with a punch. A devious tactic, impossible for the David Clarke that Nolan and Amanda love.


Still other words you have to spend on Charlotte, Maybe really starts to grow, but given the many times he deluded better assess slowly. Prisoner of the man from the Moon tattoo (detail that makes so much Sailor Moon) incredibly manages to get the upper hand causing a fatal fall, What to do? Obvious, call the hated sister; It can also mean not having notified the police for documents on father who found in home of man, but I doubt they would have acted differently given that hide behind the actions of others is its rule of life – even Amanda gets to throw that in. Instead of showing a minimum of gratitude to her sister who is come immediately, Charlotte never misses an opportunity to hurt her, repeating among other things the same words that he addressed to Victoria last episode about a possible encounter with the father, "I think you're just ashamed. God forbid he sees what you've become "… If you really knew what you think Charlotte combined! But the joke of the girl that impressed me the most and that is the way to the revelation that the open – maybe – your eyes is "I'm not a cold-blooded killer"; then it was his doppelganger in attempt to kill Amanda? And’ amazing the level of ridiculousness that this girl can achieve in every episode.


Since he knew the true identity of Emily Thorne has never made the effort to try to understand, rejected it giving it all the evils of the Hamptons, He preferred to take refuge as usual in obvious lies with parents, and even see in Emily a ruthless assassin – as has come to this conclusion she knows. Amanda must reveal that his mother killed Aiden because the coveted Epiphany: the time has come to become Charlotte and abandon forever the small Grayson. Charlotte decides to go to rehab, but not before he talked with Daniel (that supposedly reveals the true identity of ex wife) and the mother: no longer wants to have ties with her, but it will remain around to make sure that you tell his father the truth about Amanda. With this benevolent choice takes them far too much respect, leaving them the option not to destroy the relationship with David despite the deception; and especially nourishes too much trust in the mother, that in fact, Although he had a chance to talk, shut your mouth and at the same time closer to himself the man.


Space Louise, whose purpose is to make sure that you consider her a daughter Victoria; now he sees in Margaux a threat, his sights are leaving Daniel to tack on Oxford shoe. Considering how the latter is irritating recently, suffer some spite won't hurt. We hope, however, that give a clear accelerated to this storyline, that so far continues to be just an annoying interruption to the rest. Annoying in another sense is instead to I Would Be, who insists with its investigation into the death of Conrad and without realizing it discloses for Jack the killer by identifying the symbol of infinite double in the place searched. We can only hope for Jack.

Between investigations, and those of Nolan and Amanda David Clarke questions that haunt us from the Season Finale may start to find some answers and how everything is against man, I still believe that the David of Amanda is still there, well hidden, but there is; on the other hand didn't have hallucinations in the last two episodes. But now a new question leaves me, How will he react Daniel the truth about Emily Thorne?


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