Revenge – 4×21 Aftermath – Review by R.


Every fear nightmare last episode resulted in "Aftermath" and in some respects the reality is much worse than we could imagine. The first part of the episode is pervaded by a general feeling of relief, After the discovery that Victoria is victim of suicide explosion at ’ Grayson Manor. Incredible news, that seems permanently mark the moment for various characters to leave the past behind. Nolan can design a vacation with her Tony, Amanda can think to win back Jack.

All is not roses and flowers though: David continues to hide the disease to his daughter, The blackmails Mason, While Ben and Jack dare the ’ assumption that the girl may have to do with what happened in Victoria. This last aspect ’ is perhaps most irritating of mourning of those two witches of Margaux and Louise, especially from Porter – Well at least is justified by the ugly end of report. Jack know Amanda and although it is never pulled back from criticising its d mode action ’, know that you don't push so much; yet Nolan calls to make sure that you do not enter anything and ’ c when the meets, with that inquisitive look, do you feel obliged to declare his innocence. Do not give even the ability to speak in peace because he wants to go straight to Los Angeles, change your mind only when Ben informs him that Amanda was all ’ race to stop airport. The Clarke will also have pulled the rope with his feelings, but it's not that he has been less: had put fake pregnant Amanda, had mishandled Emily once discovered his true identity and until a few episodes ago even he ever admitted to loving it, and then so hard right now is a little’ exaggerated. Amanda asks only to be able to speak since before leaving the denied even a greeting, but Jack nothing, even with fake Amanda was much disliked.


Mason Treadwell looks rather like a pesky flea, whose RID quickly, but thankfully without too much difficulty. Its storyline seems destined for a quick conclusion, appearing almost useless as it unfolds if not for closing the loop from pending Treadwell last season. A well that is not so for the narrative weaves, a drama instead for Amanda. When the girl tries in vain to reach him on the phone one senses that something is wrong, especially considering that his alibi for the time of the death of ’ Victoria. Mason has always been very irritating and sneaky – must remember that fame and wealth as a journalist for a biography on David Clarke who could be completely false – but I didn't think that would be an accomplice of the same Act of vent ’ years ago. In the light of the final revelation, the monologue in which Mason had closed "Burn" takes on a very literal meaning and not random: the journalist has helped Victoria to fit Amanda for her murder; clues – blood and broken pots at the home of Victoria – found by Louise and Margaux and their testimonies are trifles compared to what committed by Mason: not only did so to be his alibi for the unprovable moment of death, the man also pretend ’ a cold to fill the car ’ Amanda hair and blood of former MILF. The Clarke will be dismissed for the book, but he kept the promise to clear his name and ultimately if he did go to jail, had its good reasons, come sempre, While he takes revenge on the ruthless way. There is ’ anything to do, various accomplices of affaire ’ David Clarke does not repent, even after all these years and the scandal that emerged, even when they are well as repeat offenders.


Mason is also the Messenger of last words Victory for Amanda – with a page that will automatically cancel itself after the course vision – the explanation which gives a sense of everything that happened in the last few hours and which manifests itself in a kind of law of retaliation. Mrs Grayson has decided to implement the plan that Amanda had prepared for her wedding night with Daniel: as Emily Thorne wanted the world to believe that she was killed by neo-MILF, so Victoria fit Amanda for her murder, with the difference that while Emily would have lived away under a new identity, Mrs Grayson committed suicide. This then was what the woman wanted to do "Something Amanda Clarke never had the courage to do herself" in the last episode: do not close with the revenge killing Victoria, but committing suicide. The Grayson has tapped the ingenious plan of the former daughter-in-law and perfected by eliminating the only flaw ’, namely the ’ absence of corpse; adding to this the lust of Margaux and Louise to testify against Amanda, the prospects for this ’ last I am seriously serious.

The only positive side ’ of investigations into the death of Victoria is that Amanda discovers her father's disease, Surely it is a stab in the serenity that was finding, but the girl had a right to know and can thus stay close – even if the current situation does not help.

Even the happiness of Nolan has short life; Tony in fact the plant in ACE now that her adoption application was accepted. I see not why, d the agreement ’ need to focus on the baby coming soon, but this shouldn't mean a complete withdrawal from public life. Possible that all the times that Nolan is falling, you get something to fasten everything in the bud? Padma is dead, Patrick is gone and Tony becomes father! At least Let's give it a try to this guy!


The ’ episode ends with Amanda being taken away in handcuffs by Ben while Jack screams his innocence, promising two final stakes high voltage and especially high nervousness, forced to observe the consequences of the diabolical plan of Victoria. And Margaux and Louise will increase the level of nervous, especially that ungrateful ’ of Ellis, that rather than being eternally indebted by Amanda for rescuing her from the internment camp ’, is a defender of the false friend of Victoria. Please also note that the two women have read the farewell letter of the latter, that would change a lot of Amanda's position. Margaux and Louise, that are capitate by chance in the life of Grayson, two widows been inconsolable also seem full of anger and, quite ridiculous when the daughter Charlotte does not even a phone call! The review prior to greet the Hamptons?


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