Once Upon A Time 7 – You open a new book for the season 7 – by R.

Now we, the seventh season of "Once Upon A Time" is about to debut, a whole new season because the adventure of the helper Emma Swan – and that of so many other characters who have accompanied us during these six years – saw its conclusion with the final battle of episodes 6×21-22. Everything in the sixth season seemed to indicate the definitive end of the ABC show, the announcement of the departure of Jennifer Morrison appeared as the final clue before the official news. Instead the producers surprised every fan is being terminated for renewal. But it would have opened a new chapter for OUAT.

Grey’s Anatomy – 12×07 "Something Against You" – Review By S.

[For reasons of higher order, Although nothing can be defined as more important than Grey's Anatomy, It was not possible to publish the review of episode 12 ’×06, “The Me Nobody Knows”. In this post I will try, then, to summarize to comment on even the events of last week to fill the gap.] In Seattle it is time to face the difficult times: Blake came to stay, tap move right and learn to live with it. And the fact that Meredith has to find another hospital where I work is just the first small step in a long and difficult road.

How To Get Away With Murder – 2×07 I Want You to Die – Review by R.

(This week I replace S. in exceptional. Luckily we basically d ’ agreement, If can deny me in the next post). The way to approach the fateful episode nine becomes increasingly difficult psychologically and emotionally. We are four days away from "That night" and while the questions about events to increase Hapstall Mansion, our mental stability crumbles a scene after the other ’: the last ten minutes were more tiring than a great horror.

How To Get Away With Murder – 2×06 Two Birds, One Millstone – Review by S.

There is an episode of Gossip Girl in which Georgina Sparks, After religious and disciplined, announces that it has found his evil side and Machiavellian with a “You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back”. Ecco, If week sounded like it was with Annalise ’ water in the throat, Unable to control all side effects, Here she now resumes the handful of control situations, with double plays, of which only you are capable.