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From a year now if someone were to ask me which series start, I would answer without hesitation Sons of Anarchy, on the contrary, the tormenterei until the beginning (my girlfriends know something). Those who've seen can not understand why, those who still don't know what I'm talking about, take advantage of the summer break of the majority of the shows to fill this gap. Also because a few months ago FX has ordered the pilot of spinoff Mayans MC, whose shooting ended last April, then there's no better time to dive into the world of motorcycle clubs.

Created and produced by Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy went on the air for seven seasons on the American channel FX and is among the most realistic series, crude and brutal in recent years. In the Center the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original), a motorcycle club engaged in illegal activities operating in the fictional town of Charming, California. The protagonist is the Vice President of the Sons, and the son of one of the original founders, Jackson "Jax" Teller (Charlie Hunnam), at the beginning of a process of questioning of the club becomes a metaphor and analogy of inner struggle with himself.

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The world of MC

Needless to say, if you are passionate about motorcycles, If she passes a Harley-Davidson can't help but stop to admire it or if those tattooed biker groups, with leather vest and riding Harleys have always aroused a certain charm/curiosity in you, you already have excellent reasons for casting in the world of Sons. The show explores the life and the rules of American outlaw motorcycle club without filters, censorship or deceptive romantic ideas. There are only the brotherhood and loyalty which bind members in what is a real family; violence, prison, racism and sexism are extreme equally present and ingredients in large doses (offering an opportunity to ensure that the series will tackle thorny issues without moralising). During the first season we make knowledge with this environment, do we learn the ethics, the mode of action, the structure and the visceral significance that has for his men; a smattering needed to understand the branch of the storyline in later years, where we'll be inevitably on the side of the justice system often corrupt and not Sons against less violent. And Kurt Sutter explains this universe with the aid of an assessor who knows exactly what he's talking about, David Girl: the interpreter of Happy is in fact in real life Hells Angels Member, a MC in Oakland – other riders with the same club took part in some episodes of the series.

“Hamlet riding Harley”

So was defined Sons of Anarchy and the same Sutter has confirmed that, Although not a remake, the show is influenced by Shakespeare's play. The work pervades the whole show, è lì, We see it in the credits of some episodes that cite it directly (the most striking example is the title of the final episode of season four double "To Be, Act 1 "and" To Be, Act 2 ") and we perceive it in the stories of the characters. Limiting ourselves to the major ones, the connection with Shakespearean roles is immediate. JAX Teller's Hamlet, the Crown Prince (the one by the Presidency of the club, another of the Kingdom of Denmark), haunted by the ghost of the dead father (John Teller/the old King); the manuscript "The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way "is the means by which manifests the ghost of John Teller, What drives Jax to question the club and then routes it on the road of change and revenge, where redemption and destruction are bound to get confused. Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) is Claudio, the usurper of the throne of SAMCRO, and new husband of the mother of Jax, Gemma (Katey Sagal); immediately in the first season he is cast seeds of doubt about the real cause of death of John Teller and involvement in the same of "brother" Clay and his wife. Gemma is Therefore the Queen Gertrude, However his manipulative nature and thirst for power the closer a lot also to another character of English tragedies, Lady Macbeth. Can not miss the poor Ophelia in love with the Prince, who here has the face of Tara (Maggie Siff), Dr. torn between the desire for a normal life and love of Jax.

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Symbols and meanings

Don't think that references to Hamlet are the only ones present, because SOA is full of symbols and meanings, especially of Biblical nature (countless in Series Finale), who will accompany you until the last minute; the more obscure is undoubtedly the homeless woman that already appears in the season one, but whose role can be understood only in the final. Light and darkness, black and white, the hope of redemption and the relentless spiral of destruction permeate every bet, even in the smallest and seemingly insignificant details. So if you love dissect the details of a series, be warned that SOA It lends itself well. The very first frame of the show sees two Ravens feasting on the remains of what looks like a Dove, an image that embodies the conflict leitmotif of the entire show. Theclothing by Jax is another element on which to dwell (ebbene sì, pay close attention even when dressed), for example you can not fail to notice its always immaculate white sneakers. When you spot, be trouble, because that will be a stain cannot be deleted. A special mention deserves the motion by John Teller, Jax in the early episodes is committed to fixing; probably after a while even you will remember that the Sons operate a workshop, but that bike is not absolutely irrelevant.

The Cast

Unjustly snubbed by awards and criticism, among the award obtained the only meaningful is the Golden Globe in Katey Sagal for her performance in season 3. Protagonist of 8 Simple Rules It appeared, among other, in Lost, The Big Bang Theory and most recently This Is Us, the Sagal – married the creator Kurt Sutter – is just terrific in the role of Gemma Teller. I don't think I've ever hated a character as its, Yet at times I almost loved you; Let's say that my relationship with her was the same love/hate that Tara. Maggie Siff (currently in Billions) screen door a woman equally strong and afraid, hopelessly in love with and ready to sacrifice; is able to make us experience the inner conflict of Tara and the tormented love Jax even when shut up in smoke in the bathtub. I admit that in the first season Dr. it took her a while to conquer, in theory for Team Tara, in practice its constant pout irritated me greatly: I understand that not everything is easy, but you're with Jax Teller, If you don't smile you, who should do it? In any case, Tara team always. Ron Perlman you've probably seen him in other movies or tv show, but his Clay Morrow remains imprinted; I would have given it an award just for the famous "sermon" in which she stars in one of its most critical moments. The creator and producer Kurt Sutter He himself is an integral part of the show in the role of poor Otto Delaney, Member of SAMCRO in prison since the first season. Among the many misfortunes that touch all, Maybe the record belongs to him, but basically Sutter if you written alone. Also many guest stars, including memory among others Henry Rollins and Stephen King in season three, David Hasselhoff in the fourth, Ashley Tisdale in the fifth where appear even Donal Logue and Harold Perrineau reviewed then in the sixth, Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Lea Michele and Michael Chiklis (protagonist of The Shield, that Sutter was among the Executive producers) in the last.

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Sons of Anarchy = Charlie Hunnam

Obviously I'm not forgetting about him, but it deserves a separate paragraph that is in danger of turning into a poem of praise of various kinds. I can't deny that Charlie Hunnam is a European company “the” reason SOA caught in the beginning my focus: Nice as a Nordic God, bad boy and riding a motorcycle, What do you want more? Of course that is not enough to make you then thrill to the show for seven seasons, but there is something else in the FX series and the performance of our Charlie is critical. SOA It would not be SOA without Charlie Hunnam. Because beyond the genius mind of Sutter, the series might not be convincing and appreciated by the public without a strong protagonist capable of supporting every development of the story. And Charlie succeeds very well, bringing to the screen a Jax Teller charismatic, tosto, fun, but also vulnerable and lost. I happened to read criticism of his acting, It would, however, observe the evolution of his character to understand how Hunnam manages to convey every nuance and conflict. The Jax in the end is not the one with which we are familiar in his debut season and this change is not perceived some different hairstyle. At the same time, however, we see an increase not perverts the character, because even when he faces his darkest periods, just a look or a smile for a few seconds and let Jax as carefree early episodes. There are scenes in which Jax leaderscontinue, but his face distorted by emotion allows us to understand exactly what is being tested. Basically the beauty of an actor blinds me to the point that I'm defending her character even in extreme cases; I didn't think I could ever be against Jax, instead, as evidence of effective evidence of Charlie, There have been occasions when I reserved comments equal to those for Gemma. Then he smiled and I doubt everything, but in the meantime I could have worse reactions of Tara.

The Soundtrack

Bohemian Rhapsody You can't touch, but have you heard the version of The White Buffalo ft The Forest Rangers for SOA? The risk of prefer it to the original there is all right. And the same can repeat for many other covers made by these same groups for the duration of the show. Among the other singers who lent her voice to the soundtrack are also two actresses from the show, Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff. Series and soundtrack work in synergy to make Sons of Anarchy unforgettable. Once the show try listening Come Join The Murder or "Day Is Gone" without finishing on the verge of tears.


Since the end of the show there has been talk of a possible spinoff, Kurt Sutter has confirmed the idea of a prequel and there have been two serie a comics, one contemporary to the events of the series, another that follows the life of a young Jax. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, has recently ordered the pilot of spinoff Mayans MC, which will take place in the time immediately following the conclusion of the seventh season of the series mother and follows one of the motorcycle club appeared in SOA right from the start, the Mayans led by Alvarez.

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It is not a drama, It is a tragedy

Such As Hamlet, Sons of Anarchy It is a tragedy. You can't talk about simple drama, It's really a tragedy. There are episodes that put so much anxiety you have gastritis before pressing play; you have to take a deep breath, jump in the vision and then we begin to roderci the liver, grumbling or crying or all together depending on the episode. Kurt Sutter takes our heart, the shreds and destroys him again before we were able to put it back together. There is no escape. We hate characters, Yet there are times when the bitter fate they face there can leave indifferent (There was a time when I loved Clay, short, but there was), others love them and then we suffer with them. Visually there is spared nothing, in front of some scenes look away is not enough. Sutter has the great ability to make us live what's happening as we tried on our skin, nothing slides off easily. So you have to be psychologically prepared to deal with a tragedy, to spend seasons with the same sentiments that normally reserve for a dramatic Season Finale and afraid to watch the next episode. But definitely worth it and not just for the joys scattered here and there (and they are from enjoy), But why Sons of Anarchy It's one of those series that gets inside and won't leave even after it ends; even after a long time a song, an image or a quotation to you back in the exact state in which you were when you attended the same for the first time and although mainly a suffering, the rivivresti all over again.

Vote in the series: ♥♥♥♥♥ – There will be no Starbucks for miles and miles, but those who would transfer to the city of Jax on the spot?!


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