Revenge – 4×08 Contact – Review by R.


Assuming that the best bet was Daniel, we can understand what has been the general trend. A new group organized behind the bad guys always pulling the reins of the game? Do Not, thank you, the Americon Initiative was more than enough. Whereas at the beginning of the third season was out of the way unceremoniously, I thought the team was autorale of my opinion, Instead check here the group of the moon tattooed (still do not know how else to call them), the real architect of evasion of David Clarke, forced to commit "terrible things" under the threat of killing (fake) Amanda Clarke. For now we only know that the head of the group is a rival of Conrad Grayson, far worse than the latter and eager for revenge after David, before fleeing when he learned of the death of her daughter, made to pay it to him. Understand the necessity of such a construction, explains why the man never came back from Amanda, Pictures taken at the fake and the fact that his fake death has been managed without the slightest smear - only one with resources that equal or exceed those of Conrad could do it. But another organization full of men devoted to all forms of struggle was really necessary? Among other things I do not understand why if the boss is a bitter enemy of Conrad, David has exploited in a different way from proving to the world the guilt of Mr. Grayson, his humiliation in the finale of the third season was a pleasure! Nolan dovrebbe insegnargli una regola base “Any enemy of yours is a friend of mine”.


The truth of David Clarke justifies his fragile mental state men passed by a jailer to another, powerless to defend his beloved daughter. However part of its current attitude remains questionable. First, you can not afford to tell Amanda “I can’t be your father”, what sei, the fact that you have a viewfinder on the back does not change anything; fortunately then rehabilitates reconnecting everything to not wanting to lose again, "It's my turn to protect you. I love you, Amanda. Infinity times infinity”… oh finally, now that is a dad! See to remind, David, whenever Victoria distort reality as only she can do. The constant interference of the woman, blind love towards her and the absolute inability of man to see it for what it really is, have ended up ruining the encounter father-daughter, permanently leaving pending the tears that were about to roll down in the end of last episode. The clarification between the two, because of the hardness shown by Amanda towards Victoria life threatening and the lies of David, not engaging and moving as it should be; both are angry and wounded, accuse each other without being able to clarify - what that contributes decisively evil Victoria. Recovered partially after the clash with the enemies of David, When do the words quoted above that give us a modicum of relief: at least it is a start for a new relationship between father and daughter. Of course the fact that she does not lose time to break the promise made to him, trying to extort a confession to the man who attacked him, could ruin everything.

At this will surely contribute Victory. Strangely in this episode told the truth about what happened between her and Amanda, but of course only one part, the one that makes it look poor terrified victim of a mad mercilessly. Who never replace Amanda would not have behaved in exactly the same way by denying relief? A different behavior is impossible in the face of a woman who uses her pure state of the wound to separate father and daughter: first disconnect the cable from the machine deliberately pretending collapse to stop their first confrontation, then plays the frightened patient who does not want to be alone. David, however, now that he has discovered that his beloved has portrayed as a dangerous enemy daughter (and he did cry for his death, add) seems to start to look at it with different eyes, but the manipulative skills of Mrs. Grayson has no limits.


Knows Daniel, who now says that the reason why he betrayed David at the time it is he: Victoria was facing a choice, David Daniel, what else could he do but choose the child? Do not know about you, but I believe little; I think it is never overly concerned about the feelings of Daniel and Charlotte, nor spared him weigh in "all he has done and sacrificed" for them, why wait until now to say? This way is just another excuse to each his questionable action to keep him tied to the people who want to quit. Fortunately Daniel understands it and it seems the only all that is happening to clearly see the reality - with the exception of the issue Louise, but little we care. The discussion with the ex-wife is marked by resentment for what he has done, yet the boy tells her that Amanda needs to hear "One fight with dad and you're giving up? Well, glad to know the hell you put me through was for nothing”; as with harsh tone, this is the truth, Amanda can not give up at the first hurdle. And it is right after this exchange comes the first real rapprochement with David. Daniel, what a pity that you are not his true love!


Speaking of true love, Kate comes to town, an FBI agent called to investigate the death of Conrad Grayson along with Jack which does not waste time to flirt, that professionalism! An input of the most useless enemy group of David. We do not need another love interest for Jack right now that he and Amanda have smoothed the way; Ben received quickly a sound two of spades, Margaux not let us take it even consider, fake Amanda e Aidan sono “lovely departed”, do we need this Kate? The case is already solved then quickly go back to where you came that Jack has his great love!


Continuing insane plans of Louise, with its collage of her and Victoria does scare the poor Nolan. At least disruption than other storyline is becoming more fun, despite those arias from great lady mistress of the universe of Margaux. Hopefully Louise face time to resize it a bit '.

In the hope that the arrival of the "Conrad wannabe" – as he called Nolan - ports less indecipherable and international projects of ever lamented Americon Initiative and that Victoria is bound as long as possible in the hospital, I think the minimum desired more Jack-Amanda and Daniel-less Margaux, the current Daniel deserves much more!


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