Revenge – 4×19 Exposure – Review by R.


I didn't have to prepare your handkerchiefs for the ’ episode nineteen! But on the other hand most ’ d it is dedicated to a continuous reminder of what we saw in these four years, so refrain is virtually impossible!

The revelation on live tv about his true identity unleash pandemonium around Amanda Clarke, that becomes the woman everyone wants to know. Unfortunately not only the public and the media to seek the new Countess of Monte Cristo, in the forefront you place the victims of red marker, or those who have fallen one after the other ’ in the face of traps Emily Thorne. There is ’ that say, have a great chutzpah! If Miss Thorne has placed them, had great reasons: all they had left to corrupt by Conrad, doing their part in the sentencing of David Clarke. By the Prosecutor to the Court, from all ’ psychologist friend financial advisor, passing through the ’ former Secretary Lydia Davis, everyone had given his contribution to the construction of ’ David Clarke affair, painting the ’ man as a ruthless terrorist money hungry. In twenty years not even the news of the death in prison of David made them repent, even now that the world knows the truth about the innocence of ’ man ’, They also dare to take revenge on Amanda, guilty only by giving what is deserved. COS is that ’ did not understand exactly? Whereas they should rot in jail, It went too well, Although visas was predictable elements that the loss of social prestige and heritage the play equal ’ should all hell; Fortunately the threat by David prospettargli an end seems much worse, causing them to desist from these absurd proposals.


It is not the same for Victory, that does not give the world time to assimilate the truth of Amanda and with the help of Louise Retrieves the famous stick on which Lyman had transferred the contents of your computer by Nolan. Jeez Louise, you couldn't think about it first and get it back to your husband?! Mrs Grayson is skillful in turning to his liking the ’ image that Nolan's red and Amanda; It is evident that the mystery about Emily Thorne has nothing to do with Ellis as it is easy to understand why those involved don't seem to have ever spoken, but that good sense as he tries to make his way is immediately captured by the venom of Victoria. Might not be satisfied at all by whatever Amanda told? The excuse of revenge for the boost to daughter-in-law falls quickly in the face of this latest confession of ’, yet Mrs Grayson never gives up, want to show everyone what was responsible for Emily Thorne, pleading again with a skewed view of reality: perseveres in seeing in the girl guilty of amari destinies of Charlotte, Daniel and Pascal, When the only ones to blame are you and Conrad. However to demonstrate the total difference between Amanda and Victoria, the first in ’ interview that releases live tv, admits that his actions unintentionally have often caused pain for people to her dearest; This is sincerity dear Vicky!


But let's take a step back. The decision for ’ interview – think how it would have been funny if the presenter had been Barbara d Urso ’! – comes after a nasty dispute with the "beasts" Nolan, which naively has preserved the evidence of their actions of recent years, now put in big trouble. A highly poignant outburst for us fans, see how much we love them together; Ems is also a wee bit exaggerated in this case, After all, keep the memory of what they faced is a great sign d ’ affection by ’ friend, but surely – as Jack says in an attempt to comfort Nolan – speaking is fear. The best form of defence is attack and after ’ Amanda you throw in exclusive interview "no questions" off limits "to the condition that Victoria is never aired. The Countess of Monte Cristo (d) ’ do not save America in telling her story, Let's walk through it with you any time, without glossing over the pain caused to people who loved; Amanda in those words is sincerity, does not hide behind excuses – which would not – It shows the world as well as the ’ have lived in these four years: a daughter who wanted to save the father. Even just through this interview, How do you not love it? Yet those two Harpies of Victoria and Margaux We manage, evidently they don't want to even try to understand why would recognize its low level. L ’ a peace offering of Amanda is now set aside, La francesina does not accept the accusations the MILF, convinced you know more than the woman who was the victim of every angheria. Maybe Victoria will not have had an easy adolescence ’ with his mother who had found, but that doesn't erase what he did to Amanda Clarke: by brainwashing the child, the struggle of recent years which decreed the death of vera Emily Thorne and Aiden. And just appoint Pascal! Conrad killed him, not Emily, While Victoria has choked with his own hands Aiden, the difference is abysmal! As it is said to have tried to order the husband to l affaire ’ David Clarke, When the truth is that the sole purpose of ’ Victoria was rid of Conrad and definitely get full immunity for his complicity! Fortunately that Margaux works in journalism, I didn't understand anything!


An episode full of emotions, where the flashbacks are master, but make it never boring; Indeed the moments that we have conducted to date, from beautiful ones with Nolan to dramatic ones, sounds like the right path to celebration of Miss Emily Thorne's Revenge. Now Emily there is ’ more, Amanda knows – "(Emily Thorne) was prepared for anything. For the first time I have no idea what's coming next "’ – and Nolan tries to make it clear to Jack, spurring him to come forward, di nuovo, with the girl to whom he had dedicated his boat – here the flashback I have killed, I still remember how was the heartbreaking episode where Sammy died. Like vent ’ years ago it seems that Amanda, Jack and David are ready to live a wonderful summer ’ on the beach every summer to come, Perhaps with a beautiful wedding to frame the whole thing – really would just a pretty little puppy! Pity that in addition to Margaux and Victoria, There is someone else lurking that has not yet satisfied of ’ goodbye to Emily Thorne!


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