Revenge – 4×22 Plea – Review by R.


Revenge We're giving away a final rush where the voltage does not cease even for a minute; even with everything that happens in "Plea" is hard to believe that Miss a single episode all ’ goodbye to our favorite retaliator. Forty minutes of rollovers, Returns and a departure that cast a shadow on ’ quite heavy impending Series Finale ’.

The ’ episode opens with a welcome reunion of family Everwood: all lawyer ’ Amanda in fact lends the face Tom Amandes, that is he who in the series as Dr. Abbott, the father of the character of Emily VanCamp, Amy. The actress had slightly ’ didn't spoil these scenes by posting a picture of this reunion and showing us the Clarke in Orange seal explanation. Another father-daughter hangout that along with the long-awaited declaration ’ love between Amanda and Jack gives us the only positive moments of the episode. "I want us to have that chance", How long have we waited that Amanda made these words a Porter? But as well as the almost kiss is interrupted by the arrival of Nolan ’, every good intuition of Emily&Co. is destroyed in the bud.


Leave the House to go looking for Mason is not a good idea, We understand immediately; d ’ l ’ technological aid agreement by Nolan, but they could go the same Ross, David or Jack. But it is a gesture typical of Emily Thorne. In this episode, in fact, Amanda gives way to Emily in the fight to bring to light the truth; and so when Ben calls Emily despite the whole world now knows his identity, doesn't sound out of place, because that girl is ready to do anything just Emily. Especially when in jail threat with a Margaux makeshift weapon ’ (a sock and batteries), Let's review the girl of brilliant plans, that even in the most desperate situations could emerge winner. Nothing could stop Emily Thorne. So far, because c is ’ now a fundamental difference: they know who he is and what he's capable of – even though say that terrorized the community for four years I seem really too, in case the ’ has saved from corrupt mercilessly. And indeed Well connects your brief blackouts all of evasion ’ ex, While his enemies are organized to scrub it. But the pieces of the puzzle begin to match: little information about the last movements of Mason, the recognition of self ’ accompanied him as one of LeMarchal lyrics and the ability of persuasion by Amanda of Margaux, enough to Clarke to understand that the trap is over is much more subtle than we thought.

Madeleine Stowe's statements in reference to what happened in’episode 20 swept away doubts about any fiction of ’ death by Victory. Yet every detail that you find in this episode leads to the version that every fan had suspected, that Victoria is alive and well to enjoy the destruction of his rival. Mason was accompanied by a woman with Regal and beautiful skin; behind the hooded woman who assaulted Victoria c ’ was Margaux; the corpse of a woman, Mary Gaines, without relatives and died recently has mysteriously disappeared from the morgue ’. To I Would Be not just the precise description of Emily, but when Louise is his duty telling him that they had found the Black sweatshirt with hood to Grayson's House, you are running to verify all. Mary Gaines house detective is Victoria while coming out of shower; "Son of a bitch, you are alive "I think it's the reaction that at that time we shared with that poor guy. Poor not because they trusted by Emily, but by the end he makes a second after: stabbed by the assassin Courtney Love posted by Margaux. Perhaps we shall mourn his death not, but in the end the only thing we can ’ blame the COP is he in love with Emily and then acted blinded by those feelings.


Then Victoria is alive? From ’ final image don't seem to just be doubts, especially since even the Oxford shoe is fully involved. If Victoria had really committed suicide, I doubt that Margaux would accept, This was the only point that ’ me to exclude it from its full involvement. But now we know for sure who took part in the whole plan and Victoria l ’ we saw clearly. As I put my hand on fire that behind all ’ assault in the parking lot there was Margaux, I never thought I could get to a low level. As soon as Louise tells the newly released deposition – smarts to stratospheric levels – call now someone LeMarchal lyrics, that in hindsight can only be Courtney Love. Saw the woman who did not want to be responsible for the death of a human being?! It is obvious why is the unique ’ daughter-in-law ever accepted by Victoria, are equal, two unscrupulous witches! Since his arrival to the Hamptons Margaux has dealt with a descent into hell that now appears without return.

Unlike Charlotte, that seems to have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. We find indeed in the rehabilitation center where he had gone for treatment, with the opposite role, IE support to newcomers. Is Louise to visit her to have the authorization to enter ’ in the ’ of his beloved Victoria apartment. Charlotte's behavior is much more sensible than the Ellis, that continues to believe blindly in Grayson, Remember that even the ’ had used to escape from the clinic; the woman's second child you remember everything perfectly, including the first pretend Mommy's death at the beginning of ’ dating from the second season. While Louise needs hard evidence to doubt Victoria – and anyway two minutes after you do cheat naively from Margaux – in Charlotte is just the clear vision of the past that has developed lately; not even the slightest intention of going back to the Hamptons. And this last point ’ leaves me a little’ perplexed; d ’ agreement for the mother, but for David and Amanda? Are his family after all and are facing perhaps the worst time of all their dramatic story, Why not go to support? Would like to be called Charlotte Clarke, but since he found them didn't ever given a real possibility; and maybe the series finale will be already too late to do so.


If the judicial issue and Ben's death were not enough, get a news which would in any case in despair. The mouse lymphoma David is more advanced than doctors thought and has spread to the brain: is incurable and if all goes well, the remaining six months of life. C ’ is worst case scenario for the end of the show? After years of struggle and sacrifices, Amanda would be ripped again the father and being in prison could not even spend the last moments with him. In this circumstance, even the combative Emily Thorne can win: her clinging between tears to money, experimental treatments, an own laboratory, making tell David that will try all, It is a desperate attempt not to surrender, but at the same time the girl is aware that this time the battle has hopes. She competed and won against the impossible ’, However in the end Amanda cannot do anything to save his father. Is with the weight of David that we prepare the Final Series, the title "Two Graves" promised evil itself; and if you already had in mind to keep at hand the kleenex, now I really don't know how I'll be able to face the ’ farewell to the Clarke family.


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