Sleepy Hollow – 2×03 Root of All Evil – by R.


More introspection and less action in this episode of Sleepy Hollow, played on the emotional conflicts of all the characters, in spite of the fighting Knights. Everything revolves around a magical coin (none other than one of the pieces of silver Judas), pushing the betrayal, or rather brings out the darkness that is within each of us, Although hidden deep.

Ichabod-Nick – Last week's arrival of the new Sheriff is added that of the handsome Nick Hawley, an old acquaintance of Jenny. The guy looks like the exact opposite of our Ichabod, blond and hefty as to suggest more like a surfer than a resident of somber town of Sleepy Hollow; and in fact did not arouse the sympathy "I've encountered a fellow whose arrogance is matched only by his annoyance". Yet the two share a strong interest in history, Although Nick is motivated by the mere gain: different objectives, same mission, "everybody wins", as Hawley. The first adventure together gives him actually reason and the gift to Ichabod false documents – that will allow him to silence the irritating Reyes – only increases sympathy towards him; It will also be a "smuggler" as he calls Crane, but it could prove to be a useful ally.

Abbie-Jenny – Back in vogue the clash between sisters, inevitably ignited by Reyes, that turns out to be the responsible for the internment in psychiatric institution (It is just a habit his!) mom's Mills. At the beginning the appropriation of money from Jenny seems to steer you toward an aggression to the Lef-tenant – guilty of having sided with her new boss – but the affection between the Mills apparently is too strong and the girl's anger is unleashed against the primary cause, namely the Sheriff. The intervention of the trio Abbie-Ichabod-Nick prevents that from happening the worst, but to shake really Jenny are the words of sister "I hated her (the mother). For leaving us. Taking the coward's way out. Going crazy. (...) I need you to use that rage to beat them. I am not about to let them do this to us again ". The bond between the two patched up after 13 years is getting stronger – despite some facts they fear the opposite – and Jenny's behavior proves it; Henry said that the coin does not push the betrayal, but it brings out the seeds of evil that are already within us, If the smaller Mills had been really insecure compared to his sister not only would be hurled against her, but the words of the latter they couldn't do anything to stop it: Although the currency has led to the emergence of the obscurity of Jenny, the affection for Abbie still managed to win. And the depth of their relationship already gives its fruits, with Reyes who delivers to Abbie medical records of her mother, the contents of which demonstrates how she had turned away the daughters to protect them from the demons that tormented her.


The Mills knows that the coin is dangerous, yet Jenny picks it up, While Abbie this is prevented only by the intervention of Ichabod. The reason for this apparent naivete seems to be the power of the coin, that attracts its victims just like the ring of Lord of the rings: in front of the Lef-tenant who was to pick her up I couldn't help but think back to Frodo in the finale of the Tolkien saga!

Katrina-Henry – What has been said about the power of the relationship between Abbie and Jenny can occur for that mother and son. Katrina hopes to save Henry focusing on their blood tie, with that "Henry, My son…"aims to shake it deep, highlighting that part of him not shrouded by darkness, but there will be? The nature of Horseman of War would think otherwise, Yet the choice to live the Fredericks Manor and flashbacks about his birth, When entering the room where the witch has given birth, seem to agree with Katrina and set fire to the bed on which he was born further evidence of a feeling I want to banish. Mother-son exchanges also allows you to highlight some sort of rivalry between Horsemen, with Death that refuses to be exiled to one held, While War rotates freely. It seems clear why Moloch prefers Henry, Moreover, the main purpose of Abraham was the woman who wished to (Henry calls him "a simple man with simple ambitions"), While the former is more involved in the Mission of the demon; some revenge against parents in the long run it might distract him – especially if the work of persuasion by Katrina should continue effectively – and who knows what Death did not take the opportunity to put themselves on display with Moloch.

Abbie-Ichabod – Despite the two witnesses they trust each other, There's a shadow of a doubt that hangs on their relationship, the same that Abbie had spotlighted in episode 2: Katrina. A few days earlier was Ichabod's love for his wife in the real deal, now is that of a mother for her child. "I'm sure we'll hear from her (Katrina) soon ", a joke that the Lef-tenant obviously sarcastic tone at the beginning of episode with pronunciation, but that remains in the air until the direct question by Ichabod on its meaning. "You're asking me to bet my life on wheter, When it counts… a mother will turn against her son?"a mark more than understandable by the woman and that is all the more legitimate in relation to what the same Katrina said to her husband when he decided to stick with Abraham. The witch, as mother, cannot leave no stone unturned to save her child and this could backfire on the mission and the safety of the two witnesses – not to mention all the doubts that I had already expressed on his role as a mole in the previous post. Doubts that Abbie feeds on witch could undermine his relationship with Crane, the event that would be fatal in the battle with Moloch. Only note on Mills: He could even say so in the episode last, instead of pretending to console Ichabod arguing that with Katrina infiltrated had stepped forward.


Little progress on face Irving, that is informed by Ichabod of the true identity of his attorney, what he doesn't seem upset that much (?). Yet it is not clear how Henry wants to use it and whether it is somehow connected with his miniature reconstruction of Sleepy Hollow (that although still incomplete makes deface my Christmas village!); Some may not be a coincidence that the only item completed is the model of the mental institution. What will be his next move?

We close with the best joke of Ichabod in this episode, pronounced when the wonder of man before "gentlemen wearing hats indoors" is attributed by Abbie at the fact that it's a gay couple "I know about homosexuals, Thank you. I trained under Baron Von Steuben, his affections for his own sex were well known. Also, I watched the finale of Glee".


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