Revenge – 4×15 Bait – Review by R.


The streets of junior and senior of the show seem to take different directions in this final stage of the series. On the one hand, the revenge-driven storyline of Oxford, ready to engage anyone in his nonsensical journey, on the other hand that of the mother-in-law, the upstart vein which is still alive.

The mystery on bereavement that hit Victory is immediately resolved and is not as tragic as I imagined, covering a character that I'd completely forgotten: He is Edward Grayson, Conrad's father, seen in a few episodes of the first season, When it was strong for sympathy; Besides having presented as a big fan of daughter-in-law, on the occasion of revelation about the real paternity of Charlotte had shown that for him the good name of the family was to be laid before all, also to the feelings of his loved ones. Evidently this principle abandoned in her final months, Since she married the nurse and left all his estate; a choice that can give rise to many doubts, but these are swept away quickly from satisfaction in seeing the face of Victoria by the notary. Not only his dreams of economic redemption are broken by two dogs – one last gift of dear father-in-law – but the cool bride of Edward's Natalie Waters, the newcomer of the Hamptons, they already had vexed in the last episode. How much I enjoyed at that time! With tears and nasty war between the two Mrs. Grayson can thus start: Victoria flanked by Lyman Ellis, Natalie by David Clarke, that looks so a love interest. A storyline that could help break the tension of the main, whose lapels are not to be underestimated; Natalie is really good and nice as it seems or is a better actress than Victoria? And Lyman? In one way or another remains in orbit of sister, but it's still a difficult character to pin down; If the authors insist to suggest it to us there will be a reason, spero.


Customer satisfaction equal to that for the reaction of Victoria, We offers Margaux, When all his attempts to frame Emily collapse miserably. The trick a little alarmed me-faced Assistant, but as we have seen all primary remains do in Ems – last little Carl bracelet that destroys the contents of your computer. Those who did not finish in unison with her response to the beat of the Oxford "You think you're invincible", "Not invincible. Just…better"? Pity that these constant humiliating defeats does not have the effect of resizing Margaux, that indeed is increasingly 70th minute, until you go to acts worthy of father Pascal and Grayson. The LeMarchal locates the place where lives May, the former wife of I Would Be and threatens the policeman, If we don't help, will reveal the position of the woman who is looking for someone with bad intentions. Here is the ultimate proof that Margaux cannot possibly be likened to Amanda, which in his path of revenge has never put innocents at risk voluntarily. And here we understand better why Ben has always been so understanding with Emily: He had to lie to her about her past to protect April. The positive side of the eventual arrival of the latter is his possible reunion with former, that so will not suffer if Amanda will choose Jack. Although maybe the problem even arises. Neither Ben nor Emily indeed seem interested in a serious relationship, but just to feel good together while it lasts. If this doesn't surprise me compared to Ems, that deserves a little’ carefree fun, leaves me a little’ puzzled for policeman; not that I thought I was in love with lost, but given how he insisted despite continuing pullback, I was expecting something more.


Obviously I'm not sorry, on the contrary, I welcome very much now that thanks to the story with Ben, Jack opened my eyes. La dichiarazione che fa ad Amanda nel finale della puntata è perfetta, cancella ogni dubbio sul fatto che, al di là di quanto accaduto in queste quattro stagioni, loro due siano fatti l’uno per l’altra “I’m doing this now because I can’t watch you be with anyone else, because for once, we are both in a place to maybe start a relationship, and after everything that we’ve been through, and at a time when I don’t know what the future holds, I have one certainty in my life, Emily…one. And that is how I feel about you. It’s always been you…from the moment Sammy ran up to you that day". Ammetto che mi sono commossa, Jack in a nutshell sums up what I thought of their couple and shippare made it for me despite the developments remassero against. Unfortunately Amanda rejects, but I didn't expect anything different from you, throwing his arms in a motion of confidence in happy ending doesn't belong; in his eyes the weight of everything in which he involved in recent years is still a boulder that keeps them away, not believed to be able to give him what he deserves.


But no matter. It doesn't matter that Amanda destroy the emotion of the scene, Jack gone with the wrong answer – "I'm not going to wait around", It might be a bit’ more patient saw how much it took to wake up – now is enough to give me hope that the wonderful ending that I look forward from the pilot's coming and then I can even bear to be missing only eight episodes to farewell to Amanda Clarke.


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