Revenge – 4×23 Two Graves (Series Finale) – Review by R.


After four seasons of revenge Amanda Clarke comes to its conclusion and it does so with respect with which style has made us fall in love since pilot. "Two Graves" is a Series Finale where nothing is missing: twist, long awaited scenes and emotions to no end; but especially closes perfectly the rim started with the arrival of ’ Emily Thorne in the Hamptons.

The title of this episode refers to a quote from Confucius "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, build two graves "and before the American airing there have been speculations about a possible ’ death of protagonist. A reasonable doubt whereas the original plan assumed the ’ goodbye to Emily Thorne with the expulsion by ’ Hamptons under a new identity, in a nutshell a formal death. Some similarities with Prison Break (last Amanda's escape from the maximum security prison after the admission of guilt ’) and the events that follow each other then make me seriously fear that the tragic fate that Michael Scofield is also waiting on the Clarke. If you have seen Scream, well as one of the most anticipated scenes in the series is overshadowed by bad premonitions, but not before the joy of seeing Amanda and Jack Finally together. The two take refuge at the home of Mary Gaines, discovering the true identity of the woman and that is the place where Ben was killed; faced with the fear of confessed Amanda, Porter fulfills the desire of us shipper of the couple: do not end the ’ girl's adventure without a kiss. Risvegliatasi, the Clarke finds a message from Jack who went to try to eat. Then Amanda and Jack make love and then he assures that will soon return, two conditions that according to the rules set out in Scream equals certain death. Revenge is a drama and not a horror, but the arrival of ’ Courtney Love (White Gold) Home Gaines, with only Jack, raise the alert level from ’, for sganciarci the blow when Porter was badly stabbed. In addition to increasing the prospects for the conclusion of the dramatic series, the critical condition of Jack represent a breakthrough for Amanda and Nolan: suffering to the enemy is no longer a sufficient price.


And while Jack – in memory of children's wedding on the beach – asks David blessing to marry his daughter, This last ’ prepares for final showdown with Victory Grayson. Since the beginning we knew that ’ the final confrontation would have these two women as protagonists, beyond the sins of Conrad, Victoria has always been the ’ Amanda's arch, the one who with the betrayal by David kicked off at all. The Grayson is prepared to receive: If one side believes that as usual Emily will not have the courage to kill her, dall’altro si assicura di fargliela pagare con delle telecamere che riprendono il loro ultimo showdown. “When I was a little girl the delineation between good and evil was as clear as night and day. But as life grows complicated, that line blurs and we learn to justify our actions when we believe we’ve crossed it”, le parole iniziali di Amanda risuonano inevitabilmente quando punta la pistola alla nemica e forse per la prima volta speriamo che non dia seguito a quel proposito, non per Victoria, but for herself; Emily Thorne has never crossed that line because he knew that at that point there would be no way back to the light: kill the Grayson, In addition to bring it straight to jail, It would mean losing his soul. However c ’ is something that has always distinguished Amanda Victoria: the first is surrounded by people who love and are ready to defend it, We have had several times in this test last season ’. And so when Amanda is to say goodbye to his soul, is David who shoots in its place salvandogliela; the father meets as a child and had promised that until now had never been able to do "If you ever go off the path, ’ Dad's going to be there to bring you back ". Is the ’ love of his father to save Amanda, as well as on other occasions they did the people he met along the way. For Victoria instead there is ’ no one, his sons – not that you don't have even the funeral – not Louise, Neither Margaux, neither his mother. Victoria has had a terrible mother, but were his subsequent actions to create scorched earth around: his mother – she was Mary Gaines, whose body Vicky used instead of just to feign his death – will also be evil in the last words that the appeal, but we know that they are not so far from the truth. Victoria will have loved his children more than his mother had loved her, but with his actions got what he always tried to avoid: the ’ have abandoned; confess to-wannabe daughter Louise – the only ’ who spent nice words at the funeral – the truth is the ’ last chance to have someone that is still near, wrongly convinced that the girl is a dummy easily manipulated.


Again like the killer of horror, Victoria has never completely died, and after the shooting of David usa remained forces to shoot Amanda, ruining for the umpteenth time ’ an intense father-daughter moment. Two women stretched out on the ground bleeding and thought goes to two graves. The commercial break is a torture and to cover the preceding name Clarke on a headstone badness. But the drama is less than we do fear: as foreshadowed in the previous episode ’, is David to be dead because of lymphoma, After the judge has granted him compassionate release. In a day of snow David says goodbye to his Amanda, glad to have seen the extraordinary woman who has become and not before having said to a ’ last time to love her "Infinity times…". A heartbreaking scene; Perhaps wondered too in hope to see David accompany Amanda all altar ’, though it would have been really nice! I recognize, however, that in light of the way in which he saved his daughter, his death buys a sense; and also his return. David miraculously appeared a year ago, mixing the cards in play, giving us some emotions and suffering for the difficult construction of relationship with Amanda; probably not being able to see the development of this ’ is the greatest regret, However that "You devoted your life to saving me. ’ it's my turn"it is the end that gives the strongest sense of its storyline and subsequent death is more acceptable to the rest of his life in prison for having released by Victoria. Amanda same intervenes on the theme of the return of David: in fact recognizes the truth in the quotation of Confucius, assuming that if it wasn't for his father the second Tomb would really be his.


And anyway is also rightly Nolan to accompany Amanda all altar ’! He also has his moment of glory by delivering White Gold and leading authorities to turn himself in Margaux, After twice crossed the line. Ross Nolan was the best companion that Amanda could have, always ready to help and with a touch of moral by Jiminy that helped ’ not miss. And now it will? Amanda gives him a new purpose, a boy whose mother was unjustly sentenced to life ’, so for him "Revenge" continues. The finale more suitable to our Nolan, that drives away the doubts on fast abandonment of ’ social worker.


The last minute Revenge are the ending that I always wanted: the marriage of Amanda and Jack with a new labrador puppy, as well as it should have been since they were children. Not everything the audience cheered for this couple, some for the character of Porter, others because they saw in their representation of the idea of infantile ’ love ’. But since Revenge is started, Since Sammy l ’ has recognized and made them meet again it was clear that Amanda and Jack were simply "meant to be"; Maybe it's from fairy tale, However, it is the conclusion that the pilot and all that have faced seemed impractical and therefore even more romantic and appreciable; and then after all the dramas that we endured a fairy-tale ending we wanted! Alongside Amanda c is also ’ Charlotte, to confirm that the relationship between sisters is finally building; those who have lost along the way – Declan, Emily, Aiden, Ben and David – are mentioned by Jack's speech.


While Nolan embraces his new purpose, Amanda and leave restored boat Jack by David, leaving behind the Hamptons; but a nightmare threat for our avenging serenity: the Clarke continues to dream that after the shot, Charlotte donated the heart of Victoria to her, who otherwise would not survive. So Amanda would have the heart of the woman who even now can't forgive. Disturbing scenario, yet far-fetched. In front of this scene the reactions of the fans have wasted, so was the same Emily VanCamp a voler fare chiarezza con un tweet che ci tranquillizza:


“When everything you love has been stolen from you… sometimes all you have left is revenge” con queste parole Amanda Clarke si era presentata nel pilot; a distanza di quattro anni ci saluta con la medesima frase, with a different second part "Consider my story as you embark on your own journey of revenge. And always remember…what goes around, comes around”. Revenge chiude così dopo quattro intense stagioni, where sometimes there have been of dubious plot carried out – the ’ Initiative – but Americon who have always been able to keep alive the interest of spectators ’, especially cautiously in extending the desired revenge ’; all of the storyline in the game have had a satisfactory conclusion, even with the ’ hint of Nolan's new location. Say goodbye to this show is difficult, Fortunately we soon Emily VanCamp cinema with Captain America: Civil War. But meanwhile it has to be said: good bye Amanda Clarke, I will miss you!


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