Revenge – 4×09 Intel – Review by R.


I can not say I loved this episode, well for half an hour I was with a big question mark on where they wanted to end, because while maintaining the link with the recent events seemed that nothing significant would happen. Again, however, the conversation between Amanda and Daniel has a positive effect, that's where it all starts to light leading us to the final twist.

But we do a mandatory step back to the only relevant facts preceding that time, ie confirmation of perennial and incurable falsity of Victoria Grayson. Already discharged from the hospital and moved to a permanent home Clarke (ai un pari sacrilegio Bolton Winterfell in Game of Thrones), she wastes no time to take up the situation. If we had doubts about his acting skills, with the actions of this episode we are certain that Victoria Grayson could rip an Oscar for Meryl Streep: the role of poor victim, kept in the dark and then tormented by doubts, the can very well be with the Chief of Police is with David Alvarez, both feeling so compelled to tell the truth. Avoids addressing the issue with Amanda David, well aware that now is a ground that could apply his final unmasking, moving expertly attention to the deep feeling that binds man: she remembers the date set for their escape along with small Amanda and Daniel, September 1 1993, you know that effort, I remember numbers LOST! If we consider that the same date is from code to a safe and well 5 million dollars is easy to understand why if Victoria is repeated day after day!


But as I have said in previous posts, the fact that the woman he really loved David has always been a huge question mark, because although I had moments of apparent suffering for what happened to the man, its past and current actions against Amanda and flashbacks suggest anything but his involuntary involvement in the plan Conrad. The husband had actually threatened to take away her son? Patrick had already left to give himself a new chance in life, because with Daniel would have to be different, Whereas it was also pregnant with Charlotte? It would have been a getaway in style Anna Karenina, but loved his Sereza far more than has ever been shown to Daniel Victoria. Pretend to David that his daughter is dead and paint it as a dangerous enemy to be killed was the time when all doubt love the woman has vanished: love sick or pure selfishness is indifferent, besides revenge on Emily Thorne, is his desire to be the only, still essential in the life of David to move, so certain that will never leave as did all the other. In fact, when the man makes it clear that he has no intention of losing her daughter again, The Victoria tells the enemy of David as the key pawn to get it out of the closet; a gesture that confirms his wickedness and casting a shadow on his past: a connection easier and faster with the group Malcolm Black - Conrad wannabe - could be an indication of a role of Mrs. Grayson David Clarke in the affair even more important than that of her deceased husband?


It seems now become a habit that the words of Daniel act as a boost to the episode and especially to Amanda. Evidently, being his chosen sacrificial victim has allowed both to know deeply and to have at the same time that resentment enough to say the truth that they need to hear. The "You don’t fight for anything"Addressed to Daniel encourages the boy to fight for Margaux - upset about being pregnant… “What?” questo proprio non me lo aspettavo – mentre “I just hope the guy isn’t wearing his heart on his sleeve. Because trust me, you’ll use it"Pushes Amanda to be as honest as possible with the poor I Would Be, not making him repeat the experience with his ex-wife. So far I have pain endured the character of Brian Hallisay (husband of Jennifer Love Hewitt), after all it is well engaged to be irritating, But will not surrender at the first two of spades Emily or her unfortunate past, this time I almost got sympathy. Among other things it provides the fundamental alibi to exonerate Alvarez from the charge of being infiltrated by the Malcolm Black and bring us straight to confirm a suspicion that I have had since the time when there was talk of a mole between the forces of 'order, but that seemed too good to be true.


But the real double agent is she, FBI Agent Kate, too hasty in accepting the dead ends in the investigation of David Clarke and especially seductress Jack. These are the moments when Jack Porter makes you fall down your arms and you understand why a good part of the audience tifasse for Aidan: due monk, few jokes trivial that makes you laugh just him and has already won; has not learned anything from the surprise pregnancy of (fake) Amanda! We hope at least that the rendez-vous in the hotel room of Kate allows them to find the message of Victoria, but if standole almost close 24 hours 24 does not even suspect that she is the killer man arrested, I see hard. The fact that the woman is a mole is still a relief, not become neither the new (fake) Amanda nor the new Margaux.

While the Frenchwoman should toying her now that she is pregnant - this will mark the re-start or the final break with Daniel? – Nolan shows how friends count for him, forgiving David and putting aside his reputation rather than destroying Louise – best friend mentally disturbed that ally angry as Margaux. After this choice, cara lemarchal, would start to ask myself a few questions, if you continue to do so risks the same fate of Victoria.

The revelation about Kate has revived an episode that threatened to leave us in the same situation the previous week, that is full of doubts and questions about the enemies of the family Clarke, but did not make us forget that the real enemy remains timeless Victoria Grayson; David has not yet fully understood, but a little something between them falters and the last act of the woman could have a boomerang effect. Victoria knows Malcolm Black? She had always been in agreement with him in these years? And especially, are the only one to think that beardless David Clarke looks back to the days of flashback?


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