Revenge – 4×16 Retaliation – Review by R.


A shot behind the scene ’ more on this episode, terminating in a rush of developments that seemed destined to last, scrambling into play cards.

Although the main cause of all evil is Margaux LeMarchal, part of the scene is stolen by the new purchase of Hamptons Natalie, whose period of sympathy ends so fast as the issue on appeal is the ’ testament. The obviousness of ’ nurse ’ upstart who scam the rich, the elderly patient is driven off by a scenario much more sad and dangerous: Natalie Waters was one of the lovers of Conrad Grayson, l ’ nth that promised everything and remained a dry mouth; It has crept into the lives of his father and starved until he was forced to sign the new testament. The fact that you consider yourself to a higher level of Lydia Davis confirms that it is even more pathetic than this ’ last – as if the nickname Bunny is not sufficient – Although equally meddling; Lydia had brought to investigate Emily to regain Victoria, Natalie wants to engage David to complete one of the "greatest accomplishments" of Conrad. His plan occurs only at the time of those urletti aimed at accusing the man of aggression ’, the last decisive Act ’ after he injured a shoulder alone, having painted David to the press as a disturbed man and ripped her dress. David Clarke is one step away from repeating the experience ’ just ended, turned back to tormentor, This time a woman apparently sensitive, generous and concerned about his mental state, but believed they could manage. A reversal of the situation that we have to be thankful to Victory, recording the confession by Natalie, forcing her to abandon the trap against David and obviously the legacy of Edward ’; Mrs Grayson wants to even commit all that wealth to the Foundation on behalf of Daniel, in this case we should just agree with her "There ’ 's a silver lining to not killing me after all".


Too bad a ’ shadow over women continues to hover as followed to do nothing to stop the throngs of Margaux: a few words about the damage that the daughter-in-law will themselves are certainly not sufficient to exclude it from a moral in that competition that Oxford is doing. And unfortunately this last ’ has learned from its mistakes, coming to opt for a multi-pronged attack that only partly I saw get. I refer to Lyman Ellis, with the momentum of affection towards his sister would have to hide something else ’. Although it has never been properly clarified the role of the guy compared to the protection of Louise, one thing we have always been assured: his attachment to money; an attempt to reconquer sister love would have risked repetitive than the storyline just concluded on Louise, While Lyman does spied for Margaux is definitely more interesting and appropriate with respect to the developments that we now import more. Luckily Louise isn't tonta as it seems, and when becca Lyman to steal data from the computer of Nolan doesn't believe in half-word. Escape to the outside of the villa ’ – swimming pool and precipice – reveals the fate of one of the two like, in Beautiful, Dell ’ dell ’ approach pregnant heeled Hope 12 the Logan House stairway; at least here the fall is not so ridiculous: is Lyman to be worse, While his sister revived the ’ experience of the death of father. Since the ’ aspiring Congressman Ellis had just copied the contents of the Nolan computers, all the sorrow is for Louise, not even the strength to tell her husband what happened, going inevitably to complicate the situation.


This wards off death by the time the world's revelation of the last years of the life of Emily Thorne, but we are a long way from the ’ be quiet. La francesina is well-organized – easy when you do all the work to others – and in addition to lean to Lyman and blackmail to Ben, has prepared a trap that we can only define a great wickedness, just not lead to vulgarity. The storyline on the former Ben looks like the case of the ’ episode, What must necessarily lead to some complication; instead goes well, Emily help the boy solve everything without great difficulty. The real twist comes without noticing, When we believe we can assist sereni to recover some’ parent-child time between Jack and Carl.


Margaux give all, not in the sense that the rest of his manipulations were studied as a distraction – is not yet at certain levels, truly believes in the success of other machinations – but because this is absolutely not imaginable, It goes much further than the unhealthy idea of revenge originating: frame Jack for driving while intoxicated, with Carl that is ripped, is pure evil to a guy who has always treated the ’ too well – not to mention that he killed the ’ murders of Daniel, the person in whose behalf he claims to act. With the ’ incoordinato exchange of banter between Amanda and Ben is the obvious reason ’ articulated a similar act: Jack is the weak point of Amanda, It always has been, knew even Aiden. But is this enough to destroy it so, After that last season spoke to become a happy family with her baby?

Margaux is not as corny as Emily or Victoria, but the support of one of his father's henchmen, the money and the power to put in place any dangerous tricks. With Jack arrested and Lyman died in Nolan's House, his revenge came to a point of no return, the possibility of remedy are exhausted. Amanda can count on the help of his friends ’, However, since what happened to Jack, will be willing to rischiarli?


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