Sleepy Hollow – 2×02 The Kindred – by R.


The little Jeremy Crane had taught us: If you can't fight alone, created a monster friend to do it for you; and his adult version replicates the story with that sort of avatar on horseback. But now even the dad makes his monster staff, the "Kindred", a pile of corpses with the head of the Headless Horseman, the only being able to counteract the latter.

Except for Jenny who ends up in prison in an effort to help the two witnesses in the creation of "Kindred", everything goes rather easily, the birth of Frankenstein had been more complicated. It must be said that much of the work had already made Benjamin Franklin, such Abbie and Ichabod we recover the head of Knight, attach it to the pile of corpses and recite a formula. The Kindred has also proved to be quite adept (He had against both the Horseman of Death that the Horseman of War) and true to its creators (immediately intervened to rescue Abbie). Sin is not for nothing, of course thanks to the usual, useless Katrina. Ichabod's relationship with his wife and Abbie is the real interesting theme of the episode. Man wants to regain its witch, suspecting that the plan of the Headless Horseman is to tie it to himself with a ritual sealed in blood, This is to be determined in the creation of the Kindred; but Abbie fears that the love for Katrina and the concentration on his rescue are a distraction from the real objective of the two witnesses. I must say that here the "lef-tenant" made me a little’ up their noses, After all, this is your wife, Okay their mission to stop the Apocalypse, but cannot claim that put aside just like that; and Ichabod makes for "I have not forgotten our duty as Witnessess, but I do have another duty to my wife ". However then Crane to corroborate his intent to play the card of the usefulness of Katrina for their cause, "She is a witch of extraordinary abilities. She could tip the scales of this war on either side "… but when ever? In ' 700 maybe, now uselessness brief space; blocking of her powers caused from purgatory should be discontinued with the release from that world, yet not even try telekinesis! He's there to complain to Abraham, but at the same time suffers the mundane mind games: the rider sneaks a major interest of Ichabod to Abbie – evidenced by the fact that while the latter is already out from purgatory, She is still holding his – and she really lets upset. Let alone, a gentleman like Ichabod! And’ true, the link with Mills is deeper and deeper, She even goes so far as to say "My faith in you is my greatest weakness", explaining his nearly succumbing to mock Crane in purgatory with "That demon version of you appeared just when that place was about to break me. I'd never been so happy to see anyone in my life ", almost a declaration of love!


But Katrina remains the great love of Ichabod, the woman that started it all. However, Although you always think the salvation of his wife, Crane asks Abbie "Do you think Katrina is my weakness?", the "Maybe" with which the answer is the answer that I have given: on the other hand if it were really Ichabod would due regard that with the same certainty with which Abbie ruled over him – without question – from each other in that hero ready to sacrifice vedo Ichabod for the greater good, even if it means saying goodbye to his beloved. The General disfavor towards Katrina contributes its uselessness, where's the witch who allowed her husband to rise again by creating an unbreakable bond between him and the Headless Horseman? As if it would confirm the pointlessness of his current role comes the flashbacks about creating the Kindred by Benjamin Franklin, You can clearly see that Katrina had contributed, possible that in all those visits from the underworld is not never occurred to me to tell Ichabod? In this episode it seems that finally does something. It Seems. Actually not only his decision to stay with the Knight makes vain all the effort made by Abbie and Ichabod (Although I guess the Kindred will serve him still), but his wanting to make the mole in favour of the two witnesses is devoid of all logic: How will you communicate with your husband and saw Mills that no longer has the mirror of Moloch? Will not claim that every time those two should foot the pantomime of the fight between Knights? These doubts are added on the one hand, the irrelevance of the initial information that provided him with (you didn't need to overhear a conversation between Abraham and Henry to understand they were preparing a new plan for the arrival of Moloch on Earth!), the other ways they use to deceive the Knight: not his “great skills” Teenage Witch, but the classic women's dowry of persuasion! Ultimately Katrina is very similar to that of last season: then it was in purgatory and communicated to Ichabod Moloch's movements, It is now in the estate of Abraham and would blurt out what he and Henry have in mind. We'll see if we succeed! To make it a little’ less painful, the scene of farewell with Ichabod, that gave a touch of romance to their story often forgotten.


If Katrina wasn't trouble enough, get Leena Reyes, the new Sheriff, one who prefers making electroshock to former Captain Irving rather to believe there may be supernatural explanations to events of Sleepy Hollow. I honestly thought Irving would find a way to quickly get out of jail, not only is shipped to a mental institution, but we'll have to go over all the old barriers stemming from one end hostile and skeptical; and we start with the arrest of Jenny! The youngest of the Mills is putting better than Frank Irving, you save from electric shock only thanks to the arrival of her new lawyer: Henry. The Sin Eater deceives, making him sign a document with the blood, What's he up to?

At the moment the situation is quite similar to that of last season: a sheriff skeptical, Jenny imprisoned, Katrina trapped, Abbie and Ichabod who try to figure out how to prevent the resurrection of Moloch. The real element that might shake the whole is Henry, not only because it is the real villain on Earth, the one that this Moloch relies, but mainly because he is the son of Ichabod and Katrina; She has already pronounced "He's still our son. He's been twisted into something dark because he's suffered and for that I bear more than a measure of responsibility. But what kind of mother would I be if I didn't at least attempt to save him?"while Abbie suggested that Henry might be the true weakness of Ichabod. But save it will really be a viable option?

Deserves a mention apart from the scene of Ichabod in the Bank, wonderful! The sermon that man does from that pen tied to table – “These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot entrust them with a simple inkwell?” – It will remain one of the best times of the season, whatever we reserve!


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