Revenge – 4×18 Clarity – Review by R.


Are very rare episodes where I disagree with the choices of Emily, "Clarity" is one of those, at least until the final scene which is very different from what announced in previous minutes. A conclusion with a bang in an episode where Amanda and Nolan are not for correctness, while Mrs. Grayson he reprises his role from ruthless manipulator of the Hamptons.

Threats to, fake smiles who leave quickly to malice – true unfortunately – to Louise, These are just the first of actions Victory times to the destruction of Emily Thorne, guilty of the death of son and grandson. And neither of those two accusations responds to truth. If we would just blame someone for murder of Daniel ’, Apart from Kate, It would be Victoria; She sent the girl to Emily, without his intervention the last ’ would solve everything without tragedies. Mrs Grayson is well aware, We don't want to admit to herself, but just picking on the ’ former daughter-in-law! For this issue we cannot blame her grandson instead too opposite clear accusation of Margaux. La francesina retires in his pain, abandoning all about revenge now that too late realized the truth of the warnings came from anyone; but not entirely: Let believe that mother-in-law Emily l ’ has intentionally boost equates to pin in Victoria tasked to continue in the annihilation of the enemy ’; Margaux is not stupid, the consequences of that lie the are well clear and d Moreover, ’ is the same as Mrs. Grayson this to inspire you to condemn Amanda. Preventing the hitter – to which lends the face Courtney Love – hired by his minions, to complete the work, the girl avoid the worst – seriously was willing even to kill Emily? – However the ’ shadow of the remains lie.


Meanwhile Nolan looking for striking a compromise between his marriage and the nascent relationship with the ’ social worker. I understand that the fragility of Louise and his sudden desire for the maternity care, However, whereas in fact they are not a real couple tell the truth is the more correct option ’ under every point of view. The girl is not dumb and naïve as it seemed the first time – the real intentions immediately unmasks of Victoria – needs his Wonder Twin, but at the same time knows that what binds them is not ’ love of a husband and a wife: separated does not mean abandoning it, their relationship would not change, indeed why would Nolan should no longer lie nor feel always obliged to the Wifey. The guy is too worried about his reactions and behaves like any faithless husband, underestimating the internet companion. Victoria's words turn into facts and omissions of husband, When he finally decides to propose the separation, do you make the ’ image that is gaining momentum in the minds of Mrs. Ross: those in which he believed he had found a new family they're lying (the final blow comes with the final revelation of Emily). Now we find ourselves seriously a new dangerous enemy, something that could have been avoided if Nolan had been a sincere guy and say that from history with Padma should have learned the impact of ’ lies in a couple, Although those with the best intentions.


At least in one thing Ross made no mistake, i.e. discourage Emily from continuing in his plan to relieve the pain of Margaux. The guilt resulting from unwanted side effects of his revenge is now untenable for Amanda, We had already included in the last episode when you race in tears by his father after the ’ incident; Yet however understand the need to remedy, especially compared to stain the memory of Daniel thrown, the decision to change the statement made to the police about the death of this last ’ seems really exaggerated. Having worshiped Daniel, I would be more than happy that his name is rehabilitated, But if not this should result in an endless series of trouble for everyone else involved. This would not only by Emily: Jack would be accused of perjury, Ben's work questioned right now which became detective and who knows how else would jump out. Emily's choice would be laudable if only she touched, but Stevie and Ben are right in point out, even hard, that so would not be. The purpose of Amanda was rehabilitating his father's name, give David Clarke that justice had been denied, "Emily Thorne was not built for good" reminds Nolan, side effects there were, but that's how he got what he wanted – and even more. Jack, Thanks to mother, come to the same conclusion, After all is not to put him back in the danger that Emily has rejected; but this tough little determination, What evidence is too strong for her to leave them to face all alone.


With Porter at his side, Emily takes the microphone in front of a group of journalists and launches into a statement that at one point takes a totally unexpected turn. On live television the President of United States style, After telling the truth about the night that Daniel died – the only difference to put Malcolm Black instead of his daughter – and doing so to impress positively the two Harpies Victoria and Margaux, Emily spear in the revelation of the heart series; "There's one secret ’ that I kept. And it has cost the ones I love more than I ever wanted. I am David Clarke's daughter ’. I am Amanda Clarke". After the meeting with his father ’, This is the most important time of the season, that debate since the premiere and that seemed to never have to get. Back to Amanda Clarke was not only a problem for the same protagonist, torn between his identity and the woman who has become, but also on the public plan: Amanda took the identity of a ’ ’ other women and with that name has made several acts, falling on a number of occasions in the lawless ’. However following its history we are absolutely willing to forgive everything, so it may not be for the justice system. With those words, that trigger the flash of photographers and journalists ' questions, Emily Thorne ceases to exist, now c is only ’ Amanda Clarke.

Since the series began the ’ main question concerned the showdown with Grayson, confess to them being the daughter of David Clarke was what most expected, While the question post revenge, with the ’ goodbye to Emily Thorne, was less relevant, a formality. That's why, albeit a little’ Sorry, I am much worried about his recent decision to continue to be Emily on public, the reasons were several. D ’ the other hand but just remember when Emily had promised the writer Mason Treadwell l exclusive ’ on his history to understand that even that there was so indifferent: Let the world know the life of Amanda Clarke seemed a definitive act of Justice for her and her father. That time has arrived; beyond David and revenge on Grayson, the return to life of Amanda Clarke is the centerpiece of the series and especially of this final season. And now is no longer just a personal matter.


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