Sleepy Hollow – 2×01 This Is War (Season Premiere) – by R.


Last season's finale was beautiful, with those final ten minutes that revealed an unexpected and shocking truth: Henry not only is the Knight of war, but is the son of Ichabod and Katrina. Personally I had some doubts about the loyalty of the Sin Eater, but it slipped quickly (because it was my favorite) and I was thinking that it might be the little Jeremy Crane. We left all the main characters in trouble: Jenny victim of a traffic accident, the "Lef-tenant" Abbie Mills in purgatory, Katrina in the hands of the Headless Horseman/ex boyfriend Abraham and Ichabod buried alive by her own son. The end of the hero was more alarming – how do I exit the Tomb underground? – and sad: buried by his son never knew. The same fate had undergone the unforgettable Angel at the end of the third season of its spin off, When that unbearable Connor had locked in a coffin, flung then at the bottom of the ocean. In fact her father's stories of these two men are not so different, both were prevented from being fathers and suddenly find themselves with an adult child resentful (unjustified I would). I continue to prefer Henry Connor, the son of Angel and Darla was really unsustainable! The Horseman of War is a fascinating character, cruel and clever in equal measure, not to mention his role as a Sin Eater, that if until the season finale seemed a conviction, now in the light of truth assumes anything weight, that demonstrates this first episode – eat the sins makes it possible to read everything they know his enemies. He's behind that annoying time leap that at the beginning of the episode is presented as the perfect ploy chosen by writers to address the questions that we had offhanded hailed. We find indeed Abbie and Ichabod intent on celebrating birthday of man and their speeches would suggest that a year has passed and that Jenny and Katrina died, ma scherziamo?! Although you enter immediately into the action with Benjamin Franklin's key search and discover that Henry is their prisoner (?), I wasn't very excited about this beginning, all that waiting and then I unravel every problem with a leap in time, maybe be filled slowly with flashbacks?! The revelation that is only an illusion, concocted by Henry to find the key of Franklin is a welcome turn of events that galvanize vision, Despite perhaps some attentive spectator had already guessed before the protagonists some clues scattered here and there (for example, the movement of the roots of bonsai and the words of Henry "anything can be tricked into believing a lie"). When the objective of the Sin Eater is reached (Abbie understands that Jenny should know where is the key) We are listed along with the characters exactly where the first season was over: Ichabod buried, Abbie in purgatory, Katrina with Abraham and Jenny lying on the street. Ok, Now you can really do!


Mystical plane everything revolves around key (Gehenna key) that Benjamin Franklin in ' 700 sought to destroy with fire from heaven (Here's how the lightning rod!), but in vain: the key to survive with each attempt exactly as the book of witches of "the House" by Sam Raimi. The current rule allows you to break the Gehenna key Purgatory "A soul cannot leave unless another takes its place", that had compelled Abbie to stay in that world because Katrina might go with Ichabod. If our the could be used to bring together the two witnesses without sacrificing the witch, for Moloch it is the way to get to earth along with his army of demons. Research and key usage give way to Ichabod and Jenny on one side and Abbie to demonstrate their capabilities. Ichabod puts again his wits, leveraging the sulfur into the soil to cause an explosion and exit the coffin; Jenny force fleeing from men's check of Henry (Although Crane driving the ambulance is crucial, In addition to being the funniest moment of the episode; Learn to drive?); and Abbie, with the help of former colleague/dead vievente Cho, takes advantage of the cache of Moloch to communicate with Ichabod how did Katrina. The commitment of all bears its fruits, Ichabod reaches the Mills in purgatory and manage to overcome the deceptions of the spirits through the strength of their relationship: just one wrong word ("He didn't say lef-tenant") by the fake Crane because Abbie cuts the head off the right guy. But we must say that in the immediately preceding scene had it not arrived Ichabod she'd scrub in full and trivially: the rule is simple, they were well avveriti in the season finale "No eating or drinking anything in there. Don't accept anything from anyone "and she was going to accept water from the first Ichabod who passed!


The only one that does not combine anything is Katrina. You are a witch, you brought your beloved, you managed to survive in spite of Purgatory Moloch and the only thing that comes to mind to get away from the Headless Horseman is stick a dagger in my hand? And’ the death Knight and is without a head, What ever will do that little scratch? About su, You can do better! Because if you keep this up, no one will be more in favor of the couple Katrina-Ichabod, while ramping up the shippers Ichabbie. Influenced by movies Sleepy Hollow, where Katrina and Ichabod were impersonated by Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp, are fans of the original pair and after all even in this series there is presented as the real big love, plagued from the beginning; Crane and the Mills I see them more like best friends or siblings who don't a couple in love (un po’ as Carol and Daryl The Walking Dead). However this Katrina must commit to uphold the honor of being Mrs.. Crane! The relationship between Abbie and Ichabod is getting stronger, they have their own nicknames ("Lef-tenant"), in investigations and in the battle complement each other and exchanging jokes before and after saving the girl from purgatory ("I do not accept" goodbye ", "I will return for you", "I don't think I would've made it without you", "I kept my promise") suggest a deep emotional bond, I don't know what could result if Crane were to be confronted with the choice between the two women in his life.

While Katrina remains in the clutches of Abraham, the two witnesses are reunited in Sleepy Hollow, the key is to herself after the only used by them and the terrible Moloch is forced to prepare another plan, not long in coming. The appearance of Henry was one of his pluses in deceiving Abbie and Ichabod: a middle-aged man like him can hardly suggest the dreaded Knight of war! But now Moloch gives him a suit of armor that can control at will and use to take to the real battle. Henry welcomes it with the words of the Bible "I bring not peace, but a sword "and gives her a burning sword that would be the envy of Stannis Baratheon! The war has just begun, but Ichabod succeeds really to go against his son?


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