The Walking Dead – 7×16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (Season Finale) – Review by R.

The foundations of the earlier episodes were not encouraging, the promo for "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" on the other hand was a hotbed of tension can turn up the hype. The result reached by the Season Finale is a compromise between these conflicting feelings because overall it is a nice episode, with twist, scary moments and emotion. But perhaps he's missing something; something that cannot be because there was its building or just because they somehow need pull ahead until next season.

The Walking Dead – 7×15 Something They Need – Review by R.

"Something they need" in better times would have to be a mediocre episode, Today it becomes more than good. At least hot, because in hindsight there too we find the slowness and lack of tension that have accompanied us during this season after the premiere. In both storyline followed they do try to make us stay on your toes, Yet at any time the feeling is that everything will be alright, that although certain characters we seem to have now a short life, they pull up to the imminent Season Finale.

The Walking Dead – 7×14 "The Other Side" – Review by R.

We left with "Not today" and we can easily repeat it this week – and in all probability with the life to come. Having made progress where it seemed impossible, The Walking Dead slows again with an episode where, Apart from the final minutes and a few words here and there, virtually nothing happens again. And besides, wouldn't even be possible considering the short timeframes covered and the fact that we're not looking 24.

The Walking Dead – 7×13 Bury Me Here – Review by R.

Who would have thought that an episode devoted entirely to Morgan could turn out to be really interesting? The prejudice towards it was strong, even leaving aside the recent trends in the series, the bets on Morgan have become tired immediately after his return; instead, following a first part that was just fear boredom in spades, I am glad to have been disproved.

The Walking Dead – 7×12 Say Yes – Review by R.

An old fashioned bet, who pays the price of overconfidence past experience, even by those same characters. Seasons ago, I would have probably lived differently, I even enjoyed the diversion used to make us reflect and moments from teen to Rick and Michonne. Today, in its seventh season and having a little filler episodes lead to frustration for meandering plot, the episode runs slowly and with raised eyebrows every five minutes.

The Walking Dead – 7×09 Rock in the Road (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.

I state that to this episode are very biased; the disappointment for the first part of this season meant that the return of the AMC show I possibly rather indifferent, I'm sorry I just, but I can't deny that for me The Walking Dead is lowered greatly the past two seasons. This Mid-Season Premiere is an episode in the media, After a half hour calm and repetitive at times, is unleashed in the last fifteen minutes.