Revenge – 4×07 Ambush – Review by R.


When an episode of Revenge begins with a flash-forward we know that we have to start worrying, although the scene sees Victoria Grayson lying in the road; moreover we have learned well from the very first flash-forward who opened the pilot: nothing is as it seems in the Hamptons. Yet the episode distracts us so well with the more or less unexpected encounters between the various characters and developments of the investigation of each, that when the time comes I anticipated it to me I was just forgotten.

We start from David what a, on the advice of Jack (We see little, but I don't make a wrong), Decides to visit the daughter's best friend, as well as his nephew's godmother, Emily Thorne. Congratulations to the ability of self-control by Amanda, that doesn't have an immediate hysteria when the father does not recognize; No one pretends that just one look, However a minimum of bemusement at her baby is due. Instead not only speaks as if it were a total stranger, gets in the way even his usual lies about the captivity at a time when they are not absolutely necessary, throwing even more our Amanda into turmoil. We must remember that we are talking about a man who, regardless of what happened after his fake death, had to face huge stress and suffering, at least that's what I repeat myself when I get the urge to yell at him all bad words; at the same time, however, is an ingenious man, otherwise who would take Amanda and how he could hide for many years? However has already shown it can lose every neuron in a while committing some nonsense and it does it again: reports for Victory his meeting with Emily and doubts expressed by the girl on the fall of Amanda during the baby shower; not content with the alerts that will talk to former colleagues of his daughter to understand if the suspects on a boost for its part has reasonable. A genius right; it not only gives time and way to Victoria to take the necessary countermeasures, but targets of strippers for a piece of information that could easily be found online (There was also live streaming) or ask Jack. But no, He goes to talk to a stripper who obviously – with all due respect to the strippers – has already made bribe from Victoria with a dismal necklace.


The poor Amanda In addition to having to bear the weight of the encounter with the father knowing he's lying, is hampered in his investigations by ex-husband, offended for having discovered he was just a pawn for his revenge plan – which is still better than being used to get into the high society of the Hamptons. I've always had a soft spot for Daniel, never to the point of rooting for him against Jack, but in the end was cute, sweet and cute, and the sacrificial victim of Amanda – above – I think he truly loved, so I was hoping that in the end everything would be good for him; He had his moments no, having reached its lowest point last season, but now recovered and is improving, that's why I look with tenderness to the question addressed to former wife "Was any of it real?". And Amanda's response is the most just and honest that might give him "Maybe there was a time when the feelings were real and we could have had a real relationship, but the moment that you aligned yourself with your father, It was all over "; that was the time when any possibility of a true love with Daniel collapsed: in front of the Conrad's confession on the affaire David Clarke, Daniel has sided with the father, going against every good purpose manifested earlier; from there had no more significance that truly loved Emily and tries to do the right thing, everything was irretrievably ruined by that stance (and indeed after it was necessary to the entry of another male character, Aidan, He went to recreate a love triangle, Jack-Emily-Daniel, no longer feasible): the biggest let down foreign traffic by Daniel Grayson, probably the worst shooting last season.


Despite the hindrance ex husband, Amanda manages to retrieve the contents of the safe of the father — Eva Kant stand aside – that turns out more shocking than we could imagine. Nothing burning documents or dark secrets, but a lot of photos that follow step by step the life of (fake) Amanda Clarke, wedding with Jack included. A further drubbing after meeting vis-à-vis: David is not and has not been able to recognize her daughter and in addition it was there, He had a chance to go back to her, by bringing it closer, but he didn't. At this point the outburst of Amanda going to destroy all the good intentions it had set is more than understandable and leads to a scene that we thought still far: the outburst of her "You were right there. If you had come for her, I would have known. I would have known! You could have come for me, but you didn't. You taught me to be strong and brave, but you're a coward "and the three words of David"Amanda. It’s you"they brought me to the brink of tears pouring. Shame that everything is interrupted by that witch of Victoria, because of the strong storm in progress, gets shocked and ends up on the ground unconscious. We know that never dies, so it's an event absolutely useless, that goes to interfere again in father-daughter relationship by promising to slow again. I don't even understand how it happened, the arrival of Amanda is curiously out quietly and suddenly fell; perfect timing no doubt about it, that inevitably leaves the aura of suspicion, from Mrs. Grayson I expect everything. Wanted or not, gets an effect that surely will be happy, Since David abandons unhesitatingly Amanda, forced to see his father that runs from Victoria, once again.


To defuse the tension entertaining interludes of Nolan and Louise, It is true that the woman is the protagonist of an attempted murder, But whereas the victim is the one annoying thing about Margaux you can't take too seriously. Among other things the conversation between Louise and her mother that there is – don't know whether she's dead or not – it makes it clear that the young man did not simply need to be appreciated by a maternal figure, but it's really mentally disturbed, How did he get out of the clinic? After the humiliation on live tv, Nolan is persecuted by the media and finds refuge only in country club; that place first disdained is the only that returns a little’ of peace and so the boy, Queen-style of the Hamptons, Decides to put into practice the "wise" words of comfort by Louise "At the end of the day you can have something that all these other people can't. "Anything you want": Nolan buy the club – it is impossible not to adore him! As the now former owner Charles Shaughnessy, the Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield The Nanny; who yelled "Mr Sheffield!"as soon as he recognized?


With the father-daughter reunion marred by the usual Victoria, Let's stay with the doubt about the true extent of recognition of Amanda from David. There is a step back in this regard it is now clear that the face-off between the two is close, in the meantime we can only hope that David his senses so we can rejoice in the hug with his daughter. And in everything, did anyone hear the lack of Charlotte?


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