Stagione TV 2014/2015: quali serie ci aspettano – by R. and S.


The most beautiful thing of autumn is undoubtedly the start of the new tv season: Although some help resist summer series, the real tv addicts return to live only when the program is in its full splendor. Let us prepare ourselves to better, then, with a rundown of what awaits us in the coming weeks, What we cannot lose and what we can also do without: the tv Series Guide’ Anatomy.


New Girl – 16/9, Premiere of the fourth season: expect Jessica Biel guest stars as a rival in love by Jess and, After the break-up between her and Nick, the authors promise a return to basics with more laughs and less emotional problems.

Red Band Society – 17/9, pilot for a remake of the series catalana, already known in Italy; the cast includes Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters); After the premiere the critics didn't have particularly positive reactions.

Gotham – 22/9, pilot prequel series on the characters of Batman, with Ben McKenzie (The O.C.) as the young Commissioner Gordon; looks promising.

Sleepy Hollow – 22/9, the last ten minutes of the season finale were made by Entertainment Weekly as one of the best moments of the past season tv, with the revelation of the true identity of Henry as a son of Ichabod and Katrina. The reaction of the parents will be one of the most interesting topics along with the continuous development of the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie, but let's not forget the impending Apocalypse.

Bones – 25/9, Premiere of the tenth season: We are at a turning point, with Booth betrayed by the institutions in which he believed and to which he devoted his life; for what could be the last season, the authors will certainly have great events in store for the team at the Jeffersonian.


The Good Wife – 21/9, Premiere of the sixth season: After what was judged by all the best season of the series, Diane considers joining the new study Florrik/Agos and Eli offers to Alicia to run for State's Attorney.

The Big Bang Theory – 22/9, Premiere of the eighth season: We left Sheldon at a critical juncture in his life, with too many changes in progress, especially the engagement of Penny and Leonard: the group will regain its equilibrium?

NCIS – 23/9, the season 12 premiere: procedural show with the highest ratings and most loyal viewers of the sun always comes on time every year, and this time with a potential new love for DiNozzo.

Criminal Minds – 1/10, as we already had anticipated, Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the BAU (as a former undercover agent) After Blake. The latter and the shooting of which have been involved Reid and Garcia in the season finale feel their aftermaths, thus enriching the new series of surveys.

Stalker – 1/10, the new CBS crime show focuses on crime whose cases have risen exponentially in recent years. Will be able to get the same important numbers of its renowned neighbors NCIS and Criminal Minds?


Modern Family – 24/9, Premiere of the sixth season: the Emmy winner for Best Comedy Series 2014 Despite all the give now for Goner, Modern Family has amply demonstrated to be able to renew, staying fresh and funny as the first year; There is no doubt that the sixth season will keep the expectations.

Grey’s Anatomy – 25/9, Premiere of the eleventh season: This year the ABC unveils the Shonda Thursday, with Grey's Anatomy (advanced by one hour) closely followed by Scandal and new How To Get Away With Murder. Meredith will be the first year without Cristina and we bring you even marital problems with Derek who insists on moving to Washington.

How To Get Away With Murder – 25/9, pilot: is a legal thriller the last creature to Shonda Rhimes, with the Oscar-nominated Viola Davis as a brilliant Professor of Criminology; along with its ambitious students will somehow involved in a murder mystery.

Once Upon A Time – 28/9, The curse has frozen over, Thanks all’arrival of Elsa, It will be followed by other characters from the Kingdom of Arendelle. With them of course we will find all of our beloved protagonists, with a focus on Regina that is likely to go astray now that that its happy ending is threatened by the return of Marian.

Revenge – 28/9, We will have a all-new season now that Amanda Clarke has finally gotten his revenge against the Grayson family. But Victoria is an enemy difficult to destroy and is already on a war footing. The return of David Clarke has upset everything we learned in the first three years, What is the truth behind its history? And how will he react the devout daughter?


The Walking Dead – 12/12, one of the Premiere the most anticipated of the new tv season. Terminus proved to be the opposite of the “Sanctuary” our survivors hoped to find, but the possibility of a cure in Washington seems to direct them towards a forced cooperation, keeping in mind that I'm not safe, who will survive? And what are they doing to Beth?


The Vampire Diaries – 2/10, the finale of the fifth season had broken many hearts, first and foremost to Elena, with the farewell to beloved Damon. The road to the reunification of Delena seems long and difficult, I wonder what our Elena cannot find comfort in his first love Stefan.

Reign – 2/10, the Kingdom of France is afflicted by the plague, but the real torment of Queen Mary's failure to give a child her husband Francis, which failed immediately to girlfriend Lola. Going to make their relationship to resist?


American Horror Story: Freak Show – 8/10, This year Ryan Murphy takes us into the world of the traveling freak show. The various teaser trailer gave us a taste of the many characters freak with which we're dealing, all driven obviously by Queen Jessica Lange series.


Homeland – 5/10, the character of Claire Danes back to work with which we met her in the first few minutes of the pilot: the agent in a foreign land; but after the death of Brody and pregnancy will Carrie to bear the brunt of changes in his life?

The Affair – 12/10, an extramarital affair and its consequences on the protagonists involved; This is the idea behind the new Showtime drama. The return to the small screen by Joshua Jackson after Fringe, who plays the cuckolded husband of Ruth Wilson (Luther); the other couple is formed by Maura Tierney (The Good Wife) and Dominic West (The Hour).


State Of Affairs – 17/11, pilot: the return on the small screen of Katherine Heigl, This time CIA agent. Purtroppo, treason in Shondaland is a pity difficult to forgive and, also wanting to give it a chance, Everybody talks bad about this series.

Usa Network:

White Collar – 6/11, final season: the last season of White Collar has just met his start date and the promise is to an amazing finish: a worthy way to greet the most gentleman thief of all time.

Beyond these, many series will return to mid-season (such as The Following and Glee), while others make you wait even longer (come sempre, Game Of Thrones and House Of Cards).

We have drawn up our schedule, What about you? What are the series that you can't wait to find? Which new series will you follow? In any case, good vision!


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