The Walking Dead – 8×15 Worth – Review by R.

While avoiding spoilers like a minefield, Sunday night – direct cause of Wrestlemania – I glimpsed on social commentary to the episode of The Walking Dead during the American airing. Enthusiastic. On the one hand I thought that as usual they put the turbo before the finale, on the other, I decided to take it with a grain of salt. In hindsight, and despite positive ratings are not missed, I was right to not flatter myself.

The Walking Dead – 8×12 The Key – Review by R.

This second half of the season like a zig-zag between strokes on the right track and skidding off the road. In spite of the clash drive between Rick and Negan, "The Key" brings the show to a straight path, exactly as happened two weeks ago with “The Lost and the Plunderers”. A violent face-off between Rick and Negan, the appearance of new characters, but most of all a true development that affects them and the plot.