Revenge – 4×20 Burn – Review by R.


“Amanda Clarke has dug a grave for me tonight (...) You can t ’ resurrect a woman dead to the world ", so Victoria had spoken at the end of last episode and now around that phrase has created the perfect revenge against the enemy.

The defeat of Victoria Grayson the ’ we have advocated from the very first moment we did his knowledge and in four years it has never managed to let us change your mind. Even when Amanda has made very strong shots, try for her displeasure was virtually impossible because in one way or in another ’ could always not be the poor victim, but the reason of all evil own and others. More than anything else to annoy by Victoria – like Conrad – is his not having ever really regret what he did, always finding an excuse to his questionable decisions and discharging other liability; Perhaps the only one with whom he expressed a slight repentance was David, However the feeling of total admission and not sorrow remains even compared to ’ men. See her pay was one of the main desires that have accompanied us in the various seasons and last Season Finale started to be carried out: Mrs Grayson lost prestige, the heritage, his children and even the newly found ’ David Clarke; the ’ interview by Amanda l ’ has put in front of his acts, at the same time offering the power to do away with that vicious cycle of revenge. However, Victoria, along with Margaux, took only the first part, interpreting it as his final public destruction; Whereas it is the only ’ who has never paid nor has never been investigated for l affaire ’ David Clarke, those accusations were live tv the least you could expect. He could decide to retire from the scene of the Hamptons, away from the clamour, building a new life where nobody knows Grayson. Indeed it does, but only in appearance, being part of a diabolical plot to destroy definitively Amanda Clarke.


A perfect plan, that also involves an FBI agent to witness acts of Amanda and terror that arouses in you; the same Louise do you reshoot with absolute ease, She became a witness to the assault ’’ "friend", so this last ’ of course blames Emily. Although it may not be involved in the epilogue of the plan ’, I can't help thinking that behind the hooded woman there was Margaux, now I think it is capable of anything. Confirmation that the Victoria fragile, trembling and scared that we see for more than half the episode is just a perfect read comes from the same interpreter Madeleine Stowe, in an interview with ’ EW explains his final exit from the show scene ABC – at that time had not yet arrived confirming that this season's Revenge would be the last ’. The composure and decision retrieves his "Iron Throne" – the Chair with the words in French – we return the real Victoria, ready to its final act. The woman opens the gas in ’ now former Grayson Manor, He sits on his chair and triggers the ’ lighter: the whole villa ’ on fire. Madeleine Stowe sweeps away any doubt about a return of her character in the face of speculation of his possible escape – After all, to believe that Victoria is really life is not easy, Whereas it has already once miraculously saved and that fit for Amanda fake death would have been perfectly in his style. But this time to Victoria Grayson is the end; the review yet, but only in a series of flashbacks that will help us understand why his gesture, can not a vendetta to Amanda: the Stowe said "I think that anybody who has really, really watched the show and who really knows Victoria would know that She ’ 's pretty much had a death wish". We'll see if the revelations that lie ahead in these flashbacks help us sympathize a little with Mrs. Grayson, for now, however, we can already recognize that his was a character that we loved to hate, one of the best bad ever, without her Revenge would not have been the same and this has certainly helped Madeleine Stowe, wonderful in the role that earned her applause from critics – including a Golden Globes nomination 2012 for Best Actress in a Drama Series – and the public.


Per Amanda faces three final episodes quite difficult, given that almost certainly will be accused of the murder of ’ ’ former mother-in-law and her disfavor are already three testimonials (Margaux, Louise and the dell agent ’ ’ FBI); the key with the evidence was destroyed for good luck, Although it seems strange to me that it was all so easy, I would be more peaceful if before the break it had controlled ’. L ’ only positive is the return of sereno between you and Nolan, While on any other front is the drama. David is suffering from a lymphoma, really a cruel twist of fate; I hope it's just the thousandth to overcome ahead of ’ happy ending for father and daughter, cannot be returned from the dead to be defeated by a tumor! Although treatable, the ’ man has the courage to say to daughter, only Stevie knows and although offers his help decides to return to Los Angeles, a choice that leaves me just a little’ perplexed to worsen when Jack Decides to follow her. D ’ agreement that Amanda has rejected him and he had made it clear that he expected ’ not, but leave without warn you or respond to your phone call is exaggerated; Jack should know that she's just scared and doesn't want to ruin her life again and if you do not know, Nolan explains him very well, Why be so stubborn? Amanda travel at the airport is worthy of a romantic film, Unfortunately, without the final Kiss because the flight has just left.


From what happens around you seem to just fall to the words of the brush back Mason Treadwell; He was the mystery man of the ’ of the previous episode's final ’, angry because the revelation on live tv by Amanda made her book being already obsolete draft. Recalling how he had developed his story after meeting with Emily Thorne ’ I understand the anger ’, but that doesn't put him well to create messes that already has too many! His speech carefully and equally bitterly describes the ’ Arch of Amanda Clarke, mired in its sole and revenge, While everyone else went on with their lives. “Like the little pyromaniac that you are, you started a fire and convinced yourself that you could contain it (...) You can’t exist without revenge (...) First you will crash…then you will burn”: la piccola Amanda che appiccava incendi nelle case affidatarie ha dato il via ad un fuoco che ora, per quanto si sforzi, non riesce a spegnere; e con il modo in cui è arrivata la morte di Victoria, questa descrizione non suona più solo come una metafora.


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