Revenge – 4×10 Atonement – Review by R.


By now we should have learned, the tenth episode of every season Revenge - Perhaps less than the second – is always equal to the ninth Game of Thrones: we expect a dramatic turn of events intended to change the course of events. And this time it's even worse, because it missed its flashforward; although a clue could be caught in a positive that covered the protagonist since the premiere, who in this episode is manifested at its highest.

Daniel Grayson, the only one that I have always considered the only possible alternative to Jack as a true love of Amanda, says goodbye, demonstrating until his last breath that they were not worthy son of Conrad. We did not need to understand it, however, his death. Since the pilot's character Daniel was destined to be hated as a child of the executioners of David Clarke, scion of the Hamptons, ready to get everything he wants with the surname and the money (including not suffer any adverse consequences for the accident he caused when the former Sarah was injured). Yet the young Grayson was able to gain a good slice of the public, willing to shipp for him and Emily even now, after he shot her and she used him and despised. Daniel was for her son enemies, the sacrifice of his revenge, it would not be wonderful if you were really in love with him? I do not understand why such a turn has never been taken into account, would be the best answer to those who see in Jack's love child, difficult to achieve and that Daniel would have countered that, but strong enough to survive the revenge. But just when the error check Aidan biggest boy: carry on the lies of the parents on the deal David Clarke. But we shipper of Emily and Daniel have so far maintained a faint hope, fueled by the recent rapprochement of the couple.


Daniel Grayson committed various errors – Also the sound falls style as the relationship with Ashley - putting name and prestige in the first place and thus give the great lesson of his father that we relive in a flashback "This world That we've created is made up of gods (the powerful) and insects (all the others)"; but not entirely, non nella parte “Don’t concern yourself with the well-being of ants, his ", feeling remorse and guilt every time he committed an act blameworthy. Especially one can not doubt that he really loved Emily, especially in the first two seasons; the second was even willing to give her up just to avoid that the Americon Initiative put at risk and in the latest episodes was Jiminy Cricket who has directed toward the best path. His biggest fear has always been to become like his father, and the idea of ​​having a destiny marked by the blood has often influenced, causing it to desist from fighting for what we believe. Now the impending fatherhood and the latest chats with Amanda help him to bring out the real Daniel, too often stifled by the legacy his father: a Daniel who will not run away, that does not hide behind the deceptions and fight for those he loves. Amanda including; to save the woman he does not destroyed lives, ma “She forced us to face the truth” – as pointed out by the mother – stops and escape, although she tells him to leave, the acts as a shield in front of the shots of Kate. Daniel dies a hero's arms Emily, trying to be the opposite of Conrad, I would not take a bullet even for her children. The ex-wife confesses what we have always hoped "It wasn’t all a lie. Not with you", but he basically already knew; and on that "I know" by Daniel as one does to retain a waterfall of tears and sobs?!


Before his final heroic gesture, Daniel must recognize another about: he prodded his mother to tell the truth to David. After an early episode in which confirms the intention of throwing Amanda feed the enemy, Victory shows us that sometimes you can try some good feeling. The news that is going to become the grandmother softens, before making an attempt to promote reconciliation between the parents, then finally making it sensitive to the truth in the face by his son sbattutale. Daniel renews the thoughts that lately has never spared, invigorated by the desire to be a good father and an awareness of the true meaning of the acts of Amanda. The words are buzzing in my head at the time of the mea culpa David for having lied and so Victoria says that it deceived, of stealing her at the time his computer to frame him; the most curious thing of all this is the reason why he betrayed: she was afraid of David, because he had never revealed that his wife was not dead, but interned for a mental disorder, This is the dark past that he did paint the beloved as a monster. They feared a man who was fitting another terrorist attack, but one that did not want to tell his wife had tried to drown her daughter… congratulations! To me it sounds more an excuse to fly ahead read the easy way, but, grabbing well for good, does not justify having then hired a psychologist so did believe the little Amanda's father was an unfortunate, nor hatred toward the ruthless girl. This confession also does not seem to involve what he has done in recent years to Amanda (fake e original) and any other manipulations, Although we need to admit that the conversation is interrupted by the sound of gunshots. However, we can be quite satisfied and if the moment of truth had arrived only minutes before we would have shouted "Finally!"; But not now: Victoria decides to speak just when he was about to drink the poisoned wine paid to it by David! She was the recipient of belladonna - whose lethal effects well we know them from the first film Hunger Games - Taken from David by his former cellmate; those in front of that scene did not have at least mentally suggested to use it to Victoria? Yet then seemed impossible; David realized that the woman has always deceived? She has always known or is there?


The storyline Kate was painful, but fast, just enough time to realize that it was the new enemy, even the daughter of the mysterious Malcolm Black, that is gone, killed by Jack before he could even shoot Amanda. The fight - spoken and physical - between the two young women was a great moment: two daughters who fight with all their might in the name of their respective fathers, both skilled and fearless; Kate could be the real opponent worthy of Emily, but, besides not having friends to defend it, was not as awake: you got fooled twice in a matter of minutes. Fortunately however Jack was smarter this time than it has done in the last episodes.

To loosen a few laughs with the drama coming of the Wonder Twins Gossip, how are renamed Nolan and Louise; together are adorable, enough to make people forget the real madness woman, but is still keen to leave the Hamptons. Whereas Margaux and Victoria now have something else to think we should look at his departure positively, but what about the storyline on the conquest of a new mother?

Daniel's death will undoubtedly feel its aftermath, was a historical series; the women in his life - who knows Charlotte, the lack of which still does not feel, will come back for the funeral - will have all to do with a heavy sense of guilt, how they will react? We shipper of Emily and Daniel instead we find consolation in the pair that the two actors Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman form in real life from now 2011, exactly when we began to cheer on their two characters on the screen.


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